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Well well well, would you look at that. Another cis white straight guy being all preachy about SJW issues. Guilt much?

lmao this is rich, dawg. first of all, im neither cis, straight, or a dude, so, y’know, thanks for that, and second, i dont think being any of these things disqualifies anyone from saying relevant stuff about racism, transphobia, homophobia or sexism. if you have a point then you have a point. i know i can easily pass as these things you said about me, so im using them to be vocal about issues.
thats called using your privileges, son


🚫I am by no means bashing boy groups or indicating that all boy group stans are behaving this way; this is simply a compilation of comments I’ve received or read on the internet. If you feel triggered then get a fucking life and realise that you are a part of the problem :’))))🚫

“Girl groups only do either a cute or sexy concept”

“Boy group’s choreographies are way harder than girl group’s”

“I hate girl group’s high squeaky voices"

“Girl groups are the same, they use the same concepts”

“Boy groups’ music are just more my style”

“I don’t like girl groups because I don’t like the cuties stuff but yes I stan Astro, why are you asking????”


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