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"You want me to do what?" For Gilmore and Vax please?

“You want me to do what?” Vax says incredulously, staring at the fuchsia fabric in the other man’s hands with wide eyes.

“Let me dress you up,” Gilmore repeats, dark eyes glimmering brightly. “I’ll put you in something lovely.”

Vax’s eyes drop down onto Gilmore’s own clothes, much lighter and more colorful than the dark feathers and leathers he wears. “Something like yours?”

“Like I said, it will be lovely.”

After a moment, Vax’s face slowly shifts into a small smile as he says, “But will it be glorious?”

Gilmore laughs, loud and booming and full of affection. “Why, my dear Vax’ildan! What a preposterous question! Of course it will be glorious; who do you take me for?”

With a ridiculous and melodramatic sigh, Vax takes a step forward with his arms open as if for an embrace. “Well, in that case, how can I say no? I’m at your mercy, Shaun.”

Gilmore laughs again, dropping the fabric off on the table at his side before closing the distance between them in two large steps, taking Vax’s face in his hands and pressing a kiss to his left cheek, his right cheek, then right on the tip of his nose. Vax snakes his hands up between them and hooks his fingers into the deep V of his lover’s shirt, pulling him down to kiss him full on the lips.

After a moment, Gilmore pulls away and detangles himself from Vax’s grasp (much to the rogue’s displeasure) before walking back over to the fabric he set down, looking it over with squinted gaze. He snaps his fingers and murmurs a few arcane words beneath his breath and the color shifts from fuchsia to more of an indigo.

When he turns back to look at Vax, the other man has one elegant eyebrow arched at him. Gilmore shrugs. “What? This is more your color.”


Tom with fans in Liverpool, yesterday!!!
March 23, 217. 

@GAME_Liverpool “Good to see #TomHardy in GAME Liverpool!”

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Amanda McGaw “Can’t cope , had cotton mouth couldn’t speak”

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@cattell00 “When Tom hardy walks in your room #tomhardy #random”

Movie Tag

I was tagged by both @kingpendleton​ and @riverdalame​ for this tag, so thank you very much! This is going be so effing hard because I’m a total movie buff (doesn’t mean I have good taste I just watch a shit tonne of films), also because I am so fuckin’ extra I’m gonna put GIF’s with them all!

1. Shaun of the Dead

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Okay so this is my all time favourite film in the history of films that have ever been made and no film ever will top this one for me. Edgar Wright directed it fantastically and all in all it’s just a really clever film with some fantastic shou-outs to the most iconic horror/zombie films in the business. It’s my absolute go to film, I watch it when I’m happy, sad, angry and no matter what it just transports me another place. Simon Pegg is my number one boo and I cannot wait for the next project that him and Nick will be working on!

2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Okay so I could cheat here and just put ‘All of the Harry Potter films’ but I decided to be specific and put my very favourite. I don’t really have an answer as to why PoA is my favourite of the lot it just is. (Close toss up between this and CoS)

3. Aladdin

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I mean it has Robin Williams in it, enough said really?

4. Clueless

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Arguably more iconic than Mean Girls, Cher has some of the most quotable lines and excuse me have we seen Paul Rudd?

5. Scream

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Okay so Randy Meeks’ break down of the classic horror film tropes is an absolute staple quote that everyone needs to have memorised; and the reveal of Stu and Billy as the killers was a crazy concept to me the first time I ever watched this film.

6. White Chicks

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The jokes just never get old, truly one of the best Wayans creations ever. (I also really love Scary Movie, probably because of Scream tho)

7. The Goonies

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Okay so I needed to show my appreciation for 80′s films somewhere in this list, I could have chosen any number of classic 80′s John Hughes films but after recently re-watching The Goonies I’m afraid this has to take its honourable place!

8. Serendipity

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I stumbled across this film one really late night many years ago and it has always stuck with me, it’s an amazing concept and I would love to write an AU for any fandom really based around this one day. Literally had me on the edge of my seat and still does with every re-watch!

9. Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

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I just love this film okay, Matthew Lillard is a great Shaggy and it just takes me back to a simpler time in my life when all I ever watched was Scooby Doo and I wanted to be Velma. (I was a huge Scooby fan from the ages of 0 up until now, give me new Scooby content I want it all)

10. 21/22 Jump Street

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Okay so this is the only one I’m cheating on because you can’t make me pick, you can’t! I never knew that Channing Tatum could be so god damn hilarious and sexy at the same time and these movies are blessing to the people of this planet and again so fucking quotable!

Finally! I am finished! I know the girls who tagged me probably tagged a lot of the people I would tag but I haven’t seen my lovely @mrs-jughead-jones​ tagged as of yet I don’t think? And I would love to see what her favourite movies are! As well as the ever so lovely @burgers-and-murders​! I really enjoyed doing this tbh and I surprised myself with the films I picked!