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I drew a Fili to match my reaction to seeing one of my oldest Fili drawings show up on my dash.  I’m glad some of you enjoy them and want to share them, but any art older than about the last month usually makes my stomach churn. So something several years old causes me to throw up in my mouth a little…metaphorically :P  

I actually plan on deleting some older things in the near future. Not everything, mind you, because I’m a firm believer in showing the artistic process and artistic growth.  When we share these things with each other we help each other grow.  Nobody starts out doing great things, and to see any artist’s early flaws gives hope to what you can achieve with hard work and dedication. I still have a lot of current flaws, but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far.

hob,,,,really never loses his smile like!! he really is so kind and sweet and worm and everything that is beautiful and bright is him

Dog Tags

Quick one-shot idea I got the other day~


“I can’t thank you boys enough for everything you’ve done. Here, I got you a little something.” Dave reached into his pocket and pulled out some pieces of metal on chains, holding them out to Noctis. The prince looked down at the man’s hand, surprised, then back to the hunter.

“They’re…dog tags,” he said, not understanding what Dave meant. “Did you want us to deliver them to the families?”

“I should hope not,” the older man replied with a chuckle. “They’re yours, boys. A token of my thanks. I just hope I won’t be needing to find any of them for a delivery some day.”

“Who can say?” Gladio piped in, a joking tone to his voice.

“We greatly appreciate the gesture, Dave,” Ignis spoke, Prompto also offering the man a quick thanks. Noctis took the tags and gazed at them, a smile meeting his face as he saw their names engraved on the metal. He rubbed his thumb over his own name, wondering briefly when all four of them had even told him their names. He must have asked around.

“Yo Noct, where’s mine?” Prompto asked excitedly as Noctis laughed, handing them out. He put his own on and closed his eyes, feeling the slight cool weight on his chest. Hunters’ dog tags held a great importance, and for so many to risk and lose their lives for others’ safety, he was happy he could help bring peace to at least a few of them. Eyes opening again as he felt an arm around his shoulder, he looked to see Prompto, camera in hand. “Come on, let’s get a photo together with the tags!” Noctis happily obliged as they held their tags up proudly.

Ten years had passed since then; the world was a mess, shrouded in darkness where daemons prowled freely. But through it all, there they were, together again. They’d fought hard against the horrid creatures to get back to Crown City, a tightness in Noctis’ chest forming as he saw his once beautiful city so empty and lifeless. Still, he knew he could end this. No matter what, he had to.

And he knew what that meant.

“Hey, Prompto?” he said suddenly, cutting through the silence. The gunslinger moved closer curiously. Reaching to pull something from under his shirt, Noctis removed the tags from around his neck and held them out for his friend. Prompto’s eyes widened at the realisation, hesitating to take them.

“Noct, I…” His voice faltered. Noctis shook his head.

“Please,” he said, trying to stop his own voice trembling. “Take care of them.” There was an edge to his voice that Prompto couldn’t refuse. He nodded slowly and took the tags, holding them tight.

A flicker of a smile passed Noctis’ face. It was only right that in death, the tags were returned to his family.

sfjessii  asked:

i really hope for our sanity there'll be at least one other malec scene in the new ep... i need it...........

I honestly think that there won’t be. I am extremely happy with the one we are getting. It’s more than I had hoped it to be. If there is a scene at the end, I’m ready to be pleasantly surprised. But I am not holding my breath. With everything that is going to go down, I think Malec will be put on the back burner. Other than that amazing scene of course :). Soon, we will be inundated with Malec so I’m gonna enjoy the other drama that is gonna go down tomorrow. Cause I honestly am so excited to see wtf is gonna happen!! 😱


161104 BTS Yongsan Fansign - Jungkook © headliner_jk

fans: jungkook-oppa!

jungkook: i’m not your oppa!

fans: but you’re oppa to me!

jungkook: you keep calling me oppa!

fans: jungkookie-oppa! handsome oppa!

jungkook: from now on, our armys must bring id cards here, i’ll check them

seokjin: that’s right, show us your age.

seokjin: and one more thing, everyone who’s younger than me, don’t call me ‘seokjinie’. you got it?

fans: yep! seokjin-oppa!

jungkook, namjoon: seokjinie!

seokjin: last time a 02-liner girl called me ‘seokjinie’.

jimin: hyung, a 04-liner also did that to me. she was a middle schooler.

seokjin: a 02-liner called a 25-year-old ‘SEOKJIN-AH!!!!!’

jungkook: anyway, you have to bring your id card.

seokjin: that’s right, bring your id card and show us your age. if you don’t have an id card, bring your student card and ask ‘oppa, this is my age, can i call you ‘seokjinie’ once?’ (in formal language)

seokjin: those who don’t have id cards are all babies. you have to call us oppa.

yoongi: passport is accepted too. passport, id card, driver license. 

“I just…really like it…Mr. Reigen,” Mob whispered. He hugged the mug closer. “Thank you.”

“It—don’t mention it. It’s milk.” Then his voice dropped to an airy whisper. “It’s…just milk…”

Reigen did not know what expression he wore as he watched Mob raise the cup and drink the rest of it, something slack, something just a bit shocked. Something that maybe fit the ache he felt tightening his throat.

He couldn’t fathom what sort of world the kid had just escaped, but he knew now he didn’t want to. And he didn’t want to make Mob relive it, not if it was something so horrific that a single glass of warm milk could move him to tears.

“Here,” Reigen said, sliding his mug across the oaken table. “Have mine too…”

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lmao so someone on IG majorly spoiled Seven’s route (++secret endings) for me and now I feel askfjdh about doing his route. Haha; damn && i was even saving his route for last because people say it’s the best

i told my sister about the 707 spoilers that’s been sent to me so far ((hoping that there’s still something i don’t know)) && she’s like “damn that’s everything haha you’ve been spoiled about everything rip delete your game now it’s done


“yah~ you’re too much”