I actually look kind of attractive today? I mean I’m not complaining, but also a) I was super sick yesterday (like “I can barely get out of bed” sick), b) I only got like 5 hours of sleep last night, and c) the fullness of my preparing for the day was a lightning fast shower, brushing+combing my hair, and then throwing it up into a ponytail.

Yet here we are…

I have great news!!!

I’ve decided to take Drabble requests since it’s been so long since I’ve taken any and I’m in the mood to pour my heart out for my ships. The ships who I ask for are:

  • Forwood [Tyler + Caroline] - TVD
  • WestAllen [Iris + Barry] - TF
  • Stelena [Stefan + Elena] - TVD 
  • Brucas [Brooke + Lucas] - OTH
  • Serenate [Serena + Nate] - GG
  • Chair [Chuck + Blair] - GG

There are a few others that I will write too as well but those are my main OTP’S right now. You can visit my ship page if you want to send other drabble requests for my other ships by clicking here.

Songs lyrics, timelines, future AU’s, past AU’s, tropes are all welcomed. Please feel free to request anything you want. I am here to write for you. This is going to be my way of paying tribute to my beautiful babies, the ones who didn’t get the happy endings, the ones who did and the ones who are currently writing theirs. 

Now ask away! 

I am ready for this guys!!!!!! READY!!!! PLEASE GIVE ME GOOD STUFF!

V; Companion in the Sky

Blessed by being born within the safety and prosperity of the central planets, Jill Lewin traveled the core with her parents, always on the move. Her father was a respectable enough historian and archaeologist to provide for his family, and family was the only stability Jill really needed. At age twelve, however, Jill was turned over to a guild house to receive companion training without warning, and–much to her confusion–under the new name Presa. Maybe she should have been grateful? Companions are widely respected in the ‘verse and this would provide an education and opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. But to be left by her parents without so much as an explanation… 

Abandoned and resentful, Presa threw herself into her training. Six years of diligent effort and building relationships with her fellow trainees, and she had found her new family. This was her safe haven. The Guild protects its companions no matter what, after all, or so she convinced herself. Training completed, she was approached by the Alliance, interrogated really, in regards to her parents, both of whom were ‘traitors to the Alliance.’ They didn’t care that she was innocent, leveraging her newfound status as a registered companion against the reputation of being the daughter of traitors. The price of silence in the Alliance is becoming a rat. Presa became an informant under the code name Mink, expected to use her resources as a companion to collect information. The rim was the best opportunity to uphold her end of the bargain, even if it was the last place she wanted to be.   

「美少女戦士セーラームーン Crystal」第3期<デス・バスターズ編>