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Top five Snanger headcanons?

1. Hermione has always been intrigued with Severus’ buttons on his frock.  When she is in his embrace her hands always finds their way to them, tracing each black button with delicate fingers.  Though at night when a heated activity between them is ignited, she wants to rip them off to be able to touch his skin underneath.  This amuses Severus to no end, especially when he makes her wait as he tentatively teases her by taking his time. 

2. Whenever Severus and Hermione are out in public they will only hold hands to show some sort of affection for one another.  There are times that Hermione will sneak a quick peck on his cheek, that would earn her a scowl from him.  A scowl that hides the loving look she knows that lays right underneath it all.

3. If there is another wizard showing intention to Hermione Severus will get very possessive, in which his no public display of affection changes.  He will place a hand on curve of her back, stand closer to her, whisper in her ear where his lips graze over her cheek and touch the sensitive lobe.  Even how subtle the change can be it’s not subtle enough for the curly hair witch from noticing.  It’s things like this that make the young woman smile deep inside, knowing she has this dark wizard’s heart as he has her own.

4. When Hermione had started working at Hogwarts, she had made a constant effort to interact with Severus even when he did not want her to bother him in the least.  He had always seen her that annoying little insufferable know-it-all that waved her hand annoyingly in the air during class.  As time went on, he had come to realise that she was not like her previous self and started enjoying his time in her presence having intellectual conversations with the witch.  It wasn’t until at the staff Christmas party did he realise his feelings for the woman when they were caught underneath a mistletoe that grew above them when they least expected it.

5. Severus was bothered having Hermione in the laboratory when he was brewing extensive potions.  In fact it was quite opposite when the witch showed interest in what he was doing and listen to every word that tumbled from his mouth.  It was invigorating to have someone who showed an attentive interest that he had invited the Hermione back to teach her more.  Though as the weeks went by some of those brewing sessions ended up becoming quite different.