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Soooo, I went ahead and tried on all my Punk Sailor Moon stuff together before Fanime. I really dig how it came out!! Especially the hair. Yes all that stuff is just glued to my buzzed head (SAFELY WITH SAFE HAIR EXTENSION GLUE)

No so keen on my makeup choice, so if you have any suggestions I’m all ears! Leave a comment or something in my ask box and I’ll give it a try.

This costume is based off of art by shoomlah


Sailor Moon brooch buttons purchased from Cherriesama!


More of my cosplay on this page PiggyNukka Cosplay


Getting ready for my third year at Emerald City Comicon, whew!  Colin and I will be at booth no. 904, so stop buy, say hi, check out the new 2014 art book, whatever!  So excited to meet all y'all. :)

See you in a couple days!


(I will indeed be dressed as Asha Greyjoy on Saturday, so I may be wandering around for a bit with my huge GoT cosplay group, but I’ll still be spending the majority of my time at the booth)

(I am kidding about the “iron price” thing)



I’m sure some of you gamers out there recognize these characters from Bioshock. These are the creations of shoomlah a.k.a. Claire Hummel. I love her art style and how she renders such beautiful yet believable female characters. Disney should have had her working on Anna and Elsa. The detail that she places into the hair and the fabric of her creations’s customs just amazing.

The Fairest Gift

My Mother’s day gift this year! Mom adores Disney’s Snow White, and is also a big fan of medieval anything, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong by blending the two. She also loves heart pendants. :)

All credit for the gorgeous dress design goes to the amazing: Shoomlah! And also: Tsu-Yaa’s brilliant cosplay of the dress. *____*