Tutsaklığını dar sokaklarında büyürken
Sevmek niye, yetmeden öncelere?
Seni düşünmek bir yağmur ansızın
Akşamüstleri yorgun caddelere

İçimde yeniden bir umut
Yeniden bir kahır sevgilere

Söylenmemiş şiirler dudaklarımdan
Savruluyor susuk gecelere

Üstelik hep mutlu olmak gülünç
Sığmak güç evlere kahvelere
Ellerinden bir tutsam, biliyorum
Koşum ötelere ötelere

The portfolio isn’t due yet, heck applications aren’t even open, but I’m finally going to do what I want in life and not what my parents told me to do and I don’t want to mess up. I don’t think I’ve ever been this motivated in a long time. (bad news is it’s already stressing me out ahahahahah)

@sydtheawesomenerd replied to your post “So I’m thinking about going back to school to take media production…”

For art portfolios it helps to show breadth for half of it, but then for the other half show what you’re interested in doing. Only show your best works. I personally try to avoid fan-art, but your fan-art may be able to work as a lot of them are your own interpretations of a character that are necessarily reconizable

Do you know how much pieces should be in a portfolio?

Honestly the person I talked today was no help. She basically said “you do you” no instruction what so ever (probably have to back and ask more questions)

it said this in the website  “The portfolio must be submitted on one CD/DVD only. Artwork, video projects, photography and websites can be included. Portfolios are not returned. Do not submit original works”

I have some logo and character designs I did for someone that I thought I should add, maybe some photography but other than that i’m at a lost