Born in Hong Kong, on the 28th of March, 1994. Was a former national fencer (sabre) of the Hong Kong fencing team. Started fencing since he was 10. Ranked 11th in 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. Wanted to become a singer but his father opposed, unless he could be the best fencer of Asia. Eventually won first at the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship in 2011. Trained under JYPE for 2 and a half years, and finally made his debut with GOT7, where he continued to work harder than before.

Happy 21st/22nd birthday, Jackson. x

but imagine running into pediatrician!michael at the store or something and he’s hot his motorcycle helmet tucked under his arm, and he’s clad in a leather jacket. and you’ve always kind of had this attraction to him but you didn’t act on it bc he was your chid’s doctor and what would be weir d???? but every time he smiles at your lil girl and she giggles you smile and sigh bc this isn’t something that’s gonna happen. but you see him there and suddenly you’ve completely forgot that you’re trying to find some nice apples to bring home so you’re daughter can smother them in peanut butter that will make a mess. and he looks up at you and smiles and goes can i help you?” and you look away shyly, cheeks almost as red as the apples, and giggle. and he goes “ah so she has your giggle, i was curious about that.” and you lift a brow and go “what else are you curious about?” and he goes “if you’d like to have dinner say Friday, at eight?” thus the apple you had been holding in your hand almost falls but he catches it effortlessly, barely bending his knees. and then he takes a bite out of it and you hear the crunch. he smirks a bit as he chews and just as he’s finished he leans in and goes, “careful an apple away keeps the doctor away. and we wouldn’t want that would we?”

This whole “we aren’t getting sex scenes because their relationship is about more than sex” speaks to the idea that gay sex is on some level perverse and detracts from the intimacy of their relationship. It exists under this assumption, whether known or intended, that gay sex is impure or wrong. It’s homophobic, in my opinion. Sex isn’t one thing or the other. It can be casual or involve emotional intimacy. But it is established that it’s a part of Ian and Mickey’s dynamic and has been from the beginning. That doesn’t change because they are more open with one another. And we know they are still having sex. How does seeing it convey the idea that their relationship is about just that? Are we incapable of seeing two men having sex and understanding that there is an emotional connection between the two of them? The fact is heterosexuality doesn’t see sex and emotion being separated in the same way. It is almost implied that this is how it is the with homosexuality. Yes, they absolutely can exist separate from one another but sex does not take away from emotional intimacy. Gay sex does not tarnish emotional intimacy. It’s not inherently (as in always) about sexual attraction or two people simply getting each other off. In this case it can only add to the intimacy we know the two characters share and that the show seems hellbent on not letting it’s viewers see.


FMA WEEK → Day 7: Journey

1. An act of travelling from one place to another
2. A long and often difficult process of personal change and development.

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okay but like can we talk about monty?? in season 2, monty was the one doing the hacking and the one to help clarke stop mw from killing everyone but god forbid we even get a glimpse of him for more than 30 seconds bc at mw, jasper the white boy, is the leader. it was satisfying to see jasper do something more than be his usual fuckboy self but can we pls give monty some credit?? clarke made the decision but he's the one giving her the means to do so. i wish he was more important on this show :/


Season one Monty was the one trying to get the wristbands to work as two-way communication. He was there right from the start trying to help people, even when his best friend, his brother was missing. 

Then he was the reason the bomb worked on the bridge. Without Monty showing up with that extra gun, Raven would have died. They all probably would have died because the grounders would have attacked before the 100 was ready for a battle. 

Skip forward to season two where Monty is the first one to greet Clarke, the only one to believe her or to take her seriously when she feels uneasy about Mount Weather. He’s the one who tells Jasper to cut the shit and start paying attention, he wants proof that Clarke is okay, he wants to go after Clarke. He’s the one who hacks into the system, he’s the one who makes the plan, he’s the one who puts the radio in place, he’s the one who sends out the SOS message to their people, he’s the one who risked his life to do it, to save his friends. He’s the guy who jumped first to protect Harper when they were going to take her again. He’s the one who made it possible for Clarke and Bellamy to pull that lever.

Please explain to me why he was barely shown this season. Explain to me why he wasn’t the main character for the Mount Weather arc. Explain to me why his morality wasn’t explored as the episodes went on and the remaining 48 got restless and felt hopeless and he was there, waiting for Clarke but knowing they had to take action themselves. Why didn’t we see the exploration of a moral code that allowed him to tell Maya that the mountain men should have let themselves die, why didn’t we see the development from goofy stoner to man who would do whatever it took to save his people, including die, including kill. Please explain why Monty Green is still in the shadows. 

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how do you go about drawing enviros? usually i just.. i dont check tuts i just draw and sometimes it works but like, are there any guidelines to follow when drawing, say, a mountain side?

i think it really helps to be mindful of composition and perspective!
(this tutorial explains it really well imo)

all the things about light and colors and shadows etc applies to the stuff in the environment you’re drawing too (just on a different scale) so i think it’s good to also keep that in mind when you draw

as for mountains and stuff (i think this kind of applies to most things) i usually just try to break things down into geometric shapes and work with those as a base

adding in things like birds and trees and clouds and characters and stuff helps give the environment scale i think (smaller details make things look bigger/bigger details make things look smaller)

and using reference for the textures and lighting and colors etc is definitely really helpful as well

i think if you can nail the composition and lighting and colors tho things should look ok! having good perspective and rendering definitely improves your art by a lot but imo if you can get the first three things you’re basically good to go

(and then if all else is lost just stick a character or two in and it should draw attention away from the background lol)

I’m still not exactly sure how delirious I was on a lack of sleep that I thought this was a brilliant idea. I mean… horse. Horse with armor. Horse.

OK, OK, I’ll stop whining. I enjoyed it… in some… painful way. Dylas might be one of my favorite characters personality-wise, but his design… makes me… a little puzzled. Just a little.

let me explain Ayato Kirishima for you:

first, Ayato does not hate Touka. he never did and never will. i don’t know where you got that from. i mean yes he says that a lot, but it’s all an act of a broken child. he’s too prideful to admit that he truly cares for her and loves her. she’s the only family he has left after all. 

you all saw how he reacted to the arata:

it made him so weak when he realized what the arata is made of (their father’s kakuja). and if the look on his face doesn’t make you want to give him a hug, i’m sorry but what is wrong with you???

i mean yes, he kicks Touka’s butt whenever he gets the chance and i’ll get to it later, but he doesn’t know how to express himself except from violence, because nobody taught him how to do that. Arata died when they were both still little kids. i mean Touka wasn’t and still isn’t the nicest person either. they are both damaged after their tough childhood. 

Kaneki’s thoughts after Ayato kicks him for the tiniest and dumbest stuff like referring to him as Ayato-kun:

let me tell you this: Ayato hates humans. he really does and he has a good reason for it. Arata was killed because a human neighbour reported on him and both Touka and Ayato know that. 

Touka is just a little bit more forgiving than Ayato. and Ayato hates it that she’s trying to live a peaceful life, getting along with humans.

second, he joined Aogiri to do what he thinks is right and to be able to protect his ‘stupid sister’.

Kaneki even called him out for it:

he jumps in the second Touka tries to attack Yamori, because he knows all too well what Yamori is capable of (we all know what he did to Kaneki).

and a little further in the manga:

i don’t want to copy the entire manga here so the look on Ayato’s face will have to do it for you.

and the last thing i want to say, even though it didn’t happen in the manga: how can you say that he tried to hit Touka in the last episode of root a? the second he found out that she might get in danger he follows her around jumping from one street lamp to another just to watch over her (guardian angel ayato) and he shoots his kagune thingies to destroy the piece of wall (there’s a term for it but i can’t remember it) that’s about to crush Touka. saving her life as a result.

how can you dislike him?? seriously how??? he is an asshole, but he has a golden heart.

i don’t even know if any of it makes sense. it probably doesn’t, but i had to write it, because it really bugs me when people hate on him.