Signs as quality animation drrr!!

Aries: Shinra Kishitani

Taurus: Izaya Orihara

Gemini: Masaomi Kida

Cancer: Vorona

Leo: Aoba Kuronuma

Virgo: Akane Awakusu

Libra: Ruri Hijiribe

Scorpio: Namie Yagiri

Sagittarius: The suspicious cheese

Capricorn: Akabayashi Mizuki

Aquarius: Shizuo Heiwajima

Pisces: Kasuka Heiwajima

anonymous asked:

Imagine Izaya though, making out with Shizuo unnecessarily during photoshoots and filming for dramas and the poor blond can't resist him. And when Izaya has to attend the Red Carpet he flaunts his hot arm candy who dresses him. (imagine all the innuendoes though)

HAHAHA shizuo gets annoyed at izaya’s grand gestures ‘stop moving your head you’re ruining your hair’ and ‘don’t cross your legs your clothes are going to get wrinkly’ unaware that izaya is not the only person everyone’s swooning over