Look #1 - Itziar

Hair @missparaply / Top @spectacledchic-sims4 ​/ Pants Toksik / Shoes @madlensims / Nails @pralinesims / Clutch @theslyd

Look #2 - Adelis

Hair @missparaply / Top - Jeans @serenity-cc / Shoes @madlensims / Nails @pralinesims / Choker @magnolia-c

Poses by @flowerchamber

Thanks to all cc creator! Your work is amazing♥

shrapnelsong  asked:

👗: My Muse responds to your Muse asking them to zip up a dress~

Sexual Tension+ Meme //   👗: My Muse responds to your Muse asking them to zip up a dress / tie a tie / etc.

Ever the dutiful boyfriend, when Alice had asked him to accompany her to a get-together with her coworkers, he naturally obliged. This time it was for the purpose of an actual social engagement rather than merely proving to her colleagues that he actually existed. Seeing that he was now a constant fixture by her side, he assumed she wasn’t having any more problems with her fellow employees coming on to her. He was forced to assume this to be true, for his own sanity’s sake. Alice had wisely not commented on it one way or the other.

Upon beckoning him to help close her dress, he admired the smooth plane of her back silently. Leisurely sliding the zipper, he let his fingers caress the pale skin, teasing himself unnecessarily as it disappeared from view. Growling a wordless complaint, he brought her back into him with a large hand spreading against her taut abdomen. Having her caged in his arms, he pressed a few kisses into the side of her neck, just bordering on not being quite innocently intentioned.

How long will we be making an appearance at this thing?” He spoke temptingly low at the base of her ear.

Wash: Okay… I didn’t want to use this, Mal, but what about that time I saved your life?

Mal: Saved my life?

Wash: You were walking down the hall when I noticed a patch of waxy build-up on the floor. You were maybe two, three steps away. There was no time to clean. I had no choice but to throw myself onto the wax.

Mal: I thought you were napping!

Wash: Well… once I was down there…