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I want to know you better! So... Who are your top 5 male and 5 female celebrity crushes? Favorite fictional characters? Favorite movie & book? Favorite song? Favorite color? What was your last dream about? What superpower do you want? Do you have a secret talent & what is it? What is your mother tongue? Where would you like to travel? When done, go on anon and send this to 10 other blogs to keep the game going :D

OH THIS IS SO COOL! Thanks for sending it my way. Let me see….

Top 5 Male Celebrity Crushes:

1) Chris Evans- I want to stroke him. BAD

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2) Matthew Gray Gubler- Pretty for no reason

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3) Shemar Moore- My mom would torture me with soaps but this man made it worth my time

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4) Shannon Leto- But everyone already knew this!

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5) Last but certainly not least…Jared Leto

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Top Five Female Crushes

1) Kate Beckinsale- The Underworld series is by far my fave vampire series of all time hands down! Plus look at her!

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2) Beyonce- I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been feeling some of her music but I just love her to death. Partition is still my ish!

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3) Sofia Boutella- I just saw Kingsman (I know I’m late) and she is like straight fire! And then I saw this and lost my damn mind!

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4) Ciara- Because OMG yes! She can dance, sing and remain classy even though we all know she can get down!

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5) And last but most definitely not least….RIHANNA And don’t you dare say she is not fire because you are WRONG

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Favorite Fictional Characters

All the characters from Harry Potter, The Joker, Batman, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Luke Cage, The Thundercats, The Animaniacs…..wait I lied LOL But you catch my drift

Favorite Movie And Book

Movie would be Remember the Titans and book would be Of Mice and Men AND I Know Why A Caged Bird Sings

Favorite Song

You Rock My World by Michael Jackson but this is always changing sooooo

Favorite Color


What was your last dream about

A confrontation that I really would like to make but can’t. Also, I met Beyonce. Like what the what!

What super power do you want

Oh man. Probably Clairvoyance. That would be pretty sweet. If not that then to read minds would be fantastic.

Do I have a secret talent and what is it

If I told you, it wouldn’t be a great secret now would it.

What is your mother tongue


Where would you like to travel?

Ireland, Brazil and England. I have been to the other places I want to go already so these are what is left….for now at least.

Thanks for sending this my way lovely! XOXO