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Aelin Pregnat in ToG 6?

So Aelin being pregnant … here is why I think this:  

  1. We know that Aelin had a pregnancy scare and then proceeded to tell Rowan that she would not take contraceptives because she does not want to not give Terrasen an heir because it could be hard as a result of her Fae blood
  2. Rowan’s “mate” Lyria was killed while she was pregnant and he has never gotten over that
  3. Maeve wanted Aellin when she was a child to supposedly see her power.

Now …

  • Aelin and Rowan were definetly having sex, they had to have consummated their marriage for one thing and another, they could not stay away from each other after they finally gave in. Now I know it is hard for Fae to have children, but remember, Aelin isn’t a full Fae yet, she has not Settled. So maybe it is easier now for her to become pregnant.
  • Aelin being pregnant and Rowan saving her may give him some closure 
    • Plus it would make him extra mad and that is always a plus when going against Maeve and Erawan
  • If Aelin was pregnant then Maeve may not kill her. Maeve wanted Aelin when she was younger and now because of her power. But just imagine how powerful the child of Aelin and Rowan would be. She would definitely want that child. And so she would not kill Aelin, but instead would try and take the child when he/she is born. (Now I am not saying ToG6 will span nine months, but this would be Maeve’s train of thought)

So yeah, that is my crazy theory.