Marvel Fashion serie Full Set:

She-Hulk, Silk, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Medusa, Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Ms Marvel, Black Widow, Spider Gwen

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Back in April, I was asked by Andrew of Alalgam Studios to be a part of a video project that he was working on.  It would involve me being a character that I never imagined I would portray.  She-Hulk.  This would be based on the Kotobukiya statue that was due out soon and because I love their stuff and I love Andrew’s work I decided to say yes and go for it.

My reservations are really about my height and build.  At 5'2" I am not sure that I would make for a decent She-Hulk, nor do I have the muscle mass that she does.  I have always seen Jennifer Walters are being a much larger than life character.  But I figured that I would give it my best shot and this was the result.

Photo By: Saffels Photography

Makeup by: Keaghlan Ashley- Makeup Your Mind
Latex costume: Vengeance Designs
All the rest: Me