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M!A: Shizuo has his natural brown hair for three days!

     “What’s with this, huh?” Shizuo tugged at the dark strands, confusion and irritation flickering in his eyes as he glanced about, looking for the unseen culprit of his new dilemma. He’d woken up that morning to discover… Dark hair. Hair that did not allow him to stick out from the crowd and thus avoid obnoxious people. He’d tried bleaching it back, but nothing had happened–all he got for it was an itchy scalp, but none of the lightened results.

     Which meant that if he went out on the street, a lot more people would end up bothering him based on their inability to recognize the bodyguard. 

     “Well, shit…”

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which do u think is more fitting, "heiwajima izaya" or "orihara shizuo"? this is a very important question, it is for SCIENCE

HAHAHAH i think they both have their charm… i feel like shizuo would be more likely to change his name though if izaya really wanted it

“i’m not changing mine. i have a brand, shizu-chan.”

“you have people who want you dead”

“that is my brand.”

after literally months i finally caught the japanese word that izaya calls shizuo and is usually translated to protozoan.

it was tansaibou. i dunno why not knowing that word bothered me for so long but i feel extremely satisfied now. and i actually find it funny how it literally does mean a simple person apart from a single cell lmao