Artist Appreciation Week!!

If you’re on this list that means that I check your blog like every day to see if you posted new art because your art inspires the heck outta me! I follow literally hundreds of art blogs so not everyone’s on here but I love every artist I follow!!

A / allenmartsch audreybenjaminsen / B / beatonna becc-art breanimator bryborg burdge / C / cerigg / D / doggirlsondrugs domirine drew-green / E / empartridge ewylouie / F / fabien-mense flandoms frenearden / G / galoogamelady gindooki gingerhaze gloomysprout guartist / H / hayoubi hyperbali / I / insertdisc5 / J / janearts jbaxteranimator jinx88kc jomadraws / K / keaneart kelgrid kristenwoo / L / lissabt / M / mandromeda mannimarcos meexart miraongchua / Nnatazilla needlesslycryptic notmusa / O / octopuspiecomic odraws orangemavin osatokun oxboxer / P / papercrow pheberoni phobso powersimon projectendo / R / radiomaru rasputins-gold rebeccasugar rockleaf / S / sermna shoomlah snuffysbox suikerpil / T / t0nksx templarsalad the-orator theboyofcheese theminttu threewordphrase toffany towsersfactory / V / valhallahalvorson / W / wildlingfolk witnesstheabsurd / Y / ymirr-art-blog

Vivian Divine Is Dead by Lauren Sabel

Vivian Divine Is Dead by Lauren Sabel

Hardcover, 288 pages Published June 3rd 2014 by Katherine Tegen Books Source: Edelweiss

So. There are some books that would work better as movies; I believe this book is one of them. A summer action flick with a little bit of a girl, a lot of the guns and running, an agonized profile staring off into a Mexican sunset and lots of smooching. Yep, a formulaic blockbuster.

Vivian Divine is Dead di…

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Fixed some splitting at the back corners of the boxes.  That was the last thing before sanding could begin but now I’m thinking there is one more thing that should be taken care of first.  I’m thinking I should repaint the edges of box 4 before I proceed.  I’m also considering giving the inside of the box and lid another coat to cover up a few nicks it sustained during assembly.  However this will postpone sanding and painting the exterior another few days.  Hopefully no other delays will come up.

I didn’t get as much done today as I’d initially planned but I did get curtains hung in my bedroom.

My mom sewed these for me as a birthday present.  Now I can be naked in my room without concern for neighbors.  I love you mom.  Also, thanks Shoomlah.

Since it’s Love your Artist Week

Here’s just some of my favourite artists I follow on tumblr, who inspire me and motivate me through their art to get better everytime, in no particular order. I highly reccomend that you follow them and commission them if you have the chance ovo/ (warning: some of these blogs might be NSFW).

I am so incredibly sorry if I left anyone out. I’ve been working on this since like monday and only finished it today;; but thERE’S JUST SO MANY OF YOU THAT I LOVE and my memory has more holes than Spongebob Squarepants.

ANYWAY-cool artists under the cut!

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Artist appreciation week!

Always nice to tell people I appreciate them, yeah?

Most artists here are people whose style I absolutely love, and also seem really adorable.

froontherun (also a comic artist but she deserves the spotlight), siriusdraws(whose drawings actually got me invested in the DA fandom), databunny, kreugan (her style!! gah!!), emirra, loish, raspbeary, phobso, shoomlah (actual goddess want to be her when I grow up), juliajm15

Also shoutout to these marvelous comic writers/artists

isthatwhatyoumint, sssscomic, witchy-comic (dem colors), aidosaur, tinypaint, batbcomic

argh I followw so many artists! Wish I could put them all here but then it would be too extensive.

Anyway happy artist appreciation week <3

Love Your Atrist Week

Apparently that’s a thing that happenes!
Here are all the swell artists I follow. I love them like hella.

marin-everydaybox | carrececile | phobso | eristhenat | jie-c | fuacka | ellensu | alliebirdseed | leisha-riddel | mariafrohlich | takitakos | justinchan | akirovitch | anitagaughan | charleshuettner | kmyechan | tomprante | andory | ryannotbrian | gbsketch | eytanzana | niuner | temarinde | theoprins | zorinvasili | laurenzurcher | nickroblesart | fabien-mense | gurihiru | pkmike | shzrebelka | andatsea | ctchrysler | shoomlah | atleastoneperday | makanidotdot | loish | artbyantb | manycoloureddeath | vanart | yuki119doodles | danhoward | kgsexysketchyspace | gottachasepigeons | rejected3 | erebun | stereowire | captaincrapster | viella-art | greyannis | xxfdhsk | raeoffrecord | desperish | zacharyiswackary | alicexz | brilcrist | swade-art | beroberos | amiraelizabeth | phindus | cartooncookie | pax-etlux

Love your artist.
Check their blog.
Follow their work.
Pet their head.
Boop their nose.
Put chocolate in mouth.
Cherish your artist.
Take care of your artist.
Love your artist.

Artist appreciation

So I’m just gonna post all the people that I admire in one post. You are so awesome and an inspiration to me to keep drawing and improving!

p-sebae itsmyfreakin siriusdraws len-yan pheberoni phasma-art teakc picchar paticmak willobea shoomlah felitomkinson euclase loish theminttu uzlolzu inky-lion ovopack artemorte al-teya greendelle kr0npr1nz xfreischutz swevenfox

Also a shout out to fatally-procrastinating, your writing is awesome and even though I’m no writer you inspired me to start posting my silly fan comics.

I hope this ping isn’t unwelcome or anything, I just want to say how amazing I think all of you are.

Artist Appreciation Week

Honestly, if there’s anything that I absolutely loved about my artistic journey, it’s all of the artists that I’ve discovered throughout the years. I know a lot of people nowadays don’t appreciate artists and their hard work, but what those people fail to realize is that art is what defines a culture. Be it through pencil, pen, stylus, chisel, or needle, artists have been defining the world we inhabit.

So in honor of Artist Appreciation Week, I would like to mention those artists whose work I deeply admire and respect. Please I implore you to go and check out their work if you haven’t done so already!

rainsong777 infinitelessness jennifero77 orokay the-orator theminttu theboyofcheese domirine janearts gessoyouknow whitemantis loish drubtac kupieckorzenny tt-vision ectocats salvatriss bulletsketchbook nargyle shoomlah isriana fernmir pinchitosmcpupas skelior

Seriously, bravo to these wonderful artists!

happy artist appreciation week!!!

i hope i got everyone, but here goes!!! 

friends & cohorts

emilyandbirds, meghanboehman, mischiefmakingmagpie, proxian, res00vueh

watched & admired

ashleysansoucie, beckycloonanbootsthecutes, cccrystalclearcorvidaydrawnbydanaesuerc, fdasuarez, gg-art, greiisonharteus, itsprecioustime, jaymamonjenzeejunkklc-journeiloish, me5gold, misa0o0picchar, pascalcampion, samanthamashillustration, seventypercentethanol, shoomlahsiriusdraws, thimblings, tir-ri, tobiaskwanvielmond, violentcosmosillustration

and there are certainly many more that i will try to add to this list, but these people are all fantastic and many have influenced the way i think and work as an artist and are very worth checking out!!! 

leylses mentioned you in a post “happy artist appreciation week!!!”

…shoomlah,&nbsp;siriusdraws, thimblings, tir-ri, tobiaskwan,&nbsp; vielmond , violentcosmosillustrationand there are…

pixel–bee mentioned you in a post “Love your artist week”

…therealmcgee, tklivory, the-firefall&nbsp;&nbsp;U: uzlolzu&nbsp;&nbsp;V: vielmond , viivus&nbsp;W: w-e-z, weissidian,…

rainsong777 mentioned you in a post “Artist Appreciation Week ;u;”

…orokay,&nbsp;charlestan, drubtac&nbsp;courtneygodbey, nichelle-yjellybelly, koilantern, vielmond , lulles,&nbsp;infinitelessness, coffeequeen99, mintyburps,…


Aw, thank you! You’re very sweet, I’m surprised and flattered!

apparently it’s love your artist week HERE are some artists I follow… very often I will, while I’m drawing, open two or three of these blogs in my tabs for inspiration, so take a look at their work!!

alearius april-liu becomeartist cachava chechula chiara-benedetti chirart chocodi chuanong coconutmilkyway dommifox dredsina  efusi fenryk frenchfrycoolguy ggariba gg-art geniusbee ghostbri godzillabreath gonimontes haerins  heartbrokengirlsketches  haerins jacobin jessiewongg johnleeillustration jyami kaisinel kakimari​ lalage lexxercise  lowlightermaikeplenzkemintyburps​ milkmanner miraongchuamrockefeller nadiezda​  nargyle nesskain nutmeg-snyder odraws  paexieperplexinglyphilliplight pollyguo pixelp ricardobessa  sairobee​  sashamutch shanenpae shoomlah sketchchump shewinki​ shzrebelka  smrth sproutsketch stevensugar tardigrad​ tonyunser vergani verticalart viivusyumbleszakeno

So I just heard that it’s Love Your Artist Week! So I wanted to spread some love to (some of) my favorite artists on Tumblr! 

abbydraws alicexz annmarcellino artsycrapfromsai asieybarbie bevsi charliebowater collarpoints deerstroyer duss005 gingerhaze hackedmotionsensors hoursago/acetactician iguanamouth ikimaru isaia imamong johannathemad kanapy kevinwada kreugan lackadaisycats  loish lousysharkbutt maariamph makanidotdot minuiko nesskain paperseverywhere philnoto phantomtype popomodoro rollingrabbit  seventypercentethanol shelbycragg shoomlah shorelle starfleetrambo temariart veradune ybee lorna-ka life-writer r-navy gabzilla-z

They’re all really awesome, and if you haven’t heard of them before you should definitely check them out!

shoomlah said: aaaaagh, terrifying! Well, if you ever need to send me a note, I’m here. :)

yay social interaction! <3


I don’t care about facebook or twitter or whatever, it’s nice to not have the notifications popping up constantly. but I definitely was NOT expecting to be unable to check my email for six days… i have some time sensitive threads. So irritating. >_< 


Being able to say you are the hero of your own life, your own story, and so I will take this one thing I’ve always aspired to do and make a costume around it is pretty great. And then it’s just fun to filter that through Victoriana.
—  Claire Hummel, illustrator, Shoomlah

social-teaist asked:


Okay I am terrible at Visual Art (like terrible, I think in visuals/TV show/stage type imagery but I do not remember art or artists but I will do my best!

I really love minuiko‘s art - especially Tamora Pierce stuff. 

I like Claude Monet (or at least I had his pictures on my exercise books in high school so there’s that)

Okay yes this is embarrassing but I do like Van Gogh (I just love the light in this painting)

And because I fail at remembering art things I got stuck at this point. (I am genuinely terrible at arting). Oh no wait I really like JRR Tolkiens illustrations:

 I really love Shoomlah’s historically accurate disney princesses