Symptoms of reading good fanfic

~ Bloodshot eyes from staying up until 3am (it was just getting good around midnight!)

~ Uncontrollable smiling in public while thinking of your OTP (these dorks. I love them)

~ Giggling (sometimes cackling) at the most inopportune times. (Bus, class, church, bathroom…)

~ A desire to hide somewhere at work or school just to keep reading. (Oh, hi… I was just looking for some staples… For the last hour)

~ Forgetting that this isn’t how it actually happened in cannon… (What do you mean he’s dead? He’s not dead! *hysterical laughter*)

~ Loud sighing once finished with a fic. Followed by immediately looking for another fic.

Treasonous Transmissions - The Katniss Chronicles Group Listen

Okay folks, it seems from the response to this post, there is definite interest in a group listen! Hurrah!

I know everyone is extremely busy with RL and fandom endeavors, so I’d like to try and make this as feasible as possible for a lot of people.

I made a brief survey to get a handle on what sort of group structure and schedule would work best for everyone interested, so please click the link and give your input - it’s okay if you’re on the fence about participating, it’s totally anonymous.

Going forward, I will be tagging my communications about the group listen “TKC group listen.” If you want to learn how to track a tag, go here. I’m hoping to make a post about the results and group-listen schedule, based on the survey, this coming Sunday - so check back then!

I’m tagging and mentioning the people who liked/reblogged/messaged me below as a way to contact everyone. If you only liked the first post in order to reference the audio program, or reblogged just to boost the signal (thank you!), please disregard this post. Unless, of course, you want to signal boost this again. ;)

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his stupid face + a BSB sign + Iron Maiden. I had to gif this.

duskyben asked:

Dear Severus and Hermione, what are your thoughts on LGBT* people? How would you react if you found out any of your children were LGBT*? - Ben

Pictured: The Snapes at home // Artist: Polia

-raises eyebrow, turns to Hermione-


Dear duskyben,

Perhaps you should consider reading some of our stories? We recently shared a one-shot in which one of our daughters came out to us as gay.

It should go without saying that we love each of our children unconditionally, and we fully support our daughter’s decision to live her truth. We’ve also answered a similar question to yours in the past, which can be found on our FAQ page, and, as per that response, we continue to support those in our Wizarding LGBT communities. In the Wizarding world (far more than in the Muggle world), LGBT isn’t really a controversial subject. Pure-blood, half-blood, and Muggle-born blood prejudices are far more frequent and controversial issues we deal with.

People are people and, if we are to judge one another, we should do so based on each other’s character and treatment towards others, not on their sexual preferences.