*sherlock holmes

  • literally anyone else: holmes picked up a piece of paper to write a letter.
  • watson: holmes stretched his long, thin, pale arm out, causing the fabric of his white silk robe to strain against him, and wrapped his long, thin, pale fingers around a sheet of foolscap, which he needed so his incredible, beautiful, genius mind could record his fantastic and magical ideas.
Uni!Lock-Greg’s Phone

Greg: I can’t believe I forgot my phone. I hope Sherlock liked his birthday present yesterday. Oh, he called.

Phone: You have 17 new messages.

Greg: What?!

Phone: Message 1.

Sherlock: Hey Graham, thanks for the Bazinga t-shirt it's… great. I was just calling because I might need a ride later tonight. John can’t drive and I ran Victor’s Mazda into that ditch after we watched Fast Five on Netflix together.

Victor: You still owe me for that.

Sherlock: Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Mazdas are really flammable, did you know that? I didn’t know that. Well, I do now.. but anyway I’ll call you later if we need a pick up from the show, alright?

John: [Snoring]

Sherlock: John, you’re up! Talk to you later, Graham!

Phone: End of Message.

Greg: I’m not listening to all of these.

[skips to the last message]

Phone: Message 17.

Sherlock: Oh my god is he dead? Why did you put him in the car?

Victor: It’s Seb, you idiot! Just shut up and keep driving to the hospital!

Anderson: Sherlock, when are we getting to Chuck E Cheese?

Sherlock: Anderson, shut up! Greg, please pick up the phone! We are in so much trouble! The show went south, so we decided to make our own, but… Oh man, oh man, pick up your stupid phone! Greg, go to my desk, open the dark drawer and burn everything inside! But hold your breath while you do it! Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help the fire, you gotta do this, Greg!

Victor: Sherlock, eyes on the road!

John: Truck!

All: [Screaming]

Phone: End of message.

Suspicious Room - Request

Requested by anon: smut fic where Sherlock and the reader are staking out in a room across from a suspect’s place and things begin to escalate between them?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1.473

Warnings: Smut – unprotected, rough –

A/N: I have no idea what “staking out” means, and Google was no help sooo this is my guess, hopefully I am right.


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To get inside was hard, but to find something that could be used for the case on that flat was even harder.

The flat was clean. There didn’t seem to be anything that could link its owner to the criminal Sherlock was after. The detective was getting frustrated, and so was his new companion.

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Sherlock: Give me a kiss.

Molly: *kisses Sherlock on the forehead*

Sherlock: *pouts* You missed.

Molly: Where do you want me to kiss you?

Sherlock:*points to his lips* Right here.

Molly *Kisses Sherlock on the lips*


All the drawings I made at the RPC in Cologne today :)
Yesterday I bought a white gel pen at the train station and decided to do some touching up on Sailor Moon. Itachi and the Sherlock/MCU ones where commissions, so don’t get the wrong idea, please >.>