SHADOWHUNTERS MEME | 1/1 Family Dynamic
Jace & Isabelle

Her eyes rested for a moment on Clary. “Why not to his sister?” she said. “Family-”
Isabelle is Jace’s sister,” interrupted Clary.


SHADOWHUNTERS MEME | 3/6 Shadowhunters
Lydia Branwell

“Loyalty, decency, compassion, love. These are the concepts we should consider to decide guilt or innocence in a case like this.”

[Caption: Eight gifs of Lydia Branwell, four of them with quotes. (1.) “In this line of work the only thing worth falling in love with is the work itself.” (4.) “I don’t hide behind [the law], Isabelle, I simply follow it.” (5.) “You deserve to be happy.” (8.) “Because the law is hard, but it is the law. But that doesn’t make it right.”]

Sherlock meme:

↳ [4/5] Relationships: Sherlock Holmes / Mrs Hudson

‘She’s the most verbose Mrs Hudson there’s ever been,’ Sue thinks. 'She knows her own mind, she won’t accept bad manners… And Sherlock and John obviously think the world of her. 

When they’re talking about moving her out of 221B in Scandal, Sherlock isn’t having any of it. At all. They protect her fiercely. And she’s a hugely important character to the show now.’