“A full year’s passed since this whole thing began! Time sure flies fast, doesn’t it? I’ve sure had a blast here, thanks for all the love, support and fun questions you guys’ve sent!
How was it having Shizuo along answering questions? You seemed to enjoy it, at least! Maybe I’ll drag him in a little more often, if you guys’d like.

Well, what’s my prize? For bearing with the laziest manager. Huh? A pack of cigarettes? Hey, I don’t even smoke menthols…
…And this one’s half empty already, oi!!!

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The Signs as Things Izaya Orihara has Done
  • Aquarius: Sets a table on fire.
  • Pisces: Walks beside Celty on her motorcycle + makes 'vroom vroom' sound effects.
  • Aries: Pretends to be different people in a chatroom and talks to himself.
  • Taurus: Stomps on someone's cellphone and laughs for 30 seconds straight.
  • Gemini: Claims he loves everyone, but causes drama/ruins people's lives for his own enjoyment.
  • Cancer: Gets a CT Scan + is relieved that his fucked up personality is a result of just him being him, and not brain damage.
  • Leo: Excitedly tells his friend about how he got stabbed.
  • Virgo: Manipulates an eight-year old to try + kill Shizuo for funsies.
  • Libra: Frames Shizuo for murder because he's bored.
  • Scorpio: Openly manipulative + revels in people's misery, but is upset when no one invites him to a hot pot party.
  • Sagittarius: Gets a gang of criminals together and asks them if they want hot pot.
  • Capricorn: Excitedly waits for someone to try + murder him.
  • Izaya: *phone starts ringing*
  • Shinra: *looks to see who's calling*
  • Izaya: *answers call and makes direct eye contact with Shinra*
  • Izaya: Hey Shizu-chan.
  • Shinra: *chokes on drink*