Kylux Secret Satan 2016

PHEW! Gathered all the great work that emerged from my small gift exchange and put them all here! I feel incredibly blessed and humbled that people allowed me (a menace) to set them up to make stuff for randos! Huehuehue… Here they are and enjoy! Happy Holidays!


Backseat Gaming by @hexselenas
Blindfold by @xan-drei *
Bossy by @pixielovepunch *
Cheeky by @sparrows-trashcan *
Control Panel by @hxxxm *
Greaser by @weirywolf
Ice Skating by @inchells 
It’s Cold by @sigalawin 
LARP by @c-bulletaftermidnight *
Pet by @luoham *
Pinch by @chromedqueen *
Rebel by @lucskywalks
Scarf by @lworeve
Scientist and Cyborg by @curlygingerbird​ 
Shibari by @wingedicks *
Ventral Cannons by @letmeputitinyourbutt 
Weird Kid by @shehulks​ on twitter


A Night at the Bar by @gambriz *
Blockade Day by @nightsofllyn *
The Fleeting Year by @tlefighter
Home is a Feeling by @fel-as-in-tumbld
In Your Orbit by @donnagers *
Lost Time by @smolrebel

* indicates NSFW content

Marvel Fashion serie Full Set:

She-Hulk, Silk, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Medusa, Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Ms Marvel, Black Widow, Spider Gwen

Find her on my artbook and go help me make that book real https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1741342043/kicking-ass-and-wearing-heels-the-fashion-art-of-c

Have the kid!Hulks hung out at all? I only follow the Hulk family inconsistently and from a distance. (Mostly just She-Hulk stuff.)

Anyway, I don’t think that Skaar and Lyra would get along well. Then again, I don’t think any of the Hulks really get along well with any other Hulks, with the exception of Jen. Jen seems to get along pretty well with everybody.