Bucky trying to cheer you up by surprising you with kittens

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“Bucky?” you breathed out with unbelieving laughter, as you ran your fingers through your hair. “W-what is all of this?”

With a smirk on his lips, the brunet got up from the floor with an orange ball of fluffy fur on his hands.

“You’ve been stressed out for weeks,” he shrugged, almost childishly excited smile on his face. “I thought you would like to have a little surprise –”

“Little surprise?” you laughed, shaking your head with twinkling eyes. Kneeling down to the floor, you petted one of the many kittens, chuckling, as it fell to the floor, attacking your fingers with an excited meow. “Bucky, love, our apartment is full of kittens –”

His heart arching in his chest from pure happiness, he watched as the heavy weight fell from your shoulders and the bright smile, that he hadn’t seen for weeks raised back to your lips.

“Anything to make you smile, doll,” he chuckled, yelping, as the kitten climbed its way up his chest. With a soft laugh, he kneeled in front of you and leaded you for a gentle, yet deep kiss, his fingers caressing your cheek gently.

“I love you, Bucky,” you whispered with an amused smile as you pulled apart, “I love you so much, but we really can’t keep – what, fifteen kittens for ourselves –”

Letting out a nervous laughter, he rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah, about that –”

“Bucky,” you uttered slowly, as he flashed you the most innocent puppy face you had ever seen. “Please tell me you didn’t adopt fifteen kittens –”

“I’ll work it out,” he called out, before rushing out of the room, leaving you with bunch of kittens and the brightest of smiles on your face.

The Flaw Of Belief pt.5 - (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: Realisation hits Bucky just as hard as Sam does.

Word Count - 1584

Warnings - Fighting, I guess?

A/N - idk if i’m happy with this part so your feedback would really help amigos, thank you, ily all

Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four.

One by one, each Avenger decided it was time to rest. They’d had a long day. Clint and Natasha were the first, arguing about Budapest once again. Tony and Bruce were next, babbling about science, which a following Wanda commented on playfully, nudging Vision, who in turn, nudged Thor, who didn’t understand and nearly knocked Vision out with his Asgardian elbow.

Only Sam decided he wasn’t tired. He was too invested in the film.

Bucky hadn’t moved an inch since he’d nearly broken his neck trying to watch you walk down the hallway. What was wrong with him? He wasn’t supposed to feel this way, it was you that was supposed to feel this way, and whilst you undoubtedly felt heartbroken, distraught and humiliated, Bucky couldn’t help but relate. It was simple. He reached out to you, you rejected him, and he felt stupid for thinking you could return his interests. So he did the same, he waited, he reached out to you, and his plan went perfectly. However, he didn’t expect three things.

1. He didn’t expect the Avengers to walk in. He’d wanted to hurt you, but he wanted to be the only one who knew about it. Some small part of you would’ve been grateful for the dignity you had been unable to keep sitting amongst your friends a coworkers with messy hair, dark purple lovebites blossoming on your neck and beautiful tear filled eyes. But it wasn’t to be.

2. He didn’t even expect his plan to work, honestly. He thought you’d push him away, irate and offended at the notion of you liking him. You’d tell him how you’d never fall in love with him, tell him he was the last person to fall in love with, and he’d simply chuckle and pinch your cheek annoyingly, pretending like you had feelings for him to inflate his ego and well, just to see you annoyed and upset.

He never thought you’d actually like him.

Bucky wouldn’t admit, a dark part of his soul was secretly elated at the thought. And it was quickly washed away by the tidal wave of guilt that rolled around once more.

3. He never anticipated any version of the plan where he felt remorseful. Because truthfully? Bucky felt like shit. You were in love with him, and each moment he kissed you, he knew he was drawing you deeper into the spider’s web, and the spider was ready to pounce any moment, to lay waste to it’s victim, and you remained blissfully unaware. He saw your gaze drop, your lip quiver, your throat  He then had to watch you fix yourself up like everything was normal, and to fail miserably, because every movement you made was uncertain and lethargic, like swishing through water. And then, each Avenger walked in, and immediately began gossiping about her current state. The hickeys that should have reminded her of a magical first kiss, will now remind her of being thrown aside like a rag doll, and worse, all her friends were there to point them out.

No, worse, is that they won’t fade. Everytime she looks in a mirror, she’s going to hate herself.

Because of him.

And for the grand finale! She sat there, in the very couch they had shared a very tender first kiss on, and tried to conceal the symptoms of a nervous breakdown, because she didn’t want to have to tell her shameful story.

Imagine, your most humiliating moment, being the centre of the circus, whilst all the faces supposed to be laughing for entertainment in the crowd, were simply staring and wondering why. All the acrobats and strongmen and clowns performing with you wondering how you came to be the star of such a pitiful and sorrowful act.

Nobody would clap.

A pantomime of heartbreak.

And the star was you.

So Bucky say there, trapped in his own mind for the second time of his life, only this time, there was nobody at fault but himself

 One by one, the team left to rest, but Bucky doubted he’d be able to even close his eyes tonight.

And Sam didn’t leave either.

Bucky was snapped out of his reverie by Sam’s pulling him forcefully, out of his corner of the couch, and throwing him to the wall.

Normally, Bucky would’ve overpowered Sam’s forearm pressed against his throat with ease, but he was distracted.

“What did you do to her?” Sam gritted out through clenched teeth.

“What?” Bucky snapped.

“What did you do? Come on, you might fool everyone else in this tower, but you don’t fool me, I know it was you.” Sam spat, his face getting even closer to Bucky’s.

“I didn’t mean to!” Bucky finally had the good sense to push Sam off of him, but Sam was determined, grabbing Bucky’s outstretched hand and pinning it to the wall, bringing Bucky’s shoulders slammed back against it too.

“I didn’t mean to humiliate her like that, I thought I would kiss her, tell her it wasn’t real, and walk away but you all had to come in, and I didn’t know she’d fallen in love with me!” Bucky tried to defend his actions with a snarl.

Sam looked stunned.

And then Sam punched Bucky so hard in the face, Bucky’s neck is lucky not to have snapped. They began grappling and throwing punches.

“You nearly fucked a woman in love with you, and then told her you didn’t mean it and left her there? She had a nervous breakdown!” Sam shouted, climbing on top of Bucky.

“I just wanted her to feel the same way I did! I fucking reached out for her and she flat out rejected me!”

“That’s not the same, and you know it! She didn’t humiliate you in a room full of all the people you know!” Sam punched Bucky in the solar plexus, but it didn’t seem to make a difference to the super soldier.

“I didn’t mean to, I didn’t want any of this, I promise. Why would anyone want that?” Bucky said breathlessly.

“Any of what?” Sam growled, pausing his attack.

“Why would anyone want to hurt the the woman they’re in love with?” Bucky breathed, realisation striking him like a match.

Yes. He was in love with her. He was in love with the way her hair was always tucked behind her ears, the way she watched the same films over and over, and still got excited at the same parts, the way she made breakfast for everyone in the tower, even him, though it wasn’t served without a few witty comments on the side.

His heart felt empty, almost, when she wasn’t around to argue with, and his heart hurt when she walked away from him each time, and he knew her head was swimming in loathing and anger and regret, and it was his fault.

Especially now.

He had to make this right. He had to hold her close and remind her that she should never listen to him because he’d an old man who doesn’t know a beautiful, smart, funny woman when he sees one.

An old man who doesn’t know he’s in love with her.

Unfortunately, whilst Bucky was feeling the calming albeit terrifying effect of realisation striking him, Sam’s face contorted in rage.

And realisation wasn’t the only thing that struck.

Sam did too.

And Bucky was knocked unconscious.


The first thing Bucky noticed was that the medical room he was in was insanely warm.

No, scratch that. The first thing he noticed was that you weren’t there.

Even when you hated each other, if Bucky was in the infirmary, he’d wake up with you by his side. You’d probably insult him, or make a sneaky comment about his behaviour on the mission that landed him in hospital, but you’d still change the flowers in his base and bring him French Toast because he “missed breakfast you lazy shit.” And you’d smile.

He smiled wanly at the thought. There were no flowers. There was no breakfast. There was no you.

Bucky stumbled his way out of the medical room, his head still feeling fuzzy. He admitted he deserved it.

Sam punched him, carried him to the medical room, and then went to bed, where he would sleep restlessly, tossing and turning over Y/N.

Bucky paused outside your door. He smiled, he could make out 10 Things I Hate About You. Hearing Patrick sing Can’t Take My Eyes Off You let him imagine you curled into a blanket burritos, singing along and eating pretzels, as you usually did. He scuffed his shoe along the floor, smiling at the thought.

His heart dropped into said shoe when he heard your sobbing float through the door. Your sniffles and cries broke his heart, and as much as he wanted to smash through the door and take your burritoed self into his arms and kiss you for hours, he knew you wouldn’t want to see his face.

But he found that his feet wouldn’t leave. He willed them to move, but they remained glued to the spot. He settled for sitting down outside your door.

And that’s how it came to be, that Bucky Barnes ended up sitting outside your door, at 01:13 in the morning, with a black eye, and tears dripping down his face, mouthing along with the words to your favourite film, knowing your were doing the exact same thing as him 10 feet away, minus the black eye.

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he’s cute and i’m in love with him what else is new

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Okay I need a full version of night swimming with Harry and you giving him a handjob.

I apologise greatly if this is incredibly rusty and rushed and everything - it’s my first time writing some proper handjob smut. 

5.4k words and two days later, here we have the handjob smut. I hope you enjoy. Obviously, I will get better as time goes on and I will improve with each smut piece I write, so I apologise now for the rustiness of this. It’s awful, haha. It’s based on this little Harry Drabble that I wrote some time back about Harry getting cheeky and showing some extra PDA on holiday with his missus.

+ Feedback would immense to let me know what you think and to give me pointers on how to improve. x

“Gorgeous, come in the water,” Harry pleaded, his forearms resting on the edge of the pool, his ringless finger laced together with his chin resting upon the backs of his hands. His hair sticking to his forehead with water trickling down from the tips of the strands, running down his tanned and prominent cheek bones, his green eyes staring intently at you as you stayed laying upon the sun lounger. A book in your hand with your sunglasses perched up on your head to hold the strands of hair that were falling from your messed and slightly knotted ponytail; something you couldn’t be bothered to tame that morning once you woke up. “Please? M’bored n’we’re the only ones out here.”

You had been the only ones around the pool for hours, the last couple bidding you their goodbyes around 5pm that day, as they pushed themselves up from their sunbeds and slid on their shoes and gathered their towels and sun-creams and their hats and sunglasses set on the table between their too sun loungers. The distinct sounds of chatter and laughter being heard from your places by the pool as families and groups left their rooms to go about what they had planned to do for the evening – getting a bite to eat before they mingled and met other holiday-goers in the pubs and the boardwalk, family-friendly bars. 

It contradicted against how busy it became through the late morning and the early afternoon, where nearly every sun lounger was occupied with towels or sunbathers or sleeping ones who fell into the zone of relaxation. The pool was empty, even though the beds were fully occupied, with the odd female taking a dip or the frequent male doing laps to relieve himself of the warm weather causing a sweat layer to form on his skin. And, it felt peaceful and quiet when the numbers decreased over the hours, to which Harry felt content, purring on his front with his feet hanging over the end of the flat-out lounger, his cheek pressed against his his forearms with his head facing you; your figure in a similar position as you topped the tan on your back up.

And because you had been the only ones around after the late afternoon rolled around, Harry felt comfortable enough to have a cheeky dip in the pool. He felt awkward sitting in the pool on his own, begging and pleading for you to join him in front of an increasing number of people, with the said people noticing Harry and staring and whispering and taking photos of the two of you as you tried to enjoy a holiday of normality. 

And once the last couple had disappeared around the corner, Harry was walking to the bar, barefoot and in his yellow trunks, to politely ask the bartender behind the counter if said bartender could ask around to the more superior ones of the hotel, to see if the two of you could have a couple more hours in the pool alone – an agreement being made that you could have an hour or two, tops, after the pools closing hours came around. And it was then that he felt highly appreciative of the status he had from being in the band, because with the mention of his name and the sudden desire for something, he could get the two of you what you wanted. 

“Just, give me a minute, yeah? I’ll join you in a minute, Peaches,” you smiled, peeking over the top of your book, catching his eyeline of contact upon your figure. His cheeks painted with the orange dusk of the setting sun of Santorini, his eyes squinting to block out the rays that were too bright for him. “Put your sunglasses on. You’ll damage your eyes.”

He gave a swift glance at the sunglasses sitting on his towel, scrunching his nose before shaking his head and looking to your stern-looking features; he’d complained recently, after not wearing his sunglasses after a day of lounging on the beach to prevent tan lines on his face, with sore and shooting pain behind his eyes, and it was a pain that painkillers and tablets couldn’t suffice.

“M’going back under water in a minute. Don’t want to risk ruinin’ the lenses. They are a one of a kind pair of sunglasses, Gorgeous,” he smiled, “I jus’ want you to come and join me. M’bored and need a buddy to play with,” he whined, wiping his face from the water that was tickling his skin and dripping from his eyelashes. “Please come n’ join me.” 

“Harry,” you sighed softly, “let me just finish this page. It’s the last page of this chapter and then I’ll come and have a swim with you.”

 But he wasn’t satisfied.

“Now, please,” he whispered, his eyes closing and squeezing shut and he puffed his cheeks out and let out a heavy sigh. As your eyes skimmed across the page filled with one paragraph full of detail leading to a cliffhanger for the story, his continuous groans and mumbles could be heard. “Come sit on the edge of the pool and read. Just, wan’a have you close to me. You’ve been readin’ all day.”

His exaggeration had you amused; you hadn’t read all day, but you had taken up the last hour or two to catch up on the story you’d started on the plane journey and had forgotten to continue when you had the time. With the peaceful atmosphere around you both, you’d taken it upon yourself to read a chapter or two of your book to pass the time and to keep yourself updated on the plots and the twists and the turns.

“Harry, I know you. You’ll pull me into the water and ruin this book,” you sighed, folding the corner of the page and closing the book, setting it upon the bag Harry had packed that morning before you left the apartment. A deep chuckle left his lips as he rolled his head back and let the water wet his matted hair, his head disappearing beneath the water before he emerged back up. “This is Gemma’s book, anyway. She’ll kick you in the nuts if we go back and it’s ruined.”

He’d done it before. Not to you, but to his sister, herself. You’d joined him on a holiday a few years back, a trip to the South of England because Anne had organized a family holiday to Cornwall, and she had offered for you to tag along; something that Harry couldn’t turn down in asking you because he got to spend time with you through the long car journey and he got to sleep in the same bed as you and he got to take you to the beach and the sweet and tourist spots of the small seaside town. One day of the week Anne had booked, you and Harry and Gemma had visited the waterpark – it wasn’t a large one, nor was it a small one – and he had taken it upon himself to bring the entertainment.

With his body submerged under water and one hand around Gemma’s ankle as she perched on the edge of the pool with a book in her hand, he tugged her in and laughed when she slipped in; leading to a refusal to speak to him for the rest of the day creating tension yet amusement between the rest of you.

“Oh, nonsense. She won’t kick me in the nuts because I know how much she wants nieces and nephews,” Harry stated with a grin on his wet lips, his face lighting up when he watched you stand to your feet. “You comin’ in now or do I have to wait much longer?”

“You do know that if people walk past, they’re going to be extremely confused as to why we’re still in the pool,” you mumbled, removing your sarong and draping it over the back of the sun lounger you had occupied for most of the day; getting up on occasion to purchase water and various cocktails that you and Harry would share, as well as cans of fizz and iced tea. “It’s past 8 and we’re not allowed in after 8.”

One of the multiple rules that had been slightly broken between the majority of those taking advantages of the pool and the weather; the rule of no bombing or diving had been broken multiple times by some who felt the need to be disruptive and show their need for fun, the rule of showing indecency being broken by most, and the rule of not staying in the pool after 8 being broken by the two of you as Harry sunk his body beneath the water level.

“Luckily for me and you, I have the special power of having access to the pool after hours. Granted, we only have until 10 because they need to drain it and whatnot, but, we still get some privacy in the pool before we go and get ready to go out and have some food,” Harry smirked, holding his hand up and wiggling his fingers, waiting for your touch to elicit sparks through his body. “C’mon. Come in the water. Need a cuddle ‘cause m’gettin’ cold and you always warm me up.”

“Alright. But, don’t pull any stupid crap, Harry,” you warned, pointing your finger at him as you perched yourself upon the edge of the pool, “and I mean that. You’ll sleep on your own, out on the balcony.”

“You wouldn’t,” Harry smirked, wading in the water and sliding himself between your legs, his arms resting upon your thighs as he looked up at you. “You can’t spend one night without me, you cheeky bugger. Remember the night we spent at Gemma’s when we were having our bedroom and en-suite done?”

How could he forget.

It was the second time the two of you had gone all the way in the act of love in her home, but it was the first time the two of you had been caught in the act. The feeling of being separated sending feelings through your body that made you want him more; a forbidden love type of situation where his sister had insisted you took her guest room and Harry took her sofa.

You’d gone down for a glass of water, passing by your sleeping boyfriend with the idea he was zonked out for the world from the snores leaving his mouth, his body beneath a blanket with his neck in a position that would have him grumbling about a crick and his feet hanging over the end which would have him moaning about numb toes and cold soles. Your ideas were thrown out the window when he’d leant up on his elbows and gave you a tired smile followed by a ‘couldn’t sleep either?’ and it was enough to have you gulping down the water and joining him on the sofa.

“She made us stay in separate rooms, I remember. Shit hit the fan when she caught us naked on her sofa under the blanket your mum had given her for her birthday,” you giggled, running your fingers through his hair and tugging lightly on the short strands sticking up and almost dry from the heat of the atmosphere around you both. “You’re right though. I can’t spend one night without you when you’re around. I can do it when you’re on tour and everything, because you’re not in the same place as me, but when you’re in the same house as me and we’re summoned to stay apart, I can’t sleep,” you reasoned.

“She was so mad that she stopped talking to me for a week,” Harry chuckled, his fingers drawing soft patterns on your skin. “Don’t mind though. That was almost 2 years ago. We’ve had sex so many times after that now, and, every time I don’t regret.” 

“I would hope you wouldn’t regret each time. Otherwise we’re in a difficult position,” you teased, bringing your hands down from his head, your fingers brushing over his cheeks. “You need a shave, Peaches. Gettin’ a bit tickly,” you smirked.

His five o-clock shadow was beginning to make an appearance, and as much as you loved the look going against his perfectly chiseled features, it was something that you could never get used too. His upper lip feeling prickly when you kissed him, and his cheek felt rough when his head was against your shoulder or cupped in your hands or pressed to your bare thighs when he used your legs as pillows.

“Keepin’ it for a while because m’waiitng for the day you let me eat you out,” he stated with a smirk toying at the corner of his lips, his voice laced with lust. Your cheeks flushing pink under the orange rays shining from the sky, the sun disappearing behind the mountain splitting the country down the middle and separating the busy town-life of Kamari from the quietened strip of Perissa. “What are y’ blushin’ for, Gorgeous? You always suck me off, so, what’s wrong with me using my mouth to bring you to an orgasm?” 

He was eager to have you hovering above him, fingers holding the headboard and knuckles white, your scent in front of him as he inhaled and proceeded to use his lips around your bundle of nerves. 

He’d dreamt about it over numerous nights. 

“Because, it’s never happened between me and you before. It’s weird to talk about,” you mumbled, your thumbs brushing over his bottom lip and blushing when his lips puckered and a kiss was pressed to the tips, “I’m alright sucking you off and sticking your penis in my mouth, but, I’m a bit weary about you doing that to me,” you admitted nervously, pulling his bottom lip down with a smile before removing your hands and dropping them into the water. 

“M’goin’ to be able to do it one day, aren’t I?”

“Of course. Just, need to work myself towards letting you do it,” you smiled, cupping water in your hands and lifting your wrists up, tipping your hands over and letting the water trickle down his shoulders. “You goin’ t’ let me in the water now?”

A chuckle left his mouth. 

“S’a bit cold when you get in. Sure you can handle it?” He smiled, standing to his feet and showing where the water level came up too when he stood in the shallow end of the pool, the water level coming to the skin just below his nipples. He smiled wider as you slid yourself into the water, your face contorting but your body immediately submerging beneath the water, standing up on your feet moments after and brushing your hair from your face. “Best way to go about it.” 

“S’a bit cold, isn’t it?” You giggled, wading over as fast as you could, to wrap your arms around his neck. “I think we should spend the day down here tomorrow, and then, go for an early dinner and get some drinks in for the evening. We could go to the bar we’ve become usuals in,” you grinned, his hands roaming your lower half and stopping at your thighs, hoisting you onto his hips.

“Sounds decent to me. We’ve got three more days here in Greece and we’re yet to get drunk and end up being woken up asleep on the beach,” Harry chuckled, his feet taking him across the width of the pool, edging you back to the wall of the pool. “M’jokin’. I love waking up to you in the apartment during the mornings. You look ethereal and unbelievable.”

“Well, it’s the same for you. You look very beautiful in the mornings. Every morning, not just out here in Greece,” you smiled, a grunt leaving your mouth as your back touched the edge of the pool. “What are you doing? Thought we were going for a dip in the deep end.”

His hands began to apply pressure to your bum, his fingers bending and squeezing the flesh he loved ever so much.

Flesh that he was forever touching when he had the opportunity, showing from your bikini bottoms or your knickers or even bare when he would wake up in the mornings after a night of passion and sex and love. Flesh that he would swat at cheekily when you shuffled around him, whether it be when you walked in front of the TV or when you stood at the counter to chop the vegetables up for dinner or when you gave him a hug and his hands would sneak down and pat your bum repeatedly, getting rougher with each pat. Flesh that he would admire when you were changing in the mornings or in the evenings after your showers when you would drop the towel from around your body and bend down to pull your underwear up your legs.

With the pressure being applied to your skin, it was enough to send electricity eliciting through your body, a want for him settling in your stomach. And it was then that you knew why he was desperate to get you in the pool, to have the privacy around the both of you, his constant pleas and begs and whines becoming evidence that he was horny and needed you.

“Got somethin’ in my trunks f’ you,” he whispered lowly in your ear, his voice cracking and going hoarse with the arousal running through his veins. He pushed his hips up to your crotch, and you could feel it; a prominent bulge forming from his hardening cock constricted against the tight material covering his lowly half. “I have a boner. D’you understand how god damn gorgeous you look in that bikini?”

“I had a feeling I looked pretty good. Knew it would get your motor running, so, s’ why I picked it out,” you grinned cheekily, your head rolling back as he suckled on your slightly chlorine-covered and tasting skin of your neck, his lips nibbling at the flesh below your jaw. “No hickies, Harry. Please. I don’t have a lot of make-up to cover them.”

Your words came out softly, and as much as you wanted and loved to have his mark of territory on your body, you hated the idea of walking around Greece with a bold and prominent and staring-you-right-in-the-eye bruise from his ravenous yet pleasurable mouth.

“M’not. You just taste so good,” he whispered against your neck, his warm breath fanning across your wet skin and making goosebumps raise on the surface, your hairs standing on end. “Got a boner in my trunks. Need you to jerk me off, please.” 

“Harry, please. I didn’t get in the pool for this,” you warned, pushing his shoulders a little to create space between your bodies. “I thought we were going to swim. Not do the unspeakable.”

“The unspeakable? Gorgeous, you make it sound like having sex with me is bad and wrong,” he chuckled, his hands holding your hips as he let his fingertips slide beneath the band holding your bikini bottoms sitting on your hipbones. 

The string-like belt around the waistband leaving nothing to the imagination for those staring, and it made Harry feel uncomfortable. People were staring at his girlfriend. Strangers, for that matter, and it made him feel discomfort towards the outfit. You were wearing a bikini that he classed as ‘sexy’ and ‘perfect’ as well as it making him ‘want to tear it from your skin’ behind closed doors.

“Is it really the unspeakable?”

“Harry, public sex is unspeakable for us. Especially with your status in society,” you claimed, sighing heavily. “We run the risk of cameras and fans taking photos and we can’t d- get your hand out of my bottoms, you bugger,” you grumbled, reaching between the two of you and squeezing his wrists, trying to pry them from the constraints of your bikini bottoms. His fingers came dangerously close to your pubic bone, and with one more millimeter, he’d have you falling for the indecent act and have your knees weak. 

“C’mon. I need you to help me. It looks like we’re just being intimate and cuddling in the water. Saw loads’a couples doin’ it today in the pool. Pretty sure that blonde couple were fucking on the steps, you know? She spent a lot of time on his lap when they were sitting over there,” Harry reasoned, his eyebrows raising up and down as he spoke, his head tilting towards the steps nearer the back end of the pool where you envisioned the blonde couple from before being as intimate as ever; intimacy that would be considered acceptable behind closed doors. “Besides, we have the pool to ourselves and no one has walked through here in ages. We’re cuddling and we’re not doin’ anything. Just want a handjob.”

“You’re not spunking in the pool, Harry.”

A snort left his mouth as he scrunched his nose up.

“M’goin’ to release in the pool, Gorgeous. It’s what happens when you have a girlfriend who gives you so much pleasure,” he whispered, “and do you have to say spunk? Sounds so vulgar,” he muttered under his breath, a grin forced onto his lips as the word felt foreign to him. 

“Oh, and giving you a handjob in the pool is okay, hm?” You questioned with a smirk, bringing your arms back to his and raking your fingers through the hairs at the nape of his neck. “You’re so unbelievable, Harry. Do you know that? What would your mother say?”

Anne had a thing, a rule what have you, for not showing sexual acts around other people whether you know them or not – she considered it disrespectful and immoral and it shouldn’t happen. Behind closed doors, it was acceptable because it’s the privacy between your own company and no one elses. But out in the open or in someones house, the idea of a sexual act being exchanged was unacceptable and frowned upon. 

Yet, Harry found it too thrilling for a man that was considered respectable and generous. 

“Mum’s going to say nothin’ because she’s not finding out about this, okay?” 

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of telling your mother what we do on our holidays, Peaches. I never kiss and tell, you know that,” you smiled, blushing softly as he pressed his lips to yours in a impromptu kiss. 

“Does this mean you’ll give me a handjob now?”

“Fine. I’m not happy with this but I can feel your cock tryin’ to escape and you look like you’re in pain so, I’m going to be a good girlfriend and relieve you from your painful experience and let you have some fun. I expect something back in the room tonight, though,” you teased, your feet coming into contact with the tiled floor of the swimming pool, your legs unraveling from around his waist and giving your better access to tuck your hand into his yellow trunks.

“Best girlfriend ever, y’know that? Best girlfriend, I’ve ever had,” he whispered, a hint of smugness and cockiness lacing his words as they rolled from his tongue and barely made it to your ears. “Love your hands touchin’ me. Rubbin’ me up n’ down and having me twitch and leak from the tip. Best feelin’ in the world, and you give it to me.”


“You kissed my ass, remember? Literally,” he whispered, chuckling lowly as your eyes widened and your cheeks flushed and your mouth gaped open. “Damn, it was good too. Gave me a proper good orgasm that night.”

“Shut up. I’m one centimetre away from pulling your dick off completely. Watch your mouth, Harold,” you warned, your fingers retracting the elastic from his hip bones, a shiver coursing through his spine as the cold and chlorine-filled water came into full contact with his aching and throbbing muscle between his legs, his tip painfully red and visible beneath the clear and rippling pool water. “Someone’s lookin’ a bit painful down there.”

“M’in so much pain, Gorgeous. Tryin’ t’ focus on not spunking when you touch me,” he whispered, a strain on his words as he rolled his head back. His Adam’s apple bobbing visibly, bringing your tongue from between your lips and slicking and wetting your flesh with a smirk. “Jus’ rub me, please.”

“Eager, aren’t you, hm?”

“You give excellent handjobs. Prefer your blowjobs better but I don’t want you drowning and chocking around me’ cock now, do I?” He teased, a smirk on his lips as he nudged his nose against yours, his green eyes never leaving yours as he kept them focused on your widening orbs. “C’mon. No one is here. The more you play this out, you run the risk further of bein’ caught. I really need y’ to jerk me off. Maybe le’me squeeze your boobs too. Gets me goin’.”

He was a boobs man, hands down. 

Yes, he loved the flesh and the ample curves of your bum and he loved to squeeze it when he had the chance, but when it came to sex, your boobs were what he loved on the most. To him, they were wondrous to squeeze in the middle of sex; with the occasional nip across your nipples from his lips or the gentle swirling lick from his tongue on your flushing and hot and sweating skin. His palms were large enough to engulf the entirety, and it was enough to have you dripping for him, maybe even groaning and grunting and arching your back to give you better pleasure. 

“My poor boobs suffocated by your large hands. Wonderful,” you teased, pinging the elastic back and grinning when he winced in pain and rolled his head back. “Did tha’ hurt?”

“Just a bit. Caught the tip of me’ cock in there then. Like catching your fingers in the car door, and I’ve done that plenty of times,” he hissed, his teeth gritted and his jaw clenched. His jawline prominent and showing from beneath his skin, his bottom lip being taken between his teeth. “C’mon now. Enough teasin’. Gon’a spunk myself soon.”

The knot in his stomach becoming tighter and tenser.

“A’right,” you whispered lowly, ducking your hand slowly into the elastic bands forming teeth marks on his skin. The material clinging to his skin around his waist and around the muscle of his thighs; they were too small for him but he insisted on keeping them as his swimwear because they weren’t too short to be considered in the category of not fitting him and being ready to throw away, and he’d yet to see another pair of yellow trunks in his size in the shops. “Got so worked up f’ me, hm? Did I do this t’ you or did you bring this on yourself?” 


It was evident that you had made him in such a state; and it was enough to have him freak out and groan because he knew that you know what you do to him and it had him weaker when you pulled the sweet and innocent and shy act.

“You did it, you bugger. Now, stop teasin’ and touch me,” he grunted through clenched teeth, his hips bucking up with a sigh of relief leaving his mouth; with your hands clenched around his girth and the water touching at his naked flesh, he fell into his euphoric state. A state where his eyes would roll back, his mouth would fall open and soft groans and whines and moans and mewls would leave his throat, rolling off of his tongue with any thought behind them. “Oh, god, yes.” 

“Y’such a cheeky, dirty lad, aren’t ya’? Hm? Letting your girlfriend give you a handjob in public. Who knows what could see us? Who knows who could be getting photos right now? We could be top news tomorrow. Scandalous, we’ll be called,” you whispered, his chin resting on your shoulder as your free arm snaked around his neck, your fingers brushing over the skin beside his ear, leading down to his jawline. Your hand jerking and tugging with your pace increasing and his pants and breaths and heavy moans becoming more frequent. “I love this side o’ you, Peaches. My favourite. Weak and submissive, almost. Like you’re just handing yourself to me.”

“Hmm. Love this too. Love havin’ you please me, Gorgeous,” he strained out, breathlessly and panting with the words barely falling from his mouth. Your hand picked up it’s pace even more, your elbow making much more sudden and visible movements, creating ripples on the surface level of the water. Bubbles forming and popping with each splash created from your jerking hand. “Hmm, fuck!”

“I can feel you throbbin’, Peaches. You’re so close to comin’, aren’t you? You goin’ to come for me and relieve yourself?” You whispered, one of his hands gripping at your waist as the other wrapped around your neck, his fingers from both hands digging into not only your waist but your shoulder, his large palm covering the entirety. “So close.”

“M’so close,” he cried out in a hushed whisper, his words coming out as panted breaths that warmed your ear.

Your hand picked up the pace, his trunks falling to the fleshy and apple curves of his bum and settling at the top of his thighs. He felt the urge to kick them away, to shuffle them down his legs and let the float away on the surface level so he could open his legs just ever so slightly to give himself better stability. But he knew he wasn’t going to last long and he couldn’t find it in himself to pull back for that mere second to tug them down the rest of way, pulling them from over his feet and throwing them to the other end of the pool.

“Hmm. A little better access. How’s it feel t’ be exposed to the cold water, hm? S’it feel good?” You whispered, a grin added to the tone of your voice as you pressed your flesh against his warm ear, the shell still damp from the trickling water falling from his hair. 

He whimpered in response, a soft frown forming on your features. A feeling of intense euphoria coursing through his veins as he focused his mind on the mixing feelings of your hand squeezing his girth and milking and forcing the release out of him as well as the cold water touching his hot and throbbing and reddening tip.

“S’happened to your voice, Peaches? Lost your words?”

“Feels so good. M’goin’ to come soon. I can feel it. S’a knot in my stomach. Just a couple more jerks,” he begged quietly with every ounce of sef-control he had left in his weakening body, his chest heaving with each needed breath he took. He longed to scream out, and he longed to let out a moan that started and lead from his gut and came out hoarse and guttural from his throat. A warm sensation covering your neck as he inhaled and exhaled deeply, his knees shaking and his toes curling beneath his weight. With the added pleasure of your thumb brushing across his tip, he’d lost all control and fell lax against your body, his head falling to the side and just mere centimetres from falling off your shoulder. “Oh, god. Hmm. I need t’ come.”

“Come for me, Peaches. C’mon now.”

And with a soft ‘oh god’ leaving his mouth, the knot in his stomach unraveled and he fell weak and pleased against your body. His knees shaking as they held his weight, his feet shuffling as he shifted his body from side to side, your hand still in a tight grip upon his girth as you milked the rest of his orgasm, his nose nudging at your collar bone as he released a string of groans that, surprisingly, you were only able to hear.

“S’a good feelin’ when you milk me dry, Gorgeous,” he whispered thankfully, tugging the shorts back up his legs and covering his now limp muscle, pinging the elastic against his waist. “S’go get some food, shall we? M’really feelin’ the souvlaki tonight.”

“Nothin’ too heavy. You had stomach problems last time we ate a large meal,” you warned, pressing your lips against his. “You’ve still got a drink up there, waiting for you to have some. Just some water. You could use it right now. You sound a bit gravelly.”

You wanted to say he sounded sexy rather than gravelly, but, you’d never make it out of the pool. And you could hear his grumbles and tummy rumbles and you knew he was hungry.

“Dry throat. Happens when you’re forever moaning and groaning at such pleasure eliciting through your body from your girlfriends touch,” he grunted, his nose scrunching up as he gave you a cheeky smirk, his eyebrows raising. “C’mon. I’m hungry. Orgasms make me have an appetite.”

* *

harrystyles: Greek paradise with @YOURINSTAGRAM. x


Justin’s P.O.V

The rain, falling through the air and hitting the grass with multiple thuds, over and over, also hit the window behind us and dripped down freely. The pattering sound was oddly relaxing as we laid together.

Every so often the sound of thunder rumbling in the far distance made her jump from underneath me, but she immediately regained stability; lazily pushing her hips up to meet my own, while I grinned.

We were open to the harsh feeling of rain hitting us and making our skin turn a light pink but we didn’t care; how could we care when we were so involved in each other?

Her leg brushed against my thigh and I slowly, even though the idea only took a second to enter my mind, pressed my hand against her limb and kept it against my skin. My head rested in between her shoulder and her jaw.

“Baby,” I barely let out a whisper; the rain blocked out most of the audibility of my speech anyway. My length pushed into her with a sluggish push of my hips and I burned with desire to cum.

Looking up at me, she smiled before her eyes rolled back into her head and her chest met my own, caused by the arching of her back. I found something so beautiful in the sight of her when she was in such a state of intense pleasure.

Her skin was shining, little patches of rain made her glisten in the subtle light like a piece of glass under a microscope.

We laid out a reclining chair that I thought must have been uncomfortable for [Y/N]’s behind as I felt the Wicker dig into my knees.

The rain drops that I felt seeping down my back as the rain only worsened was also covering her body. Droplets made their way down her cheek, across the bend of her chin and down her boobs towards her nipples. They wiped away and became nonexistent when my hand took a hold of her left boob and caressed it gently. I relished in the sound of a sweet moan leaving her lips. A small droplet fell into her open mouth.

“Does that feel good?” My lips met her damp forehead, although I didn’t kiss her; they purely stayed open against her skin as I breathed.

The rain strengthened and a heavy crash of thunder emitted from the sky that turned darker by the second. I heard cars humming slowly in the distance and I imagined shaken children in their seats while adults struggled to see through the thin layer of fog.

“Justin,” She said in a straining voice, a low rumble in the air followed. My eyes burned into her cheeks while her neck was craned to the side, I held back the urge to lean down and bite her neck roughly.

“Hmm. You like that?” I asked, my voice was hoarse as I felt a dryness in my throat.

Her lip disappeared inside of her mouth and she nodded her head, several strands of wet hair came down and distracted me from her face. I let my hand attempt to run through it but it simply wrapped around my fingers in a wet bundle.

“I love you.” I said. “I love you so much. I love being inside of you, I love being like this with you.” My hips moved back and forth against hers, I was in no hurry to get to my orgasm, even if I felt it threatening to make itself present - I loved it so much, I never wanted it to end.

I was so high on the feeling of being inside of her and when I felt her tighten the pleasure became almost unbearable. I grunted roughly.

The rain started ease almost instantly as I pulled my hips away from hers and pushed into her once more, feeling an ignition of pleasure drive through my body. I grunted involuntarily.

“I love you too.” She whispered softly, I felt my

The way her body seemed to move into mine, almost like it was mirroring my actions was the sweetest thing and I found myself thrusting into her deeper, showing my adoration for her.

The rain, even though it was calm now, it pelted against my back in a more gentle way than before and I could hear the thunder rumbling from further away rather than right above our heads. The surface of the chair was soaked and left prints against the palm of my hands and, probably, my knees.

Feeling her walls against my length, causing so much friction and pleasure in my body, I moaned loudly without meaning to.

“Justin, baby.” A string of breath hit my shoulder before I felt a sharp nip on my shoulder and realised she bit down on my shoulder, probably leaving teeth marks. I hissed but felt my stomach tighten.

I wanted to speed it up and drive into her as hard as I could, but it seemed inappropriate while we were in such a sweet moment. So with that, I continued moving slowly, making sudden movements only every now and then to surprise her so I could hear that gentle gasp leave the back of her throat.

“Are you gonna cum?” I asked, breathing heavily as, although we were outside, I still managed to be feeling suffocated by the heat her body was giving off.

“Mhm.” Ice cold drops of water ran down her cheeks, and I felt my feet going numb as they stayed in the open air, being hit by the gentle breeze that was passing by as the sky got lighter every so slightly.

The hairs on my neck stood tall and like I could see on [Y/N]’s body, goosebumps were raising on my skin.

“Cum for me, cum with me.” My jaw clenched as I slammed into her as steadily as I could; not wanting to ruin the moment by being too rough. I had to dig my fingernails into the Wicker to slow my speed down. “God, you’re so beautiful.” I said, feeling my eyes roll to the back of my head.

“I-I’m cumming, Justin.” A series of gasps and whimpers rang through my ears and I was pleased in that moment, very. The way her hips shook as they tried to meet my own made me laugh at how much she needed me. Her breath hitched for a moment as she absorbed the bliss that was probably running through her veins.

And I was feeling the exact same. My pelvis shook but I quickly regained the strength to carry us both through our highs. “Fuck, [Y/N].” I growled, feeling everything that we’d been doing for the last hour pouring out of me.

I felt her cum around my cock while I came inside of her. It was an intense moment as she moaned loudly into the air that was now clearing up; white clouds, compared to the dark ones that covered the sky not long ago, were now present above us. There was a slight shine overlooking the house now, telling me the sun was on the verge of appearing completely. Looking down at [Y/N]’s face, I saw her looking up at me innocently.

The atmosphere now was completely different if not the exact opposite of before. The sun was beginning to shine, clouds were floating in the sky and I’m pretty sure birds were chirping from the nearest of trees. She smiled and I smiled too before leaning down to kiss her neck, sucking gently afterwards.

I had become accustomed to her touch and her warmth, so much that I didn’t want to leave. My fingers traced her boobs, moving around her nipple softly.

“What do you say?” I asked. “Again?” I grinned down at her, already moving my hips.

She moved up so that her face was closer to mine, I watched and waited as she moved round so that her lips were next to my ear. I felt shivers running down my spine before she’d said a word. “How about the shower?” She whispered, I smirked.

#13- Dry Humping (Wincest)

Requested by @choosecastiel for my kink list!

Summary: Sam and Dean do laundry.

Warning: Wincest, dry humping

Word Count: 1450

A/N: I am having so much fun writing these kinks. I hope y’all are enjoying reading them! Feedback always appreciated!

Dean hums absently as he loads the clothes into the washer. He can hear Sam moving around behind him, folding the clothes that just came out of the dryer, comfortably silent as the afternoon wears on, calm and serene.

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Breakfast? - Bucky x Reader

@kinqshley Requested : bucky tries and fails to make breakfast for you the first night he sleeps over :3

 Thanks for the prompt, bud :) I had fun with this. (so much fluff!!)

Originally posted by deryhana

 You opened your eyes with a yawn and an intense morning stretch. You wrapped yourself in the blankets you kept on your bed and rolled over to see… Nothing. He wasn’t there. You sat up and looked around the room for signs of Bucky. His shoes were by the door and his jacket was on the edge of the bed. So, he hadn’t left. That was a good sign. Maybe that meant last night had been successful. He had spent the night, for the first time, in hopes that your company would help ward off his vivid nightmares. The two of you had only been together for a few months, it took him a few weeks for him to open up to you about the dreams he was having and you wanted nothing more than to help him. 

 There was a crash in the kitchen that made you jump. Your heart raced and you reached into your bedside table and pulled out your gun. You didn’t become the governments top spy by using a butter knife. You crept to your bedroom door, and peaked through the sliver between the door and the frame, which gave you a clear view of the kitchen.

 You sighed with a grin when you saw Bucky trying to sort through the pots and pans in a cupboard next to the oven. You put your gun away and ran your fingers through your hair, hoping to tame the wild mess on top of your head. You opened the door and let the creak of the hinges alert Bucky of your presence. Sneaking up on him wasn’t a good idea, especially since the main reason he slept over was from the nightmares he’d been having. Last thing you wanted to do was scare him during the day time, too.

 “I’m sorry,” Bucky mumbled when he heard you. When he turned to you you got a good look at your once pristine kitchen. There were egg shells every where and on egg had fallen from the counter and broke on the floor. There was a plate by the sink that had a pile of what could only be burnt scrambled eggs. There were miscellaneous herbs and spices scatterd across the counter and one frying pan that was missing a handle and was folded in half.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” He went on, ashamed. “But I was trying to make us omelets and I accidentally broke your pan. I’m really sorry. I just…” He turned away from you and his eyes darted back and forth across the stove top at the mess he had created. “I just wanted to make breakfast.”

 You grinned and stood behind him wrapping your arms around his waist. He really was trying very hard and it was adorable.

 “Its okay, that pan was on its last leg anyways.” You smiled into his back. “Did you sleep okay?”

 You felt the coolness and the warmth of his arms hugging yours. “Yes, thank you. It’s been months since I’ve slept through the night.”

 He turned you around and cupped your face in his hands. He just looked at you for a moment before the shine of his prosthetic caught his eye. He pulled the metal away from your face, which he thought was too delicate to be touched by something that caused so much destruction.

 You could see him having another flashback. “James,” Your voice pulled him from his thoughts and his eyes snapped back to yours. “Why don’t we go out for breakfast? There is this really cute diner not too far from here. Besides, I may not know how you cook but I’m pretty sure you will never be able to top this place’s pancakes.” You gave him a wink and a smile.

 Bucky picked you up and placed you on the one empty counter that hadn’t been covered in his failed breakfast mess. He stood in front of you and wrapped you in a hug, burying himself into your neck.

 “Why are you so good to me?” He asked into his T-Shirt, that you had now claimed as your own.

 You smiled and played with his long brown hair, kissing his forehead. “Because.”

 “Because why?” His voice was completely muffled from his mouth being in the crook of your neck.

 You chuckled at his child-like need for answers but sighed when the truth came to you. “Because you deserve some good, James. I know that I didn’t know you in the 40’s but Steve talked about you all the time. You protected him and defended him and then did the same for your country. You have a good heart and you deserve you be treated well, and to be able to sleep through the night.”

 "(Y/N), you’re straight outta my dreams, ya know that?“ He said before kissing you. As he closed the distance between you, you thought you saw tears in his eyes but the next thing you knew, his lips were on yours and your mind drifted.

 This kiss wasn’t like any of the other ones you had shared, this one wasn’t desperate or fueled by passion and desire. This one was gentle and almost seemed grateful, as if he was trying to tell you that he didn’t deserve you. But that wasn’t true, you both deserved each other. You both deserved a win.

 He pulled back and a tear had run down his cheek. You wiped it away with your thumb and kissed the tear stained cheek. You leaned into him and whispered in his ear. “I love you, James.”

 Suddenly, you were off the counter and in his arms. Bucky carried you back to your room and placed you on the bed. He carefully laid down on top of you and began to cover you with kisses that had that familiar flame you were so used to. You struggled, but finally pushed him back far enough to look at him.

 “What about breakfast?” You chuckled.

 He grinned. “We’re gonna need to push it back to an early lunch.”

 “Why?” You smiled and pretended to be oblivious to what he was doing.

 He grinned. “Because…I love you, too.”

Girl Meets Bear One Shot

Words: 1919
Summary: The ep basically with cut and non filmed scenes, altered a little for story purposes :)

Maya wakes Riley that morning with an urgency for tacos. Riley rises with the unshakeable feeling that something is not quite right. She paces a little in front of the bay window when suddenly it hits her. Beary The Bear bear is gone. Instantly a pang hits her chest and the desperate need to find her childhood comforter takes a hold of any rational thinking. 

Maya can’t quite grasp why a faceless teddy bear is so important to the teenage girl, especially when there are twenty-five cent tacos to be eaten and bobble heads to collect.  Begrudgingly she follows her brunette friend downstairs where Riley sounds the families emergency siren and the rest of the Matthews come charging out. 

Riley is upset to find they share the same disinterest in the missing bear as Maya had. Riley makes it halfway out the door with her best friend when her fathers words made her decide she was going to stay. 

“It’s not really a big deal!” 

Not really a big deal? Riley turns around with fire in her eyes at the casual dismissal of her childhood toy.

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“Did you clean the table?” Harry asks Louis once Rose is done speaking, now occupied with trying to see if she can reach over and touch Harry’s hair from where she’s sat. At Louis’ nod, Harry frowns. “You didn’t have to do that. You’re my guests here, I could’ve dealt with it later.”

Louis just smiles easily, though, adjusting Rose on his lap so that she’s facing Harry better. She manages to tug on a loose wave of hair, and she makes a noise of triumph that both Louis and Harry smile at.

“I don’t mind,” Louis murmurs to Harry, even though he’s looking at Rose. “This one here seemed very excited to talk to you.”

And, okay. Harry can’t help but think of how domestic this feels, all of a sudden.

[harry is a photographer who’s trying to find his place. louis is a single father with a smile that feels like home.]

author: anyadisee

word count: 52k

one shot, complete

literal transcript of a 5sos interview | 4
  • Q:Weirdest Obsessions?
  • Ashton:I like candles *thumbs up*
  • Calum:Ashton likes scented candles and all girly things
  • Ashton:*offendedly* They're not girly! I like the room to smell good
  • Luke:You have a lot of incense
  • Michael:Your room smells like lavender
  • Calum:Cause your feet stank
  • *Ashton is offended*
  • Michael:Your feet stanky
  • Michael:(voiced slightly raised) *pointing at Ashton* You know what you do?! You throw my towel on the ground in the shower everyday! EVERYDAY!
  • All:*laughing*
  • Michael:I go into the shower and like I'm just going to wash my hands and then wipe my..
  • Michael:(now shouting) OH WAIT. THE SHOWERS ON THE–THE TOWELS ON THE DIRTY GROUND. Why do you do it
  • Ashton:Because you hang it *gesturing* IN the shower. So it's dangling in the shower. I wanna have a shower...
  • Michael:(yelling, again) MOVE IT OVER! *gesturing* JUST PUSH IT OUT OF THE WAY. (quieter) or be a nice person and hang it on the little thing.
  • Ashton:Michael, you are YELLING
  • Luke:This is how the band breaks up
  • Calum:You just gotta laugh
  • Luke:You gotta laugh
  • Ashton:And that was the end of 5 Seconds of Summer
Prom.. Ish - Draco Malfoy Smut

Request: I was wondering whether you could write a smut where there’s a prom-like thing for seventh years and Draco (boyfriend obvs) notices your not there and asks your friend where you are. Your at the top of the astronomy tower having a drink. He finds you and asks what wrong. It’s bullying. He makes you feel better by making out with you against the railing and things escalate from there. Love your blog, thanks💜

Rating: R

Warning(s): Smut, drinking

Request HERE // Masterlist HERE // Sirius Black Blog HERE

Originally posted by sensualkisses

I sit alone on the floor of the astronomy tower, my fingers clutching a bottle of firewhiskey for dear life. My body is cold but my blood pumps fast through my veins as I pant through sobs. The snide remarks from earlier play in my head on repeat, my lips lazily muttering along with them. They’re loud in my mind and soft from my mouth, my hair messed up and my makeup smeared and running down my face with my tears. 

My shoulders shake and my hands twitch as I reach up and try to breathe, my fingers running through my hair roughly. Suddenly, in the middle of my mental breakdown, I feel a large hand rest gently on my shoulder, causing me to jump in surprise and stand up in a flash. My legs wobbly and my hand gripping onto the railing attached to the side of the astronomy tower, I whip around to see who’s caught me.

I come face to face with Draco, my boyfriend of 3 years, staring at me with concern and a broken heart at the sight of me like this. I immediately collapse into his arms, them wrapping around me protectively as if I’ll disappear if they don’t. He reaches one hand up to run along the back of my head over my hair, smoothing it out and sending a slight chill down my spine. 

He tilts his face down so that his lips are next to my ear. “What’s happened, love? Did that nasty Weasley girl say something to you again?” He asks in nearly a whisper, his hot breath fanning out over my skin, making me shiver.

“No.. not her. Just a couple guys at the dance were saying that I looked.. big.. in my dress and I t-tried to ignore them.. but they followed me to the other side of the r-room and threatened to hex me..” I tell him, his body stiffening more and more with each word. I can nearly see the steam coming out of his ears with how angry he is, but right now, his main concern is making me feel better, and I’m so grateful for that. 

He pulls away slightly and brings his hands up, cupping the sides of my face and resting his forehead against mine so our lips were nearly touching. “ Don’t you ever listen to a word anyone says about you. You, Y/N, are gorgeous and talented and just so fucking amazing. You make my heart stop every time you smile or laugh or, Merlin forbid, talk about something you love, like your books. You are the greatest thing to ever happen to me and god damn it you are the most amazing woman on this earth. Don’t let anyone make you forget that.” He tells me, making a couple more tears fall.

“I love you, Draco.” I whisper, letting my hands drift up and rest on his shoulders while his land on my sides and slide down to my hips. 

“I love you too, Y/N.” He whispers before pressing his lips lightly against mine. My eyes flutter shut and I kiss him back slowly, moving one hand to his jaw, deepening the kiss a little as I part my lips and let his tongue enter. His hands move down again but this time rest on my ass, pulling my hips closer to his and creating some friction, causing him to groan lightly into my mouth. 

I reach my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss even more, our tongues battling for dominance and our hands roaming each other’s bodies. He grips my hips and guides me backward, pressing my back against the railing. He presses his body against mine and uses his knee to part my legs a little. 

He moves his leg so his foot is resting on a low bar in the railing and suddenly, his thigh is pressing against my heat. I gasp at the contact and he smirks against my lips before moving one of his hands back up and around the back of my neck while the other is slung around my waist. He guides me in slowly grinding down on his leg and I can’t help but moan at the feeling. 

I feel him smile every time a sound escapes my mouth and I assume that he wants to hear the noise more clearly once he moves to kiss the corner of my lips. He kisses a line from my lips to my jaw and down my neck before reaching my collar bone. My dress stops him from going further and I can tell he’s not happy about it. 

“How about we get these clothes off you, kitten?” He asks, looking into my eyes, his swirling with lust and need. I bite my lip, making him smirk, and nod. 

He immediately reaches around while leaning forward to kiss my neck again, planting a gentle kiss on the area of skin below my ear lobe. I shiver and he smirks against my skin before moving to take my dress off. 

Once my dress is gone, it leaves me in only my matching pink bra and panties, making his eyes widen and his mouth water. He rests his hands on my now bare hips and guides me over to a wall, which he pushes me up against with slight force, showing that he’s not kidding around. His hands stay where they are as he kneels down, his head level with my chest. 

He leans forward ever so slightly and presses a kiss to the valley between my breasts, making my breath hitch in my throat. He moves away and smiles before lowering a bit and pressing one just above the part of my bra connecting the cups. I shiver as his warm fingers glide gently over my skin, goosebumps rising on the areas that his hands aren’t warming.

He takes his time kissing a close line down my stomach, his fingers caressing my skin and his breath hot every time he pulls away. He eventually kisses one last time just above the hem of my panties, smiling as he lets his hands drift around to my backside and rest on my bum. 

“You’re so beautiful, sweetheart.” He whispers, making me grin. He eyes the hem of my panties and runs his fingers over them, as if asking for permission. I reach down and run my fingers through his hair, his eyes looking back up at me. 

“You can take them off, Draco.” I tell him. He gladly hooks his fingers in the sides of the under garment and pulls them down my long, skinny legs, licking his lips the whole way down. I bite my lip as I watch him bow his head forward and kiss the very top of each of my legs, dragging it out for as long as he can. 

He suddenly rests his hand on the back of my thigh, guiding me in resting it across his back. I’m hesitant at first, but the back of my knee rests over his shoulder and he looks ready to devour me. My fingers grip the railing and he presses a kiss to my core, eliciting a sharp gasp from me.

He smiles and continues, his hands on my hips as he begins to pleasure me. My hand runs through his soft white hair and I moan loudly once he picks up the pace. He squeezes my hips and my legs start to wobble, the delightful feeling of his tongue making my senses go into overdrive. 

“Damn, baby, you look so good from here. 

He brings one hand up and he dips a finger into my heat, making me shudder and groan. He soon adds another, his tongue still working on my clit, and I rest my head against the wall. My eyes are shut tightly and my fingers tug on his hair, making him groan against my sensitive sex. I cry out in pure, unadulterated ecstasy, my legs barely strong enough to hold me up anymore.

He stops just before I’m about to let go, making me whimper in dissatisfaction. 

“Draco! Don’t stop!” I whine, making him smirk. 

“Patience, darling.” I says raspily into my ear before pressing a kiss to my sweet spot, earning a struggled whine against my lips. He sheds his shirt, pants and boxers before moving his hand down to stroke my raw womanhood, my body jumping at the shock. My arms fly around his neck and he crashes his lips against mine before his hands move to the back of my thighs. “Jump.” 

I jump and wrap my legs around his waist before he thrusts his full length into me. Hard. I scream out his name and his hands grab my ass, squeezing me roughly as he moves me up and down onto his member. My fingernails dig into his back, surely leaving red marks that’ll last for days. My hair cascades around my shoulders and my eyes are shut tightly as Draco drills me against the wall, his big, vein covered hands memorizing my body. 

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re so tight baby.” He groans into my neck as he sucks on the skin, leaving as many love bites as he can. He’s always loved leaving deep purple marks on my neck to show everyone that I’m his. 

“Draco, I’m going to-ah!” I cry out when his thumb comes in contact with my clit, bringing me over the edge.

“That’s right, babygirl, let go for me. That’s it.” He whispers in my ear, making my knees tingle. I do as he says and allow myself to come undone, him doing the same. A few curses and groans leave his mouth before he carefully sets me down and pulls his shirt over my head, covering me. 

He takes a step back and looks me up and down, admiring my body in his clothes, before pulling me into his arms and resting his chin on m head. 

“You know, I never got to dance with you. I practiced for weeks.” He whispers. I smile and get in the position to waltz.

“Well, we can’t let that effort go to waste, can we?” I say softly before allowing him to start swaying with me following suit. 

“You look beautiful tonight, darling.” He whispers as he kisses my temple. I smile and we just dance, a comfortable silence surrounding us.