Rikyako and Sour Food

Rikyako’s addiction to sour things is well-documented. She talked about her intense love of vinegar and her addiction to umeboshi (pickled plums that are known for being very sour and salty) back in 2016 when she was interviewed on “KaneTomo Seiyuu Laboratory”:

Kaneda: I don’t understand why you like pouring vinegar on everything.

Rikyako: (genuinely shocked) HUH? You don’t?!

Rikyako: I love that feeling when your throat dries up from the sourness~ ♥

Kaneda: *judging her*

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Jackass! is one of my most fav mangas and now it’s also one of my most fav BLCDs!!! (makes sense)

I was smiling so much, and laughing, and crying a little too. I love everything about it! The art, (the eyes!!!), the plot, the characters, the seiyuus <33333 

Uchida Yuma & Nakamija Yoshiki were SOOO GOOD. They sounded so good together!! As much as I love uke! Yuma, there’s something special about his seme… sounding all flirty and sexy *-* And I just LOVE Yoshiki’s moans, I could listen to him forever~ All the pantyhose scenes were so fucking hot!! Hotter than the actual sex scene in the end. ASDFGHJKL

This part KILLED me when I first read the manga, and it killed me AGAIN in the BLCD JFC HNG

Also 3 things that made me lol:

1. These two - 

Being voiced by Egu & Kengo, who also voiced these two - 


2. Shingaki-san voicing the teacher, who suspiciously looked familiar…

(Jackass!Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki – Joou to Shitateya

And guess what?


I mean yeah, that’s the art style of Scarlet Beriko, her characters often resemble her other characters (not complaining here!), I just found it hilarious that he voiced all of them who looked like they’re related XD  

3. Nishiyama Koutaro’s character wanting Egu’s character and saying “he’s so cute, I wanna have sex with him” in that tone, I LAUGHED COS IT’S THE TWO OF THEM I COULDN’T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. 

Mamo Blog - 2017/11/22 (Eng. Translation)

The Movie “Boss Baby”

2017/11/22 23:59

The new movie held by Universal Studios and Dream Works Animation

“Boss Baby”

In it,

I, Miyano Mamoru, have been given a role to play☆

When you look, he’s an adorable baby but on the inside he’s an old guy, it’s a really original setting, Boss Baby(lol)

I would laugh at the comical production,

Feel warm by the baby’s cute softness,

Feel anxious about the development of the serious story,

最後には「人」としての大きな「愛」に触れられる、とってもステキな映画なんです( ^ω^ )
And lastly I was touched by the huge amount of “love” that’s found in “humans,” it was a really wonderful movie( ^ω^ )

I am,

In charge of telling the story of “Tim as an Adult”!!

A touching, irreplaceable “Family Love,”

Wanting to embrace someone, wanting to be embraced by someone,

The movie “Boss Baby”

By all means everyone,

Please watch it in theaters♪

Please feel the warm “love” in the movie♪


Buddy Fight SSS

Shingeki No Bahamut

Hungry Night


Seiyu Datte Tabi Shimasu the 2nd Special Event - Tabi no Omoide wa Marumaru Dattane! We Love “Koetabi” Dvd Release Date  March 07, 2018

江口拓也の俺癒&西山の健僕&斉藤のそま君‏ @oreiya_info (2017.11.22)
今夜23時からは『斉藤壮馬の和心を君に』第4回。ゲストの梅原裕一郎さんと盆栽づくりで和の心を探究します。ナレーションは西山宏太朗さん。主題歌はTバッカーズ[江口拓也さん&西山宏太朗さん&斉藤壮馬さん]。そま君はTOKYO MXとエムキャスでリアルタイム視聴可能です。つぶやきは #そま君

Tonight at 11pm is episode 4 of “Saito Soma no Wagoro wo Kimi ni”. With guest, Umehara Yuichiro-san, the two of them investigate what makes one Japanese by creating their own bonsai. Narration is by Nishiyama Kotaro-san. The theme song is by T-Backers (Eguchi Takuya-san & Nishiyama Kotaro-san & Saito Soma-san). You can watch SomaKimi on TOKYO MX and possible real time on MCAS. Tweet about the show using #そま君


Yeeeah, this ep of Tsukipro made me freak out because of these two. Because I realized they (seiyuus) are also these two and I kinda lost it ^_^;; 

Kaji told Midoriya Izuku’s VA, Yamashita Daiki, before, that Midoriya is cute and his voice also cute ^////^

Daiki choked