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Here it is! My second year film, “A Girl Can Dream”!

I had very little sleep while rushing to finish this short, oof

Special thanks to @popcornpr1nce and my friend Jacob for lending their voices!

@omgturtlesoup asked: hello, i just read ur story that started w claire waxing abt xmas stockings. i wonder if i can req a wee drabble abt jamie knitting a xmas stocking during the winter for jc’s first grandchild jemmy’s first xmas. TY xox

Stocking drabble! I love it! Thanks for the ask! This was a lot of fun to do for sure. Hope you enjoy it!

I looked through our food stores, thinking about what we could do to have a nice proper Christmas feast. Or as much of a feast as we could. A strange clicking drew my attention. I followed the noise into Jamie’s study and stopped short. He sat in his chair with the knitting needles Jokasta had given me making a little red stocking.

“What are you making?”

“A stocking,” he said without looking up.

“Only the one? It’s awfully small.”

“Aye. It’s for wee Jem.”

“Is it? I thought he had two feet. Has he misplaced the other?”

Two perfectly blue eyes glared up from under bushy red brows. He meant it to be a little menacing, but I’d seen him truly menacing before. This just ended up being endearing.

“No, Sassencach. He has not. At least not since I saw him last.”

“Then why the one?”

“Did ye no’ tell me once that ye hung stockings up for Yuletide?”

My throat closed a little.

“That was a very long time ago.”

“Aye. But I ken Breeanah liked to put hers up in your time, did she no?”

“Yes. She did. I used to put sweets and little toys in it for her to surprise her on Christmas morning.”

“Wheel. There’s no’ much to put in a wee stocking, but he’ll have a stocking at least.”

Moving to him, I put my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. The needles kept clicking rhythmically.

“You’re a very sweet man, James Fraser.”


I forgot to publish this way back-

Here is the animatic for a short film I did last year (THIS ONE).
Just something I remember throwing together rather quickly because of the super tight deadline! Here it be.