some personal shizuka headcanons bc i can’t help myself:

  • prefers to use her japanese name over her english name (unlike joey), because she has spent more of her life there (also their mother is japanese and her influence is strong on shizuka, unlike jo).
  • one hundred percent calls her brother out on all of his stupid shit one hundred percent of the time (“TWO PAIRS OF TIMBS, SHIZUKA!” / “OH MY GOD, YOU LOOK STUPID!”)
  • when she and joey have been speaking english to each other for a while, she starts slipping into her new york accent just as badly as him.
  • just as freckled as joey - she has all of the ginger genes in the family. 
  • chants quietly trans woman trans woman trans woman

Some sketches of Seren and Silva.

I would like to add that
Do not tag Seren as Corrin/Kamui.

She’s an oc and independent of fate’s story for the most part.
And for more mindfuck:
She existed before fates was announced. Her first design was created around Late Summer 2014. Shortly after, the first trailer was announced. I took her into the fe fatesona universe for fun, which might have caused confusion. I have seen many people tag her as Corrin, Kamui and my unit when reblogging, and while they undeniably share unintentional visual similarities- It hurts.
Sorry for rambling a little, but this has happened several times and it really demotivates me to draw her.
Also won’t put this under a cut because it’s important to me.

Six Movies I Can Watch Anytime

Tagged by the lovely @painterofhorizons to share the 6 movies I will watch a million times (or something like that). These aren’t necessarily my 6 favorite movies, but they are the ones I never say no to watching. So please enjoy my questionable taste:

  1. Hook
  2. The Fall
  3. (Brandy version of) Cinderella
  4. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged!
  5. Serenity
  6. Clue

Mutuals: consider yourself tagged, for real! 


I was tagged by @xabjectlessonsx and @dimpled-halo to post the following (thank you girls xx):

lockscreen:  picture through a screen door of a serene lake in Vermont where we went for vacation last year

homescreen:  picture of beachgrass along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin (another vacay)

last song:  Watershed by the Indigo Girls

Selfie:  the one I shared yesterday was the most recent but I didn this one not too long ago and i like the red lipstick here.

I tag @fullonlarrie @fruxoo @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee @allwaswell16 @lululawrence and @twopoppies AND anyone else that wants to do it :)


4.2.17 7:05 PM // this week’s bullet journal spread ft. my attempt at a rose-quartz x serenity color scheme. didn’t have access to a working printer so i drew instead (or at least tried to hehe) 📖