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Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Celebration: Day 5 - Favourite Character

Now this was a hard one, but I have always really loved Selphy? So I’m gonna share an old fic I wrote then rewrote that’s 100% speculation about her past.

I’ve always been a mischievous kid. Never liked listening to rules, never liked being still - but that was my place. That is, until I had enough. I was born into royalty, but it wasn’t a life for me. I was pampered, spoiled and admired. I was never called by my name - always Princess this, and Princess that. I hated it.

What I did enjoy in my life was playing around in my home - having fun. I spent as much time as I could in our library, because I loved the books. By the time I was four, I had fallen in love with reading. My parents, however, were not as fond of how I spend my time, preferring that I use the books more for perfecting my posture than reading of fantastic worlds and historical events. It didn’t help that I was never allowed outside to play when I wasn’t allowed to go to the library. I spent many days watching the children running around and enjoying themselves from my large bedroom window. I couldn’t frolic outside though, for I was to be a “proper young lady”. There comes a day, however, when a girl can’t handle all these restrictions anymore - and this was my day.

“Your highness, we must prepare for your visitors. They will be here to see you and your parents any moment,” said the maid.

Hmph. Great, more visitors. I followed her to my grand closet, filled with contraptions holding all my outfits. She pressed a few buttons and the rack with my dresses spun around to the front. Then the maid carefully selected an intricately designed dress, and held it out in front of me to see how it would look.

“Beautiful, your highness. I think this will look lovely on you for the occasion.”

She smiled, and I rolled my eyes with a sigh. I walked out of the closet and over to my window once more before she could do anything else.

“Isabelle, how come I never get to play with the town children?” I asked, staring out the window at the squealing and laughing children.

“Your highness, it is ‘why am I not allowed to play with the children from the town’, and the answer is because it is unladylike. You would most definitely soil your dress,” she motioned for me to return to the closet so I could be dressed. Quickly undressing and dressing me, it took mere minutes to have me public ready. Isabelle had lots of practice doing these things, as she did me up like this on a regular basis. She must think I’m like a doll.

“You must quickly go meet His and Her Majesty, they are patiently waiting for you. You have a very important visitor.” Isabelle said as she ushered me from my chambers and into the huge hall.

I arrived in the throne room just in time. Just as I took my place next to Mother, the grand doors opened and trumpets blared. Royal ambassadors in a foreign dress entered the room, and as they split to each side, a young man about my age approached us. He nodded at my father, then bowed towards Mother and I.

“We present to your imperial highnesses, His Royal Highness Prince Ivan of Norad.”

The… prince… of Norad. Beyond his politeness, he did not seem pleased to be in our presence. I looked at Father, who smiled stiffly and outstretched his arm in my direction.

“Will Princess Selphy please step forward?” Father addressed me indirectly. I knew better than to ignore him, for the wrath of Emperor Ethelbert was something to be feared, even if he was my own father, so I stepped forwards, around Mother, and over to his side.

“My dear child, please introduce yourself to your new fiancé.” Father looked me directly in the eyes, giving me a look that told me to heed his instructions, for it was in my best interest. Still, I couldn’t help but question his words.

“Excuse me, Your Majesty - fiance?” I didn’t contain my voice well and it raised an entire octave when I spoke. I’m only 16!

“Yes dear, fiance. Yourself and Prince Ivan here are approaching the age to wed, and it is the prime opportunity for the alliance of our two nations.” Father’s voice hardened as he spoke, giving his hand one more swish in the direction of Ivan. I finally complied and approached the young man, who was apparently my husband-to-be.

I didn’t want to be Noradian - they use magic. Its so uncivilized. They have no technology and are practically heathens. They did, however, write more fiction, something I could appreciate.

The first thing I noticed about Ivan was how homely he was. He looked like he had been hit by a Buffamoo on the way in. Such a crooked, large nose was so… gross, and he smelled like dirt. Actual dirt - not that I was very familiar with that from my confinement.

“Hello, Selphy. Er, nice to meet you, I guess.” Ivan said, completely blank faced and clearly as uninterested as I was.

“Uh, yeah, nice to meet you.” I moved to curtsy to him, and lowered my voice before continuing our conversation. “Your parents are forcing you into this too, aren’t they?”

He rolled his eyes and nodded as I stood up once more. I turned to my mother, since I knew I would get a better response out of her.

“May I be excused now that I’ve met the Prince?”

Mother hesitated, but when I shot her my begging face, wide eyes and a pouty lip, she sighed and nodded. I quickly got out of there, nearly leaping and bounding towards the door.

As soon as the doors closed behind me, I bolted for my room and began to hatch my plot. I was not getting married, even if Father wanted to make friends with Norad. With his usual mindset, I don’t know why he hasn’t just conquered them yet. That’s how Daddy Dearest always handles things, but I’m not letting it happen this time. I’m breaking free, I don’t care how.
I entered my room and quickly locked the door. I dug around the drawers all across my room, and I finally found a small bag that would work. Then I ran around my room and quickly stuffed the bag with some books, an outfit and some small momentos as fast as I could. Once it was as full as I could stuff it, I pulled the drawstring as tight as I could and knotted it. I walked in front of the mirror by my closet, and paused to look at myself - mainly my hair. The length of it was going to make this difficult, and they would definitely be able to recognize me. So in that moment I made a decision, grabbing the nearest pair of scissors in a rush. In mere seconds my long blonde hair was on the floor at my feet and I had a very terribly cut short pile of hair on my head that looked like something that would give Isabelle a heart attack. Now that that was out of the way, I could go.

I took one last look around my room, then cracked open the large windows. With a deep breath I leapt the short distance between the window and the ground, not landing on my feet, but instead on my behind, covering it in dirt. Actual dirt -  I couldn’t believe it. I was actually outside, breathing fresh air for once in my life. It felt so good.

Through the bushes I ran as fast as I could, knowing that if I was going to get away I had to be quick about it. There was no time for hesitation or doubt. From the few times I had been outside, I knew that there was one place in the garden gate that had bent rungs, just large enough for me to squeeze through.

It didn’t take much work to get out of the palace grounds, but in the town was were I was worried about being caught. Prince Ivan would be departing soon and he might recognize me. I dashed past the kids playing in the streets, kicking up dust under my feet. My destination was the road both out of town and out of the Empire. My gateway to freedom, even if it was in Norad for a while, was only mere miles away. I could smell the comforting books in the libraries on the other side of the border. They were almost within my reach.

Skipping past the gaze of the border guards, I continued on the dirt road to where the sign said was a place by the name of Kardia. Freedom was so close… so close…

As I kept going, my pace slowed with the comfort that I was out of the grasp of the Sechs Empire for now. The time passed, and the sun was hot overhead, and I could feel it getting to me. I felt clammy and I realized my fatal mistake - I had forgotten to take any food.

I could see the buildings of a town in the near distance, but I was quickly realizing that it was too far. With every step, I got shakier. I could barely take any more steps by the time approached the first houses, and my vision was fleeting. Everything got darker… and darker…

Why did I not bring a sandwich?