It’s time to go indepth about this scene because its legit one of my favorites now and just so good and pure and has to be their softest scene ever (beside the hand holding scene obviously). Let’s break my favorite parts of it down:

I just loved how much Root touched Shaw’s face during all of it. She couldn’t stop and it was so precious and gentle. The gentlest we’ve ever seen Root to be quite honest. She knew Shaw had been through a lot (not the full extent) and wasn’t trying to scare her away which I just adored.

And this is probably my favorite part of the whole thing. Look at all the small details though; Root holding Shaw’s little bundled up sweater hand and caressing Shaw’s face (again) and even Shaw running her own hand down Root’s arm. I can’t y’all. It’s just soooo unbearably soft and tender. And the second still, Shaw wanted this to be the real Root so so bad. Look at her closing her eyes reveling in this moment. Root is her safe place, she felt so safe again. More than she has in almost a year. Even if this moment ended up being another simulation, she was gonna enjoy this. 

And then here, Root put Shaw’s hand on her heart to try her best and convince Shaw that this was INDEED real. Shaw was THIS close to believing it too. She doesn’t know what to think but Root really putting Shaw’s hand on her heart was just the cutest. I cannot take how intimate it was.

I know we all had our problems with season 5 especially in relation to Shoot buuut this is one scene that I will forever love and cherish. The small tidbits alone make it beautiful. Plus soooo much touching.


Short video interview at Film Society of Lincoln Center.  Jeff Reichert and Farihah Zaman shot this “using a 1986 Jupiter-9 85mm vintage Russian lens known for its ‘swirly bokeh’.”


I oftentimes associate the strangest songs with comic book characters.

I think this fits Sebastian Shaw. What do you guys think?