*shoots herself*

What if this is actually true?

I was thinking yesterday and I realised I never questioned how well Moriarty was able to sell his fake actor persona. Sherlock thought it was because of the key that’s able to break into every computer, but we know that that key doesn’t exist, so how was moriarty able to do it?

I definitely hated the reporter chick, but are you telling me she didn’t at least check out these shows and see if he was actually in them? And it took the police over two years to prove Moriarty was actually real. If all of these were fake I’m sure it would only have took them a couple of days. Or what Moriarty was actually an actor on the side in case this situation ever came up? 

No, I think Richard Brooke got the same deal as the cabbie. Maybe he was dying as well and in exchange for money he took up the persona of Moriarty.

So, who’s behind Moriarty? Mary, of course. She’s been orchestrating all of this from the beginning. Remember in the blind banker just before Shan was killed, she got a message from M and we assumed it meant Moriarty? Well, what if it was actually Mary?

It was Mary all along who wanted to burn Sherlock’s heart out. She made him into a fake and got him to take his own life. I do think that for a while there she actually believed that he was dead, but if Anderson could figure out he wasn’t dead then so could she. She called Mycroft and got him to tell the police and media that Moriarty was real and Sherlock is innocent, so he could come back.

So, I think she realised that killing him wasn’t the best idea anyway and decided to take something way more important from him, John. And boy did she try to break them up. Marrying him, then getting pregnant all that just to chain John to herself. 

Shooting Sherlock in HLV was a mistake, because she didn’t plan on him interrupting her. What Magnussen knew could have blown her whole operation apart and she had to stop him, but also couldn’t let Sherlock stop her.

And then in s4 we really saw her evil side. Saving Sherlock from a bullet and making John lash out at him trying to drive a wedge between them. Sending Sherlock to hell was just a little bonus.

This is it though. She ruined him and the possibility of John and Sherlock ever getting together. I mean look at her evil face. This was her plan all along.

But yet again she underestimated the love John and Sherlock have for each other and that they can always find their way back to one another. 

So, I think she was done waiting and just ended up shooting John. There’s no Eurus, it’s always been her and she put a bullet through John’s eye and Sherlock is the only one who can save him.

So yeah this is my theory, on the one hand i hate it cause it would mean moriarty is not real but i love him so much, but on the other hand it would reveal mary to be even more of despicable human being than we could have ever anticipated. 

Sorry if this has been talked about before, please do link me to other metas on this if you have any.

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'such a good friend'

‘such a good friend’ i say while clarke nuzzles his hand

'such a good friend’ i say when clarke just about loses her caucasion mind seeing bellamy held hostage by the ice nation

'such a good friend’ i say when bellamy loses his se asian mind when clarke doesn’t pick up her walkie

'such a good friend’ i say after he almost confesses on the beach

'such a good friend’ i say when clarke sends someone to kidnap him and haul his ass down to the bunker before it’s locked

'such a good friend’ i say when clarke, the queen of ‘i have to make this impossible choice for my people’/ ‘i was ready to let my own mother hang for this last season’ can’t bring herself to shoot bellamy

'such a good friend’ i say after they get into a car crash because they too busy eyefucking instead of paying attention to the road

'such a good friend’ i say when he loses his se asian mind again when clarke takes off her helmet and coughs up blood

'such a good friend’ i say he knows she’s on the verge of a breakdown so he gets up and scoops her into his arms just as she was leaning into him because she wants nothing but his comfort at that moment

'such a good friend’ i say when they flirt over oxymorons and he uses it as an excuse to brush the hair away from her face and she goes off on a speech about how she didn’t like him at first but now he’s her person while telling him that he has heart but he needs to use his head but bellamy cannot fathom a world without clarke griffin so he says ‘i got you for that’

'such a good friend’ i say when she realises that she’s not going to make it back and will probably die so she says ‘bellamy?’ in the smallest voice possible over the radio because she wants to hear his voice one last time

'such a good friend’ i say when he’s on the verge of tears because he has to leave her behind, when he thinks she’s dead and they’re going to die too because she didn’t get it done and he would have rather stayed on earth and spent his last few minutes with her

'such a good friend’ i say when he can’t even bring himself to say ‘she died in vain’ properly while staring down at earth and clutching the bottle of alcohol while he thinks about all the things they left unsaid, the weight of regret heavy on his chest

'such a good friend’ i say when clarke calls him everyday for 2199 days because it’s her way of staying sane (’you keep her centred’), when she refuses to believe that he’s dead, when she sees a ship and gets tears in her eyes because she thinks that they’re finally back, that bellamy is finally back and she missed him so much but it’s not them.

such very very good friends.

Something I noticed on rereading

As we know, Jade’s Grandpa got killed when a well-meaning but ignorant Tavros communed with Bec to stop her from shooting herself. RIP Grandpa Harley.

Obviously, this weighs on poor little Jade quite a bit, and she speculated about what had happened to him.

She grew out of thinking that, of course, but she could have been barking up the right tree.

In the end, her grandpa really DID get killed by the evil blue girl.

Dinner with the Whitethorns

Guys. I wrote fanfiction.
So I remember that scene in Queen of Shadows where Aelin says she’d like to see 16 year old Aelin meet 16 year old Rowan. And so would I, so I figured I’d write something quick.
This is my first fanfic ever so go easy on my writing!!

“I’d rather give up chocolate for a year than have this dinner,” said 16 year old Aelin as she slumped onto her bed like a sack of potatoes.

Her mother frowned disapprovingly by her door. “It’s only one evening, Fireheart, and besides, you might like the Whitethorns.”

She sighed in exasperation. “No, they’re boring entitled idiots.”

“Aelin, you need to grow up. Perhaps you should start by being the sweet, kind, respectful princess of Terrasen for a few hours tonight.”


“No buts, you’re coming to this dinner, or no books or chocolates for a month.”

Aelin groaned into her pillow as her mother left, shutting the door behind her.

End of conversation.


The time came to sit through the three course meal with boring family “friends”, and so Aelin, being the rebel princess she was, decided she may as well make an appearance. Her way, of course.

The doorbell rang just as Aelin added the finishing touches to her makeup.

Her mother’s footsteps sounded as she walked to open the door, her voice coming from downstairs, “Aelin! The guests are here!”

“Coming!” She yelled back.

She checked herself in the mirror one last time, making sure that every hair was in place, and that there were no wrinkles in her dress. She smiled at herself with the smile she used whenever it was time to have some fun. With cunning and mischief and the slightest hint of a smirk.

Indeed. Perhaps her mother was right. She was going to enjoy this dinner.

Greetings halted and jaws dropped as she walked down the curved staircase.

Her mother’s gawk sounded across the room, the Whitethorn family beside her. An older woman with shining silver hair, a man with bright green eyes and a boy around her age who was a mixture of both all froze as they watched her.

The sight of them made her raise her chin higher and smile wider.

She made sure to add the slightest swish of her hips as she stepped down the staircase in her skintight, deep red dress that matched her lips. It wasn’t by all means short, but it clung to every curve, just as she intended. Her hair was curled messily—she didn’t like the perfect goldy-lock look. She lined her eyes with some brown khol and smudged it out the slightest bit, but besides that, that’s all she did to her face.

And it must’ve been all she needed, because the hungry look in the boy’s green eyes told her that she was going to have some fun tonight.

Her mother took a moment to gather herself, shooting her daughter a look promising that she was in trouble.

She cleared her throat. “Please–let me introduce you to my daughter—”

“Aelin,” she interrupted. “Princess Aelin Ashyver Galathynius, pleasure to meet you,” she greeted sweetly and smiled.

Mr. and Mrs. Whithorn stared at her, perplexed. The son however, managed to recover and looked her in the eyes and spoke, “Rowan. Prince Rowan Whitethorn.”

Aelin held out her hand so that Rowan could kiss it, the entire time, his pine green eyes never leaving hers.

It was the best dinner she’d ever had.

I went to bed thinking about Mari and Wifi and guys it’s just so, so good man, I have so many feelings for this rn

imagine Marinette untranformed, wondering what happened for her friend to be akumatized again

imagine Lady Wifi practically oozing anger and hurt as she throws pauses at people and shouts at them

imagine her about to shoot Marinette but stopping herself when she realizes who it is

imagine her arms dropping limply to her side as she stares at her best friend

imagine Marinette walking up slowly, carefully, making sure she’s not coming off as a threat

imagine everyone else freezing as the exchange goes down because they don’t want to screw whatever marinette’s doing up

imagine Marinette’s hands forgoing hand touches and skipping straight to caressing Wifi’s face in a soothing manner

imagine her asking, “Who hurt you, Als?”

imagine Wifi’s expression turning to anger once more as she explains how her interviews and articles and videos were attacked by people hiding on the internet; imagine her explaining how some of her content was stolen, not given the proper credit and not asked for, and most definitely not taken down by those who did it.

imagine her fists curling in anger, so much that one one hand, her phone digs into her palm, and on the other, her fingernails do

imagine that Marinette sees, and reaches down to grab the hand not holding a phone

imagine Wifi’s subtle surprise at the contact, and imagine how she looks down at Marinette’s hand holding her own in a way that is so inherently Marinette

imagine how Marinette’s other hand is still cupping her cheek, and how she uses it to pull Wifi’s face down just enough for their foreheads to rest against each other

imagine how Marinette never looks away from her eyes, how she never wavers from wanting to help her friend

imagine how she explains that she knows how it feels; her designs and her art get stolen all the time and it really sucks and hurts but- and this is important- Alya and her other friends are always there to help calm her down and help her figure out the situation.

imagine Wifi’s rage slowly easing up as she listens to Marinette’s voice

imagine her fingers relaxing and her gaze softening as she begins to melt into Marinette’s touch

imagine her giving Marinette a smile as she steps back to undo all of her pauses

imagine people quickly and silently leaving when she starts walking back to Marinette

imagine the way Wifi reaches for Marinette’s hand this time, with her phone in hand, and the way her other hand tilts Marinette’s chin up just so

imagine Marinette’s free hand going back to cup Wifi’s cheek as well as guide her face down to her own

imagine the sweet and warm and loving kiss that ensues, its softness pulling a sigh from Wifi’s lips

imagine that, when the room is clear, where they kiss begins to shimmer

imagine a bright light washing over Wifi and her phone’s charm

imagine Alya standing where Wifi stood and the dazzlingly white butterfly fluttering out of the charm

imagine Alya breaking the kiss to look at Mari, because this time she remembers and she can make a guess at what happened, considering LB is the only one that can cure akumas

imagine her hand reaching to confirm her suspicions, brushing Marinette’s hair aside to see her earrings.

imagine the awe on her face, and the simple modesty on Marinette’s

imagine Alya’s soft ‘thank you’ that makes Marinette beam at her in a way that even stars are put to shame

imagine Alya moving to kiss her best friend again and Marinette excitingly (and lovingly!!) returning it

imagine them standing there, so incredibly content just being able to be by each other’s side

Albus Severus Potter

Sirius: *jumping up and down* Is it a boy? Is it a boy?

James: Pads, it just came out of the red head mate. Literally a second ago. It’s a potato at this stage.

Lily: *screaming* IT’S A BOY!

Sirius: OOOOOH wee little Remus is born.

Remus: *rolls his eyes* You don’t know that Sirius.

James: No he will want to have the whole package, he’s Remus. 

Lily: I hope it’s Remus, he’ll be a well-behaved, smart kid then. James Sirius is a nightmare, he’s like you two combined, I didn’t think that was possible to be honest, I thought if your personalities encountered it would explode but here we are.

*James and Sirius high-five*

Remus: I’m very honoured that you guys think he would name him after me but you forget there’s already a Remus in Harry’s family: Teddy.

Sirius: Fuck that. He doesn’t use it, this one would. 

James: He’s right, it’s gonna be awesome. If we get a Lily next time we’ll have everyone.

Lily: Everyone except Marlene, Mary–

Sirius: *smiling* Marlene would rather shoot herself in the head before she lets anyone name their kid after her.

James: Besides Harry didn’t know them, love.

Lily: Yeah you are right, I wish he did.

*Harry names the kid Albus Snivellus Severus Potter*

Sirius: Is this a fucking joke to you Harry? Is it?

James: Lils? Tell me he didn’t name my bloody grandson after my arch enemy. Tell me he is fucking with us.

Lily: Oh no I’m pretty sure he did.

Remus: Told you guys it wasn’t going to be Remus.

Sirius: *face-palming* You did but I thought that it was one of your “I’m not good enough for this” shit. 

Remus: No, I am good enough for this shit, I just knew he wouldn’t name him after me.

James: How did this happen?

Sirius: At least one of them could have been sensible you know. I will call him Snivellus Jr.

Lily: *points a finger at Sirius* No you won’t.

Remus: Don’t talk about sensible names. Your name is Sirius Orion. You as a whole, including your name, are not sensible.

Sirius: Your name is Werewolf McWerewolf, so shut the fuck up.

Lily: What’s up with wizards and weird names any ways?

James: It’s meant to show that we are different than Muggles, that we are somehow superior because we are, for example, named after constellations. *Sirius stares, James grins* It’s just an example Pads. Anyways my parents didn’t like that idea so my name is very sensible.

Sirius: *Lily stares at Sirius* Mommy dearest was an interesting person, don’t ask. Can we go back to the fact that Harry named his son ALBUS SEVERUS?

Remus: There’s not much you can do about it.

James: I find comfort in the fact that he’ll use Albus.

Sirius: I’m afraid if the next one is a girl, he’ll call him Narcissa or something.

Lily: Don’t be so dramatic about this.

Remus: You sometimes forget that you are talking to Sirius.

Lily: Oh, my bad.

James: So, how long will they wait before the next one?

Lily: JAMES!

James: What? They are not getting any younger. I mean they can have 7 children and form their own Quidditch team and–

Lily: No.

James: I trust red head on this.

You can read James Sirius Potter here.


books I’ve read in 2017: rebel of the sands by alwyn hamilton

“Being born doesn’t make a single soul important. But you were important when I met you, that girl who dressed as a boy, who taught herself to shoot true, who dreamed and saved and wanted so badly. That girl was someone who had made herself matter. She was someone I liked. What the hell has happened since you came here that she is so worthless to you? What’s happened that only my brother’s approval and some power you never needed before can make you important? That’s why I didn’t want to bring you into this revolution, Amani. Because I didn’t want to watch the Blue-Eyed Bandit get unmade by a prince without a kingdom.” 


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.01 | Atomic Canary


I’ve been slowly rewatching Supergirl s1, and the most recent episode was ‘Manhunter’  now I really want a fic where Kara and Lucy weren’t able to save Alex.

For, whatever reason, Alex and J’onn were being transported separately.  Maybe it’s protocol to keep alien and human prisoners apart, maybe they wanted a stronger transport for J’onn.  Whatever.

Either way, when Kara and Lucy stop the transport, only J’onn is inside, and they have no idea where Alex is.

Well, they know she’s at Cadmus, but they now have no way to rescue her.

When J’onn goes on the run as a fugitive, it’s to find Alex, not Jeremiah.

Only, if he had succeed he would have found both, because as soon as Jeremiah learnt that Alex was being brought to Cadmus, he made sure she was working with him.

Maybe Jeremiah lies to Alex at first, letting her believe that he is still truly a prisoner, being forced to work.  Maybe he’s upfront and tells her that the work is for good and everything.

It doesn’t really matter which, because Alex refuses to work for Cadmus either way.

Until Jeremiah is convinced that Alex may need to be ‘persuaded’.

And Alex is brainwashed.

Alex is programmed to be a sleeper agent and sent back to the DEO.

Jeremiah pushes her - passed out, beat up, and emaciated - into Kara’s arms when he lets her and Mon-El go.

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Barry Loukaitis

‘It’s like I pictured myself doing it or something I never really pictured myself doing anything else.’

Date: February 2, 1996

Age: 14

School: Frontier Junior High School. Moses Lake, WA

Killed: 3

Wounded: 1

Outcome: Held class hostage. Overpowered. In prison.

Mrs Loukaitis confided too much in her son. her marriage had fallen apart, and her husband became involved with another woman. Mrs Loukaitis planned to get revenge against her husband and his girlfriend; she wanted to tie them up, tell them how much they’d hurt her, show them that she had a gun, frighten them into thinking she was going to kill them, and then shoot herself. She said, ‘If he didn’t remember my life, I was going to make him remember my death.’ She shared this plan with her son, on the last weekend of January, told him that she was going to kill herself on February 14 because she knew she could catch her husband with his girlfriend. On February 2, just a few days after she told Loukaitis her plan, he committed his school shooting.

Through his elementary school years he was reportedly outgoing and popular. He served on student council in sixth grade, and numerous friends visited his house. In seventh grade he became more withdrawn. His mother said he had a bad temper and would hit walls in anger.

During middle school Loukaitis was arrogant and intimidating. When he crossed paths with his peers, he would ‘curse them, tell them to shut up or order them out of his way.’ He loved the random violence in the movie Natural Born Killers and liked to quote from it. He talked about his desire to kill someone before he died. He was drawn to the idea of murder, saying ‘It would be cool to kill people…to try and get away with it.’

He also felt superior to his peers and viewed murder as a way of eliminating inferior people. He told a female classmate, ‘Some people don’t deserve to live; some people should just die or be killed.’

On February 2, Loukaitis entered his algebra class and shot Manuel Vela, Mrs Caires and two other students. Having shot 4 people, Loukaitis held the class hostage. During this time Loukaitis was said to be at ease. When the police arrived and wanted to negotiate with him, he reportedly was not afraid but annoyed. Loukaitis was apprehended when a teacher ripped the gun from his hands. Once in custody, a detective commented on how unruffled Loukaitis was: ‘He was acting shockingly calm…I expected to see a look of remorse.’ An officer commented that when he read Loukaitis his rights, ‘He looked up at me and cracked a smile and said ‘I know my rights, man.’ After giving his confession, he curled up in his cell and had a nap. Later that day, Loukaitis’s father described him as ‘Vicious. No emotion. Not crying.’

Adapted from ‘School Shooters’ by Peter Langman

I understand Dre wanting Demika out if she wants to stand a chance at winning the game. What I don’t understand is why she is wanting to do it so early, like they will always be a bigger target then her as well as, they are two people who have her back 100% of the time!!!

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drabble; let me tell you bout my best friend

for @leiascully’s fic challenge “rest”

drabble; pg-13; msr origins (i.e. friendship); FLUFF; set season two, pre-abduction; Scully stays up a little too late solving a case with Mulder.


Even the solitary light from the fish tank feels a little risky, though his apartment passed so many of the gunmen’s bug sweeps he’s now pretty sure they just wanted to hang out. With a crappy pair of birdwatching binoculars anybody could look in and find them there. Sitting right next to the tank her face is cast in blue and shadows over and looks a little psychedelic. Watching her mouth move around hypersyllabic words like ileus and meconium is a lot like a day trip he took at Oxford. But at this time of night the world itself is also hazy and unreal; this is his time, his realm, the only part of day that brings him a little peace. Normally he spends this time alone. He finds her presence isn’t such a nuisance.

And it’s not as if anyone in the Bureau actually cares anymore. They have been declared Impotent and A Sad Sad Joke. How many times has he showed up in her lecture hall unkempt and uncaring, sporting his hair wild on purpose and miserable eyes, less purposeful but nevertheless useful? He likes upsetting her students, who have all heard plenty of stories about good old Spooky, respectable Dr. Scully’s maniac ex-partner. She would slice and dice and maim the dearly departed and try not to laugh as he hissed at anyone who stopped paying attention and dared looking his way.

When the shitstorm settles he consults her on cases and neglects Agent Krycek like a Christmas puppy. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with Agent Krycek; he’s a shoo in for S.A.C. of some bullshit unit that receives way more funding than the files ever did, what with his penchant for every-inch-of-both-cheeks ass kissing and the size of his biceps. Mulder will only get in his way. He figures he’s saving the kid some pain.

Anyway, Agent Krycek can’t look at macramed intestines and tell him if they appear to be the intricate work of a voodoo priestess. Scully can’t tell him that either, would die before saying such a thing, but it’s way more fun to try and make her.

They’ve been at it for three hours and Mulder is getting to the best part, using polaroids instead of his slides to illustrate – something about colorectal balloon animals in the 1970s – when he turns to find Scully gently tipping forward and nodding her head. Her eyes flutter shut and she slumps over.

He quickly catches her by grabbing her shoulder with one hand and using the other to cup her cheek. “Scully? Hey.” He taps her face twice. “Scully, are you okay?”

Her eyes snap open and she scrambles back into the couch, her wide eyed stare flitting around the room like a sightless moth. When she comes back to herself, she shoots him an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry Mulder,” she says, rubbing at a sore spot on her neck. She winces. “I must have fallen asleep.”

He stares at her oddly. Scully falls asleep anywhere anytime at the drop of a hat or her blood sugar, but she has never, ever done it mid-conversation. Not even that time he talked at her for a straight hour on his own by himself without noticing that she had started taking notes to formulate her responses.

His eyes fall on the clock and it hits him: its’s one o'clock in the goddamn morning. Scully has a new life now, classes to teach and dead bodies to harass and other, lesser units to appease, and she’s spending time with him like nothing has changed. When did he approach her with this case? He can’t remember, only because he hadn’t bothered keeping track. Before lunch, definitely, and they’d been together the entire time after. Scully is effectively splitting herself in two, her life with him and her life without him, and in this realm at this hour she is still his partner and the idea of her at Quantico is an empty threat when he sticks her with all the filing.

“You need to go to bed,” he gently chides, scooping up his polaroids and newspaper clippings and their mugs gone cold on the coffee table.

“Mmm, I think you’re right,” she says around a yawn, stretching and popping her limbs one by one. The sound makes him cringe. “I don’t know if my bed has ever sounded so appealing.”

He’s too caught in his own head to respond with an inappropriate zinger. He places the mugs in his sink, drops the photos back in their file.

“Take the couch,” he says distractedly, tugging on a doorknob. With much effort he’s able to strong arm his way through the tremendous clutter and cardboard-box war zone that is his bedroom without alerting her to how pathetic he is. He nearly breaks his neck slipping on a stack of vintage porno mags, but there in the middle of a decrepit bed frame rests exactly what he’s looking for: a sleeping bag and a stack of extra pillows .

With trademark focus he ignores her protestations and sets up his station, throwing down pillows that will support the weak spots in his spine and unrolling the bag like a good little camper.

“Mulder, seriously. There’s no need for this.” But she’s slurring and her body is so heavy she can’t stay upright. “ I can drive home just fine. Let me make myself some coffee. You’re being ridiculous. This is where you sleep.”

“Just go to bed, Scully,” he tells her. He repeats it when she says no. Time for bed Scully. Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up early. And she eventually does fall asleep, succumbs to the mental exhaustion of arguing with him.

In a fashion that creeps him out a little he stares at her well into deep sleep, propped against the doorway between the kitchen and the living room. He feels tired just looking at her, the yearning to lie down calling to him a little more urgently than he’s used to.

Before he crawls into his bag he stands before her, looking into her slack and open face. It’s crazy and weird and definitely spooky. But this is driving him nuts. He leans down and slowly brushes an errant lock of hair out of her eye. Okay. Good.

Crawling into his bag he understands what’s bogging him down. Dana Scully is not living her double life as his partner, but as his friend. And somewhere along the line he became hers, too.

Spencer’s Twin as AD

I’m adding in some clues from 7X18 and 7x15 rather than making a new post.

So Spencer has a scene with Toby at the Radley and he invites her to his Cabin and she looks kind of uncomfortable, doesn’t respond and changes the subject.

20 seconds later she’s round at his doing him. Fucking Twincer!


The scene at the cabin is so weird. She goes there specifically to have sex with him, even though before she didn’t even seem keen on going over at all. She initiated the entire thing. She couldn’t go through with having sex with Marco in the lift but she can bang Toby two minutes after his wife died? She could have just changed her mind, but she seemed to care about Yvonne’s death and was upset about Aria, her parents divorce and Tanner had listed evidence she has against all of them. The ‘whatever’ attitude came out of nowhere. Her mannerisms reminded me of airport Spencer. 

Now I’ve seen a lot of people on Reddit saying that it can’t be Twincer because she has the same scar as Spencer. No way did Twincer shoot herself in the same place, that’s just next level insanity. But we know AD is nuts, they dug up Archers body, chopped a finger off and then put the corpse in Aria’s car. 

So, if I knew I had to pretend to be Spencer, I would totally injure myself in the same place she was shot. If someone were to somehow see my chest and there was no wound, boom my cover is blown and it’s all over. The scar would be a straight line where the stitches were rather than a bullet shaped hole, which is totally doable. I’d just cut myself and stitch it up. Is that more crazy than anything else AD has done? Nah. Then when I went to go and see Toby with the intention of sleeping with him, my scar would be there and he would never suspect it wasn’t really Spencer. 

I know people are probably wondering why Twincer would impregnate Ali with Emily’s ayygs. I don’t think she did, I think AD could be two people. Right now I feel like it could be Twincer and Ezra. I’m not 100% sold on Spencer’s twin but there are definitely clues there. I also suspect Ezra, Toby and Alison. I also suspect Melissa and Jason but they haven’t been in the show in ages and it’s meant to have good re watchability, which I don’t think it does if it’s Melissa or Jason. 

Side note…I’m really suspicious of why Spencer would shout ‘NO’ before she gets shot. Who the hell is she talking to if Jenna didn’t shoot her? She never mentioned seeing someone else. Spencer has been shot and has almost crawled to the back of the room before Jenna even enters. The timings just seem off, it’s weird. 

The airport scene with Wren! This happens in 7x15 which Troian directed. So she’s either fucking with us or she has a twin. Spencer spent the entire episode walking to and from that wine bottle and fiddling about with notes. Because of that, we saw 6 million close up shots of her shoes and her watch. In the airport her shoes look different and her watch is gone. Her white coat has also vanished.

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Now people say she could have got changed…why? 

Marco: I’m about to get the receipt which proves you paid for our drinks with Archer’s card after telling me you buried a body.

Spencer: Fuck…I better change my outfit

Me: Naaaaaah 

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I’ve also seen people say she just took her watch off to go through airport security. You know what I do after I take my watch off and go through security? I put it back on. It’s so weird that she asks Ezra not to tell anyone she was there. 

Also, in 7x17 neither Spencer or Mary mentioned the notes. I think it’s possible that either Marco left them in order to get a sample of Spencer’s handwriting to match the Radley receipt (unlikely after what Hanna and Caleb did and the fact that Marco appears to have vanished from the show) or, Spencer’s twin put them there to lure her to The Lost Woods while she was at the airport with Wren. Plus in 7x15 the last note Spencer got said ‘You brought the police. I understand. Goodbye.’ Why be so dramatic and say ‘goodbye’ if she’s just gunna turn up two episodes later lurking about in Spencer’s car? Anyway…

Her shoes look different to me. All throughout the episode she’s wearing black boots with a brown rim and a light brown heel. We see them so many times and I feel like Troian included so many shots of them on purpose. When she enters The Lost Woods she walks through a stream of light on the floor and we see her shoes. She also shines a torch on her watch. In the next scene the watch is gone and the shoes are different. They look like black boots with a black wedge heel and a brown rim to me in the airport scene to me.

The picture on the left looks like it shows the front of her left foot and the back of her right. There’s no break in the brown rim which there would be if they were the shoes the the light heel, which is why I think it’s a black wedge.

I’ve seen screen shots of her nail polish and I know it’s the same, but is it more likely that they overlooked the shoes, the coat, the bag and the watch in terms of continuity, rather than the nail polish? I mean yeah maybe she just got changed, or maybe she’s a twin. 

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Marlene said she knew Mona was going to be original A and she knew the Uber A’s story before she knew that there would be a ‘Little A’ (Charlotte, no idea why she’s not calling her Big A anymore) in between. If Marlene thought the show was going to end in season 5 (before they got renewed up to season 7) then there must be clues from season 3 onwards for Uber A, because surely that’s who she planned on ending the series with. Then she decided to do the Charlotte reveal to fill time up until season 7. 

If they do give Spencer a twin, these are all the times I think they could say she’s appeared. They could make Spencer’s twin fit as far back as ‘the first secret’ and claim she was around in season 1 and 2. 

Someone was watching the girls from inside that creepy house in ‘The First Secret’. It could easily be the same person that was watching the girls through Spencer’s window, the same person who attacked Alison in the house and the person who took the mask off at the end of the episode. 

People think it’s Lucas but we saw him take his mask off after he called Alison a bitch so what would be the point of mysteriously hiding his face a scene or two later when we had just seen him? Other people think it’s Mona but I think it’s Uber A.

This is also the same episode that we see Spencer dressed as ‘Mary’ Queen of Scott’s. This was episode 2x13 so they could have been setting up for the next story after the Mona reveal. I don’t think I believe she had Mary planned at this point though. I think she might have called her Mary because Spencer dressed as Mary Queen of Scotts. 

I also think they could make Spencer’s twin the one in the house in season 5 in the winter ball episode. They might have intended it to be Ali or Charlotte but don’t think Alison would hurt Hanna and Charlotte had loads of silver make up around her eyes. I know this person has blue eyes but we’ve seen masks and contacts in season 7. Maybe they’ll just let us think it was Charlotte though, who knows.

Notice the mask on the left is similar to the mask we saw at the masquerade ball in season 2. They could totally make this Spencer’s twin. Maybe they don’t have blonde hair because it’s meant to be Alison or Charlotte, maybe it’s so they look less like Spencer.

I also think they might make the creepy girl in the zoo in season 4 Spencer’s twin. She’s wearing jeans and a dark top and a khaki jacket and so is Spencer. Spencer puts a blonde wig on and they basically end up facing each other through the glass…like a mirror. 

I also don’t believe for one second that Sara Harvey is black widow. I have no idea why Sara would be sending Bethany Young’s parents flowers or why Charlotte would ask her to send them on her behalf when she hated Bethany. The card that the note is written on has birds on it…Wrens…who is connected to Wren…Spencer. Wren left Melissa when Charlotte told him that Melissa pushed Bethany into the grave…what if he knew her? 

Marlene said Sara Harvey pulled the girls out of the lodge fire but I don’t buy it, even Troian doesn’t buy it. I think Sara being revealed as black widow and red coat is actually a clue that black widow are the same person…just not Sara. I think Spencer’s twin pulled them out because she didn’t start the fire…it was never her plan to have them all die in the lodge fire. 

I think this could be a twin reference because we’ve since found out Jessica has a twin. Maybe the other black widow that we have seen in the show also has a twin…Spencer.

I’ve said it before that I don’t believe this is Charlotte and I’ll say it until I see a flashback of Charlotte taking off the mask. I don’t know why she would cross dress after transitioning and I don’t know why Spencer would feel a connection with this person when she never felt a connection with Cece when she met her. As far as we know Spencer never met Charles when they were kids.

Look how similar these shots are. I think that could turn out to be Mary standing behind Spencer. Even if it is Jessica, we now know that Jessica has a twin so it could be a clue that the person standing behind Spencer is also a twin…hers. 

I think the person in the black hoodie watching the ‘soul room’ burn down is probably Charlotte. I don’t think we have ever seen ‘Uber A’ in a black hoodie. I think we’ve seen the people working for them or being manipulated into working for them in black hoodies. 

We still have no explanation as to why Spencer was covered in blood and made to believe she killed someone in the dollhouse. Unless it’s meant to relate back to that night and those flashbacks she had of hitting Ali with the shovel and getting blood splattered all over her. There’s also an ‘S’ that hangs in Spencer’s room which has been changed to an ‘A’. There’s also an argyle jumper on the bed/chair and Spencer was wearing argyle ‘that night’. Is this a clue that something else went down that night?

I guess Charlotte could have sent this to try and make Spencer think she killed Ali…but why cut the face out? At this point Charlotte knows Ali is alive, but the girls don’t, so why not just show Alison’s face? The only other person who has no face is Bethany… if Spencer’s twin sent it and its meant to be the twin or Bethany, it would make sense to cut the face out. 

Spencer’s twin and Bethany being the same person would be good but it throws up some plot holes. Bethany’s age, Bethany dressing as Alison and wearing the bracelet if she’s Spencer’s twin, Charlotte would know Spencer had a twin and so would everyone at Radley and Spencer was admitted there, and Leslie stone was apparently Bethany’s roommate and has seen Spencer in court. Marlene said there’s a question everyone will be asking when AD is revealed and I thought it could be ‘who is in the grave?’ hmmmmm.

I know the show liked to use body doubles but it’s interesting that they’ve used the same body double to play all of these characters. Her body type would also fit Charles in the dollhouse and she has a conveniently similar body type to Spencer. 

Mona tells the girls that the Queen of Hearts was ‘your sister’ and we think she means Melissa but the video cuts out before we get to see it’s her. There’s really no point in this happening if Melissa is later going to admit to Spencer that she was the Queen of Hearts and was there with Wilden. I think there was a third one on the train and that’s who attacked Spencer. Melissa has never been physically violent towards Spencer and no way can Paige take down Wilden. In the video Mona shows the girls, Wilden awkwardly holds the back of his hand up towards the camera and it just looks really unnatural…I think it’s so we see that he has no missing nails. 

We know Garret talks about medical records lying and I thought it was about Melissa’s baby or something, but what if he knows about the twin and that’s why the Queen of Hearts killed him on the halloween train? I still have no idea why the twin or Wilden or Melissa would drug Aria though. Notice the double image of Spencer…

This is the file they find in the lair. It say’s ‘procedure normal. No complications due to prior birth.’ This makes no sense because Mary had a C section with Charles which would have to relevance to a non C section birth having no complications. It would make sense if she had just given birth to one baby and then a second, and this page was talking about the second birth. 

‘Vitals normal. Both stable.’ We thought ‘both’ meant mother and baby but maybe it means both babies. 

The song playing in the background during this scene says ‘hey little sister’…which could be to do with Charlotte and Spencer but remember at this point Charlotte didn’t know Mary was her mother and she didn’t know that Veronica wasn’t Spencer’s mum and neither did we, so this song might not apply to Charlotte. However if Spencer was born before her twin and Uber A is Spencer’s twin then it works. 

This is the clip where Veronica makes the evil twin reference. 


Spencer’s top in that episode looks very similar to the top in that she’s wearing when Dr. Cochran is talking about the births.

This post I put on Reddit explains why I think this conversation could prove Spencer has a twin.


This is a weird scene from the end of 7x08 which could be her twin because she wears the same top in her scene with Toby and we don’t often see the girls wear the same clothes on this show for no reason. The photo’s in the baby album are actually Troian but they’re repeated. It’s more work for the props department to duplicate the images and crop them and print them…I’m sure Troian has more baby photos that she could have brought to set. I think its a twin clue. 


In Spencer’s creepy dream there are 3 baths…maybe one for Charlotte, one for Spencer and one for her twin and the girl dancing is Mary. There’s a couple of sound effects when she’s lay down on top on the bath making weird motions over her stomach. Two screams/moans one right after the other which could indicate giving birth to twins, and then there’s a third when she sits in the chair. 

This jumper is also similar to the jumper she wore that night…did her twin bash Bethany’s head in? Did Spencer? Is Bethany alive or dead? Did Charlotte really hit Alison? ughhhhhh. 

They basically remade the pilot episode in 3x01…is it a clue that there are two versions of events? Two Spencer’s?

Maybe the freckles is just a coincidence or maybe the twins in the story are spencer and her twin. Maybe they’re Mary and Jessica… maybe it was when they decided on a whim that Ali would have a twin and then changed their minds…who the fuck knows. Maybe I am one of the twins. 

Spencer is dressed just like the woman in the poster which is the only one of the girls outfits we see repeated that night. We do see a set of twins in the red coats….

We see A in the house with a knife and then see Spencer holding a knife shaped shard of glass literally standing in front of a mirror in the same frame as the twin poster.

Notice the placement of the text…

They’ve changed the name ‘Kaylie’ to ‘KylA’…I have no idea why because they wouldn’t have filmed these scene over two days and taken the prop down and messed around with it and stuff. Someone must have changed it half way through filming the scene and I have no idea why unless it’s a clue…two versions of the same thing. Spencer’s also wearing a wig which is apparently because Troian’s hair was getting damaged but I don’t know…it’s weird. Maybe it was so we get used to seeing her in a wig. Or maybe the crew are just useless and Troian’s hair was damaged. 

People have said that the clips in the opening sequence are meant to be each of the girls. I assume the blonde hair was meant to be Alison’s but I can’t tell who the eyes, lips and nails belong to…but that’s clearly Spencer’s top. Is it a clue there’s another Spencer disguised as a blonde? 

The necklaces are different. Now this mostly likely is just crap continuity since the scenes were filmed seasons apart…or it could be a clue. Did Spencer see her twin hit Alison or Bethany and get confused because she was drugged up? Did she imagine herself in her twins position because that’s the only way she could make sense of what she saw? Will we find out that Spencer really did hit Alison or Bethany, and Charlotte or Mona are lying and the twin saw her do it? Did the twin know Bethany? I like how the second necklace is the same shape as the layout of the gazebo. hmmmm.

Remember this is happening in Spencer’s mind so it’s not Aria seemingly thinking about that night…it’s Spencer. 

Spencer does a lot after the time jump that makes no sense to me. I don’t know what to make of a lot of it, these are just some things I find odd. It makes no sense to have the twin swapping in and out with Spencer, especially in scenes with multiple people, because Spencer has no missing memories. I don’t believe that they’ve swapped places altogether because she does loads of things that seem just like her character, and she talks about the past. 

It was weird when she convinced everyone to bury Rollins because it wasn’t first degree murder at all and Spencer would know that. 

Spencer tells Fury she was burying a body…which I think will come back to bite her. She then gets so drunk that she can’t carry out her part of the plan. When Emily is trying to get her to sober up, she tells her that she took horse riding lessons over the 5 years. Why? Spencer is great at horse riding…she has ribbons and trophies and books and everything…why the hell would she take lessons? 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R48aQ2XhO-w 3:18

This scene is really weird


‘How do you know Hanna’s still alive?’ That makes no sense. If she was texting AD it would say how do we know Hanna is still alive? She also acts like she’s been texting her parents.

She then says ‘it’s just like Ali said, all of us working together knew what happened to her.’ No you didn’t!!! Non of you had any idea Charlotte hit her and Jessica buried her or about the reason why….what are you talking about?!? Why would Spencer say either of these things? 

I can’t find a clip but in 6x16 when Aria and Spencer find the filing cabinet hiding the hole in the wall leading out of The Radley, Spencer sees it and says ‘let’s go back the way we came.’ Since when would Spencer see a creepy hidden filing cabinet and not want to search it for clues? Weird. 

Spencer seeing this video and then not wanting to watch any of the other videos is madness. Where is detective Spence at? 

We have this obvious one which has been discussed to death so I’ll keep it short. Where’s your fringe Spencer? Why does Hanna hear her say AD when nobody heard that term until after Hanna was taken? This scene reminds me of when Marlene was like ‘we literally gave A right to you!’

Marlene also said that in season 3 she really did want Spencer to be on the A team but the network didn’t go for it. Well now they’ve changed network and Spencer might not make sense anymore but her twin totally could.

‘thank you for letting me channel my inner black widow vibes’

The words around her face say ‘the to (two) liars’. The shape of the black triangles around her face totally look like a hoodie. She’s the only one with both her eyes showing clearly and the only one with her mouth covered. I know there are other versions of this poster but this is the first one they released. 


Troian said that she and Keegan have known who Uber A is since season 5. Keegan posted this photo and said there’s a clue…I see no clue relating to Charlotte in this image. I do see half of Spencer though…like she has a missing half…a twin. 

Troian said that we get answers and our frustrations will end. Ashley said she didn’t even know it was possible. Tyler said he was stoked and that we’ve never met AD before…well we kind of have, it will make sense when we see it. Lucy is happy and said AD is closer than we think. I’m calling bullshit on AD avenging Charlotte’s death and bullshit on them only running things from 6B. Everything the cast and crew have been saying lately points to someone being involved all along. I’m calling bullshit on Charlotte’s story. Does anyone want to see a motive post?

I think if Spencer does have a twin she then Mary raised her and she ended up nuts. Maybe she spent time in Radley when she was young…I’m not sure. The show loves to reference France and we know Troian speaks French. We know Mary travelled a lot. The show references England too. We saw Spencer and Mary drink tea, Spencer had a tea and cake display in her kitchen when she got out of Radley, there was tea time in the dollhouse, AD is meant to have Jenna and she was drinking out of a teacup at the end of 7x11. Spencer literally went to England. A used the English spelling of ‘nosey’ and I think there was another word too but I can’t remember. There were english flags in the pub when Spencer saw ezra having his pie and beer. I think Spencer’s twin probably travelled around a lot with Mary, maybe she went to an international school.


Remember when she was doing research on Ezra and ‘Sail’ played in the background? Blame it on my ADD…AD…DD…drake drake…T.W.I.N.S.

Remember the necklaces on these dolls? They’re the same (or at least very similar) as the necklaces that Spencer gives to the girls in 6B. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwHndu7vtto 1:10 

Maybe her and her twin have similar tastes. The crew couldn’t hang on to Cece’s dress for 3 seasons but they kept these necklaces for 4 seasons? Maybe Uber A gave these dolls to Mona. 

Spencerietta will rise. 

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“I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.”

- 16-year-old Brenda Spencer’s answer as to why she shot up an elementary school in 1979.

Spencer, who is one of only three female school shooters, used a .22 calibre semi-automatic rifle to shoot 11 people. Eight children and a police officer were severely injured, while the principal and a custodian were killed. After the shooting, she locked herself in her house and telephoned a journalist whom interviewed her over the phone. He then passed the call onto police negotiators, who she told “I’ll come out shooting!” After a few hours, Spencer ended up surrendering. 

Tried as an adult, Spencer pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and assault with a deadly weapon. She remains incarcerated.

Draco x Reader

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You’re walking down the hallway with your textbooks cradled to your chest and your gaze on the tiles beneath your feet. A nasally laugh causes the breath to freeze in your lungs. Before you can even look at the owner of the sound, your textbooks are slapped from your arms and strewn across the ground. Your anxious eyes meet the cold ones that belong to Pansy Parkinson. She has two girls flanking her. All three have the same haughty expression worn on their faces. 

You swallow nervously as you pick up your textbooks. One of Pansy’s sidekicks sweeps her foot out and launches it across the hallway. You shakily step over to the far wall and bend down to retrieve it. The other sidekick is desperate to prove herself as she steps over to you and pushes you over in your half-bent state. You fall to the ground and the books that you’ve already retrieved fall to the floor once again. Pansy cackles and begins to walk away. Her sidekicks take the que and follow her with hollow laughs echoing throughout the corridor.
You had never done anything to those girls yet they are cruel to you often. You don’t understand where their motivation comes from, but the source is limitless. Their humiliation has varied from casual shoves and glares to calling you detestable names in front of large crowds. Once they had even stuck gum in your hair resulting in you having to cut a large portion of hair from your head. You cannot fathom a reason that these girls think it okay to be this merciless to another human being. You’re getting sick of their mental torture. Soon, they’re going to have a rude awakening.

You walk into the Great Hall alone the next morning. As your face is seen, most of the Great Hall erupts into laughter and begin to snicker to one another. A flame spreads across your cheeks. You have no idea what’s going on, but it’s obviously directed at you. 

You sit down at your table quickly. Your eyes dart around the students surrounding you. Most students are behind newspapers, which is odd. These kids don’t read the newspaper. You look at the next table over and catch sight of what has enamored everyone’s attention. 

Printed largely inside of the newspaper, as if it is a poster, is a picture of you posing provocatively. The worst part is that the only thing you were wearing is the seductive smirk on your lips. You know that this picture is not real, but the rest of Hogwarts does not. 

You choke on your own saliva as you twist to see everyone with these pictures and have their gazes turned on you.

Why doesn’t the Earth swallow you whole when you want it to? You think as you sprint from the room.

Hearty laughter echoes after your retreat. You run throughout Hogwarts with tear-filled vision. You turn into Moaning Myrtle’s laboratories.

“Hello Y/N,” she calls miserably. 

Your reply is choked sobbing. She looks at you sympathetically.

“Are those wretched girls giving you a hard time again?”

You nod your head yes as you wipe your tears on your robe sleeves. She sighs mournfully.

“I understand what you’re going through. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t stand up to my bullies before I died. But now I have eternity to regret that.” 

She sighs again before shooting herself into an open toilet. You stare at your tear-stained face in the mirror as contemplate what Myrtle had said. You jump when someone begins to knock on the bathroom door. You panic, thinking it was Pansy or the other girls trying to deepen the wound, but slightly calm down a bit when a male voice is heard.

“Y/N, are you in there?”

You stay quiet, hoping that he’ll go away, whoever he is. A sigh is heard.

“Okay, let’s try this again. Y/N, I know that you’re in there. Do you mind if I come in?” 

“Go away! I have diarrhea!”

You step over to a toilet and flush it to emphasize your statement. 

“Y/N, I’m not daft. I’m coming in.”

You pull your wand from your pocket as a guy steps through the door. Your mouth falls open slightly as you realize that it’s the notorious Draco Malfoy. He raises an eyebrow at you.

“You’ll raise your wand to the guy seeing if you’re okay, but not to the girls that spread your pornographic pictures across Hogwarts?”

You blush and lower your wand although you keep it in your hand just in case.
“I’m fine. You can leave now.”

“I’ve seen the picture. I know you’re fine. I just wanted to know whether you wanted any help.”

You flush at the brash compliment.

“Help with what?”

“With growing a spine when it comes to Parkinson. I don’t know what you did to antagonize her-“

“I didn’t antagonize her! Me being alive antagonized her!”

He pauses.

“Oh, it’s that situation. I see.”

You raise an eyebrow.

“‘That situation?’” you repeat.

“Yes.” He begins to pace as he speaks. “She sees you as weak, as inferior. That obviously isn’t true, but that’s her thoughts. She’s toying with you. She messes with you to prove to herself that she’s better than you.”

You raise your arms in exasperation.

“And how do I change that?”

He pauses mid-step and turns to you with a smile on his face.

“You prove her wrong.”

For the next few weeks, you two meet often. He coaches you on most Slytherin’s weaknesses and how to prey on them. He shows you how to be ruthless with your words. He also becomes a friend, and very quickly at that considering the circumstances. 

You plop yourself into a bean bag that has been Transfigured from a library book. 

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to do it later.”

He grins from his slouched position on the bean bag next to you. 

“I know. I’ve taught you well.”

“You’ve taught me how to be a ruthless asshole.”

He raises an eyebrow.

“And your point is?”

You laugh at him.

“That’s not a great friendship skill to have.”

“What if friendship isn’t what I’m aiming for?”

“Excuse me?”

His grin reappears although there’s an anxious edge to it. 

“C’mon Y/N, don’t act so surprised. I saw this beautiful boy/girl being abused by this bitch that I’m ‘friends’ with and I go behind her back to train you in the ways of being heartless so that you may conquer your problem. If you haven’t noticed, Slytherins don’t turn on each other unless it’s a damn good reason. You’re a damn good reason.”

You stare at him for a long moment.

“I’m not sure what you want me to say,” you admit.

He laughs and his Adam’s apple bobs nervously as he does so. 

“Well, you have two options. You can reject me or admit that you like me as well.”

A smile creeps onto your face as you lean in slightly and lock eyes with his mercury ones.

“How about this: if I survive this confrontation, I’ll confess my undying love to you. Deal?”

He nods slightly and closes his eyes. You lean in and kiss the tip of his nose. He opens his eyes and smiles.

“Then let’s get this over with, yeah?”

You return the smile and stand up. He stands up as well and follows you into the hallway. As you planned, the corridor is crowded because it is dinner hour. As your heart threatened to pound out of your ribcage, you scan the crowd. Towards the middle, you spot the one you want.

“Yo Parkinson!” you call.

Everyone pauses mid-step and crane their neck to gaze at you. Pansy turns to see who dared yell her name out in such a manner. Her eyes light up and a sinister grin upturn her lips when she spots you. The crowd splits as she stalks towards you.

“L/N, this is a-“

You hold up a hand to interrupt her. Surprisingly, she takes the hint.

“I will keep this message brief because I dislike speaking with you. It feels ridiculous, like conversing with a toad or a common earthworm.” 

She looks at you in disbelief.

“Excuse me? Who do you-“

You hold up your hand again and fix her with a steely glare.

“I would keep quiet if you want to keep your teeth.”

She opens her mouth as if to say something, yet when you raise an eyebrow, it closes. You could hear a quill drop on the floor above because everyone is dead silent to attempt to hear what’s going to be said. You lock eyes with your tormentor for the past several years.

“I want you to listen carefully. Your attitude towards me is unwanted and will no longer be tolerated. That goes for anyone else that you may humiliate because you are under the illusion that you are better than them. Here’s the pin that may pop your ego: you’re not.  Compared to myself and the others, you are a small, insignificant buzzing in our ears. I expect you to stop all your harassment. If I’m not satisfied, I’m going to kick your ass.”

There’s a silence before Pansy breaks it by laughing.

“What, you suddenly grow a backbone and you expect me to bow to your every command?”

You shrug.

“Okay, I tried this the easy way.”

You rear your arm back and punch her square in the face.

“Pansy, there are approximately 1,013,900 words in the English language, yet I could never string any of them together to explain how much I want to hit you in the face with a chair.”

She holds a hand to her nose, pulls it back, and looks at her bloody hand in shock.

“You’re psychotic!”

“No. I’m just done with you toying with me and anyone else. If I catch you being an ass to anyone else, there aren’t enough deities that you can pray to keep yourself safe from me. You understand?”

She nods and begins to shove through the crowd away from you. The witnesses surrounding you begin to clap. You smile at the acknowledgement and do a small bow. You catch Draco’s eye in the crowd to see him grinning and clapping as well. You motion with your head to the library door and he nods in understanding. You push through the people and enter the double doors. Moments later, Draco joins you.

“That was bloody amazing! You did a great job!”

You grin at his praise.

“Thanks, I had a fantastic teacher.”

He smirks.

“Yeah you did.”

You step closer to him.

“And as an amazing teacher, I think you deserve an award.”

He raises an eyebrow.

“And what would that be?”

You eye his plump, pink lips before leaning in and snagging his bottom lip between yours. He gives a small moan as you massage his bottom lip with your tongue. You pull away and lean your forehead against his. 

“Draco, I’d be honored if you became my boyfriend. What do you say?”

He smiles.

“I say hell yes.”

You return the smile before leaning in and connecting your lips once again.