CriticalThoughts: Gilmore’s relationship with Vax - AKA Gilmore deserves an apology

Hey there friends, who’s ready to talk about Vax’ildan and Shaun Gilmore? Cause I’m sure not, but I should probably update the blog on occasion right? Now have patients with me as I attempt to sort out my thoughts.

QUICK NOTES HAHA Before I’m viciously attacked by this very uh, passionate fandom, this is not a hate post. I’m expressing an opinion. Don’t come onto my blog and trash me, don’t go to your own and trash me. I apologize! IMMEDIATELY! IN ADVANCE!

Anyhow…Vax you little shit

Yes!That is the topic of this, how much I want to take that elf and give him a good shake. This willl in no way be an anti Vaxleth post. I don’t care about who Vax picks; I care a lot about how Vax treats people.

Vax needs to take a big step back, and look over what he does with those around him, how he treats them, and realize what he’s done. He has broken Gilmore’s heart, more than one time over, and expects the man to still dote on him. And Gilmore did for some time. I think Gilmore saw the strangeness of how Vax treated him, still touching, still all smiles and embraces and even kisses, and thought to himself, Vax would come back to him. If he was patient and gave the little boy some space, and was always there for him, always full of warm light and love, Vax would come back to him.

Gilmore Loved Vax.

Far more then Vax loved him.

Gilmore still loves Vax, and Vax still cares deeply for Gilmore, but he has made his choice. He has chosen Keyleth. That would be fine if Vax could treat Gilmore with some respect and keep himself at arm’s length. He’s made Gilmore clearly uncomfortable many times over after Vax told him they couldn’t, “See each other anymore.” Vax still rushes to see Gilmore every time they are back in white stone, he was the first to start calling Gilmore Shaun. He still embraces in a very passionate manner, and even after telling Gilmore he loved another, he kissed the man.

I saw Gilmore being patient with Vax a few times over, trying to see if the elf would return to him, but I think that all changed after the Wings scene. When Vax flies around and he’s holding Gilmore so very tightly. Gilmore is uncomfortable, he’s conflicted. He knows he doesn’t have Vax’es heart like the boy has his. He barely returns the embrace, and then puts the elf at arm’s length. Gently. Gilmore won’t hurt Vax, not ever.

But Gilmore has certainly been treating Vax differently sense that scene, and I think it was all beautifully summed up in the most recent episode, with the one point I really wanted to talk about. Gilmore gives his locket to Vex. Re watch the scene please. Vax(Liam) always has this very soft, bright expression on when Gilmore is around. And when Gilmore holds this necklace out, Matt starts to say “He holds it out to you…you” he points to specify, it’s Vex, “Vex. He hands it to you.” Vax’es entire expression changes. Subtly. He’s surprised, he’s hurt, and then he understands what’s happening. Gilmore is defining the boundaries Vax never built when he broke down what they were.

It’s been a long time coming, and I really hope, at some point, maybe after coming back from meeting the man’s parents and seeing where he comes from, Vax will have a real honest talk with the man. Something real. About what they were, what they are, and what they plan on being.

After this recent development in Vax’leth, there is so little chance the Vaxilmore ship will return.  That is okay. But Vaxilmore needs its own send off, like Pike/Scanlan had when they really talked things out. More than once. Like Vaxleth has had as they have talked things out about what they are.

In the end, Shaun Gilmore, the powerful and kind wizard, deserved better then to his heart broken by a moody little elf, and then be strung around by the same boy. He deserves an apology.

Shaun Micallef is like the only australian tv funnyman that actually appears to have some kind of animating spark of talent/charisma instead of being someones “funny” uncle from an Australia Day BBQ a Channel Ten executive attended

anonymous asked:

Not too comfortable doing the fancast but I'd like to know your headcanons on Jarett/Gilmore :)

alright sit down guys here we go.

  • When Jarett first saw Gilmore, he was pretty surprised to see someone else from Marquet in Emon. Not that there weren’t any, but the numbers are few and he doesn’t see them unless the go to the Keep in one way or another. Gilmore visited one day, to leave some items for VM and Jarett was quite shocked to see this was the famous Gilmore.
  • Gilmore didn’t get to see Jarett that first time, but the first time he did he was just as entranced with him as VM is.
  • Jarett heard about Vax’s relationship with Gilmore and was a bit disappointed.
  • Jarett finally got to speak with Gilmore when they were evacuated to Whitestone, since he was quite busy when they refugees arrived at the Keep. Gilmore introduced himself as of course “Gilmore”, but Jarett refused to call him anything but his first name, mostly because he knew no one was on first name basis with Gilmore and he liked a challenge. Eventually he talked to Sherri and got her accidentally slip out “Shaun”
  • Gilmore was pretty impressed with Jarett’s stubbornness, and let it slide.
  • It was obvious to both of them that they were intrigued with each other, but winning the war was much more important to them.
  • Jarett visited Gilmore while he could, never when he was in his house. Instead he talked to him while he was in the library or wandering through town.
  • Because of Jarett’s insistence of calling him Shaun, Gilmore decided to call Jarett “my captain” while in private. Jarett nearly jumped him right there the first time he did.
  • Probs didn’t happen in canon but I just find it funny to imagine the reason why Gilmore was so flustered in “The Streets of Ank’Harel was a mixture of trying to keep up the barrier and “oh shit VM’s captain of the guard is asleep in my bed fuck fuck fuck”
  • Jarett of course realized what was going on and slipped out of the back window. It was then he realized why they waited so long.
  • So you can of course imagine Jarett’s delight when he was ordered to keep an eye on Gilmore. He marched up to his home after VM teleported and pushed him up against the wall, happily informing his lover of his orders.
  • Neither Jarett, nor Gilmore were seen the rest of the day.
  • Also Gilmore loves cuddles and Jarett 100% doesn’t mind.
Through The Window

Okay, so after a long wait I have finally finished this! You see, Shaun is one of my favorite characters, he is the sweetest boof in the whole world! Now, I’m not at all so sure how I did on this, but I’m hoping that at least some parts of my writing are up to par for a lot of you! Please do keep in mind that I will be adding more stories from different fandoms as soon as I can. If they tell me that I got something wrong, please know that I will make those changes and then re-post this.

Sano n’ Akira belong to @electricpuke while Shaun belongs to @morthern

Word Count: 1,409

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book recs

for @adxieu
- the strange and beautiful sorrows of ava lavender by leslye walton (tw– obsession, murders)
- a thousand boy kisses by tillie cole
- we are the ants by shaun david hutchinson
- love and other alien experiences by kerry winfrey
- this song will save your life by leila sales (tw- depression)
- falling into place by amy zhang (tw- depression)
- the summer of chasing mermaids by sarah ockler
- the museum of intangible things by wendy wunder (tw- death)
- the miseducation of cameron post by emily m danforth
- ask the passengers by a.s. king
- everything leads to you by nina lacour
- beauty queens by libba bray
- making faces by amy harmon (tw- abuse, murder)
- before I fall by lauren oliver (tw- death, suicide)
- every day by david leviathan
- ketchup clouds by annabel pitcher (tw- death)
- far from you by tess sharpe (tw- drugs, murder)
- the sea of tranquility by katia millay
- wonder by r.j. palacio
- exit, pursued by a bear by e.k. johnson (tw- rape)
- symptoms of being human by jeff garvin
- seven ways we lie by riley redgate
- written in the stars by aisha saeed
- cruel beauty by rosamund hodge

college roommate kawoshins (also part the first)

The complementary half of the OOC college Karlshaun in which Karl is perpetually flustered and Shaun thinks flirting is really, really fun.

(But Shinji’s been onto him since the beginning.)

“Hold still; I wanna see something,” Kensuke says during dinner in the cafeteria. He retrieves his phone and opens the camera app as if to take a picture of Shinji, but instead he tilts the phone ever so slightly to the left and zooms in on what he finds.

“What?” asks Shinji.

“Did you know that your roommate has a gigantic crush on you?” Like a documentarian, Kensuke devotes himself to cataloging the symptoms of puppy love that manifest in their sample specimen. “Like, he keeps turning his head like he’s just noticed something, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a cover so he can keep looking at you. Also, he hasn’t actually been reading that book; I don’t think he’s turned the pages at all yet — ah, shit, I think he noticed me… Quick, pretend like I’m taking a picture…” He turns the volume on his phone up so that the shutter sound effect of the camera has witnesses, should he be required to defend his activities in the court of social etiquette.

“Oh, I know,” Shinji says calmly once he’s allowed to drop his mock grin. He turns around in his chair, ostensibly to check the clock on the far wall, and in the quick sweep to and from his destination, he catches Kaworu ducking behind the book that, in his haste, he’s started reading upside down. “Re-engineering Philosophy for Limited Beings: Piecewise Approximations to Reality,” Shinji reads at an angle. “He’s not even in a philosophy class; I think he just wants me to think he’s smart.”

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First Look: ART OPS #11 "The Boy Who Painted Death"
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Written by: Shaun Simon. Art by: Rob Davis. Cover by: Michael Allred. Solicit Synopsis In this stand-alone issue, Reggie and the Art Ops crew face off against a painted atrocity from a centuries past by an artist so skilled, he captured not only death’s likeness but its essence! Featuring guest art by Rob Davis. “The Boy Who Painted Death.” Take a look at the preview below. Art Ops #11 hits…

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