This is the start of a fanfiction cooperation between me and @dancingfox (writer of Check Mate).

The story will follow the origins of Sentai, the local hero and his nemesis, Reaper (as we know him, maybe with even more sass and edgyness haha!) . And before anyone wonders, YES, there are two Sentai! The old one (whose identity is not to be revealed yet), and Genji, the new chosen one! 

I must admit, I am very excited for this project and with @dancingfox‘s great writing skills, I am quite sure it will be enjoyable for you all as well, not just for us the creators!

It’s hard being a hero.

I read somewhere someone talking abot how sentai Genji wasn’t a cyborg but A SUIT?!?!?! I couldn’t help but think about a Sentai AU where Genji is a high schooler sentai boy (suit designed by Mercy idk) who lives with his big brother who runs a ramen shop were they try to make their lives away from yakuza stuff from their past. I THINK I NEED MORE IDEAS?!I ANYONE???

also i love aus where the shimadas are in good terms and love each other as brothers ; ;

edit: sorry this is so sketchy sob sob