“My last boyfriend wasn’t much of a talker”

“Hey!  Excuse me!  Can I get everybody’s attention, please?  I just want everybody here to know, I’m fucking gay.  A big ol’ mo.  Just thought everybody should know that.  You happy now?”

“Fuck you, don’t worry about it-I’ve been staying at Ian’s since you’ve been in the can, bitch, and guess what we’ve been doing, Daddy?  We’ve been fucking!  And I take it!  He gives it to me good and hard and I fucking like it…I suck his dick, I fucking love it!”

“Sorry I’m late.”

“I love you."  "It means we take care of each other.  It means thick and thin-good times, bad, sickness, health-all that shit." 

So, what exactly DIDN’T he say?  What more did you need to hear, Ian?

(gif source: beautiful-ruiner)

Sheila is reaching so hard. “Ian is soo heartbroken this season!! He can’t visit mickey in jail it’s so painful for him!! I mean he’s with anti-mickey right now because he’s trying to get over his heartbreak for mickey i thought this was obvious lol??” …Ian hasn’t said or done a single thing this season to indicate that he still cares for mickey. And then she goes, “where only seeing what ian says, not what’s really in his heart!!” That’s your job? If you wanted to show ian giving a shit, you would?