Ninja kids and rollercoasters

Naruto: He loves them and is basically down to ride anything. He always wanted to go to an amusement as a kid but never had anyone to go with so he tries to make up for all that missed time by riding EVERYTHING. A MILLION TIMES. NOW. He’s really overdramatic about every coaster he goes on too like he’ll throw his hands up and half scream / half laugh the entire ride.

Sakura: She’s not like….obsessed with roller coasters or anything but she’ll go on all of them regardless (except for the water ones, she’s not about to walk around soaking wet forget that). She usually rides everything with Naruto because he’s just too enthusiastic to say no to but she constantly has to remind him to drink water/stay hydrated because he will literally dart from line to line and pass out from heat exhaustion. 

Doesn’t care about roller coasters one iota and is the most stale piece of bread to ride one with. He’ll sit with his arms crossed and stare blankly ahead for the entirety of the ride giving no indication that he’s enjoying the experience at all. Except there was this one time Naruto got him to ride one that had an unexpected drop that startled him and when he yelled “oh shit!” nobody let him live it down for weeks. 

Shikamaru: He tries to act so fucking nonchalant about coasters but he’s secretly scared shitless by them and everyone knows it. He’ll be like “I’m not afraid, I just don’t see the point in waiting in line for them. Whatever” but Ino is staring at him just a little too pointedly and his voice is quivering just a little too much and the whole world knows Nara Shikamaru is a big fucking baby. 

Ino: Really into them just like Naruto, but is a lot less idiotic about it. She will wait in line to ride the biggest fucking coaster at least ten times in a row and is always so fucking put off when Shikamaru convinces her to go on the mini mine train “as a breather”. She huffs and puffs until they get to go on the big ones again. 

Choji: He’s kind of just goes along with what everyone else wants and doesn’t really question it (especially because Ino’s like…really scary when she has her heart set on a ride). He’s pretty chill with most of the coasters except for the ones that take you really high and suddenly drop you, because they make him queasy. One time he disappeared from the group for like thirty minutes and Kiba found him next to the gift shop eating an entire turkey leg by himself.  

Lee: Rock Lee isn’t afraid of anything so theres not a ride he wont go on, but he always does so with such a dramatic flare, as if the roller coaster is an enemy that he has to defeat. Also really likes the teacup ride and is not ashamed to admit it. 

Neji: Tries to act like he doesn’t care about them at all but secretly gets such a thrill every time he goes on one. Hinata and Tenten both know whats up and beg him to ride with them so that he can go on whatever he wants and pretend like he was just indulging them. It’s all about keeping up appearances. 

Ten Ten: She’s actually a little terrified of roller coasters but rides them anyways because she’s ALL ABOUT conquering her fears. She screams pretty loudly at all the drops but everyone is always impressed with her because despite her fear she rides EVERYTHING, even the stuff some of the people who actually like rollercoasters are apprehensive to ride. 

Kiba: He’s one of those little shits that shows up an hour before the park opens just so he can be the first to go on everything and “beat” everyone else (its not a competition, Tenten always tells him) by riding the most rides. Has been caught on more than one occasion telling kids that “Someone died on this roller coaster”.

Hinata: She’ll go on a few rides here or there, especially if someone specifically asks her to accompany them, but overall she doesn’t find them that enjoyable. She likes to stand by the fence and wave to Naruto and Kiba when they pass by while riding the more intense stuff. She’s always there to provide moral support.

Shino: Has never been on a roller coaster in his entire life and is obnoxiously critical of them. “You people waste your time with this nonsense when you could be training your mind and body? Disgraceful”. Everyone thinks he’s gonna be just like Sasuke and not react at all when he gets on one for the first time, but to their surprise he actually gets really into it and when the ride is over he just says “that was exquisite” in the flattest voice. 

Sai: He likes them but in truth doesn’t understand the function of roller coasters or why everyone is so frightened of them. He always stands in the singles line and ends up riding with random kids + fake screams despite not being scared at all because he wants to fit in.

Fanfic: Underneath The Underneath (KakaSaku) Ch 11, Naruto | FanFiction

Chapter: 11

Word Count: 5,144 words


“My my, aren’t you guys having fun,” Came his lazy chuckle from behind and Sakura spun around to face him.

Her cheeks heated up in embarrassment thinking he saw her dancing -she sucked at dancing, and Naruto sucked even worse, they were just a bad dancing combo.

Pairing(s): KakaSaku, mild SaiIno and NaruSasu

Warning(s): sexual themes

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*muffled* "Shikamaru? You said shikamaru?" *climbs out of trash can* The day you start writing about Shikamaru is the day I disregard every responsibility that day to read ur amazing writing.

xD Believe me, you won’t have to climb out of your trash can, seeing as I’m going to move right in and make myself at home. I’ve got some stuff started with Shika, since he definitely needs more love. 

So… wait.

Kakashi, Rin and Obito are team Minato, yeah? Okay so when you’re a genin you’re on a team. But they all did the chunin exam.

Kakashi passed at age 6, but them information states that he and Rin were waiting for Obito to show up and yadda yadda this is when Kakashi passes though… he beat Guy, and gets promoted to Chunin.

Obito and Rin don’t become Chunins until they’re 11. I’m trying to place ages on things and finding weird shit like this. So if they fail, they just try again next year I guess? I’m trying to think of other teams, because the only one they kinda show the chunin ‘graduating’ process with is Asuma’s team??

Shikamaru got promoted, then Ino and Choji do their thing but they’re still a unit but not? Like HOW DOES THAT WORK. NARUTO NEVER EVEN BECAME A CHUNIN I DON’T THINK…??? SO I MEAN…?? WHAT IS THE PROCESS HERE…

I guess I’m trying to figure the team dynamic effect more than anything. Because Obito’s nformation says he was ANGRY at being bested, so he trained like a beast to impress his girl but -strokes chin-

Kakashi in general is a fucking mess… he graduated from the academy at,… 5?? Is that it? WHAT DID HE DO IN THE MEAN TIME.. because Obito and Rin don’t become genin until they’re 9… er… graduate the academy…

OBITO AND KAKASHI ARE A YEAR APART… so I mean that’s still 3 years inbetween his graduation and his team, and 4 years for Kakashi to go from chunin to jonin?? How does this fucking TEAM THING WORK…

Fuck this shit man I hate this.

I’m doing this to figure out how old Kisame is when events happen, and where Zabuza and Haku fit in too… I’m so mad.

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Hey Madara do you know the age order of Konoha 11? Oldest to youngest

According to the Databooks, the list from oldest to youngest would be:

  • Tenten - March 9th (1 year older)
  • Neji - July 3rd (1 year older)
  • Lee - November 27th (1 year older)
  • Shino - January 23rd
  • Sakura - March 28th
  • Choji - May 1st
  • Kiba - July 7th
  • Shikamaru - September 22nd
  • Ino - September 23rd
  • Naruto - October 10th
  • Hinata - December 27th

(Sasuke would be between Kiba and Shikamaru, but he’s not part of the Konoha 11).


The Day Naruto Became Hokage + End credits