Okada: Sho is the most kawaii Johnny’s kouhai

S: Which part of me is kawaii? (Read from hint sketchboard)
Okada-san: Say it again.
S: No~!

Okada-san: We co-acted in TV drama, he was like a comrade. His eyes looking at me were really tender.

S: (Okada-san) was senpai and co-cast, from a kouhai perspective he was bit special.

(They hugged)


Sakurai Sho on “Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem” and Arashi live

About Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem ( 君に捧げるエンブレム)

- A person I befriended since primary school started living with wheelchair several years ago. When we go out together, I wonder if his daily life would be easier if the difficulty of living with wheelchair can be communicated [to others].

- Filming the TV drama made me realise concretely again the difficulty of daily life with wheelchair. The steps and slopes in the streets became noticeable. Recently when I go out for dining, I became aware of “this [restaurant] does not accommodate wheelchair access”.

- I also felt that, rather than being pushed, I preferred operating the wheelchair with my own hands. What is difficult and what is not. Depending on how one thinks, [offering help] may not be a kind thing.

- I hope the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics is not just like a festival that there is no subsequent concern / environment enhancement afterwards. The next generation should concern about this too.

- I always keep in mind that there are people who are interested in my performance. People who do not know about life with wheelchair at all may watch this TV drama because I perform it. Even this may not cast a significant influence, this may be an opportunity for them to know more about this issue.

About Arashi

- Live tour is the “only ‘we are what we are’” activity. Though active in variety shows, caster work, and TV drama, works apart from live tour are not my principal work/profession. I have a strong feeling that I am just participating in a work on which many people in their principal profession are gathered to work.

- As one of the functions of Arashi, I hope that we will always be able to do things contributive to the society.

Source: 16.12.10 Asahi Evening News

Aiba Masaki, Kei Nishikori, & Yo Yoshida are 2016’s CM Kings/Queen!

As the end of the year round up continues the Kings and Queens of the CM world have been revealed by Nihon Monitor, Japan’s oldest broadcast monitoring company. Johnny’s group Arashi completely dominated the list this year with every single member appearing in the top 5. Aiba Masaki…

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I got ND raws and the preorder for volume 9 is open, but I promised myself I would use the holidays to rest and read all the books I’ve acquired in the last two years before going into my last term of college Dx
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