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Nanamaru Sanbatsu (7o3x) TV Anime Commemoration Special “Will you also be Quiz King?” Part 1

Mamo Blog - 2017/6/28 (Eng. Translation)

Interview! Continuing!!

2017/6/28 21:25

ニューアルバム「THE LOVE」の取材が、
The new album “THE LOVE”’s interviews,

They’re being held one after the other!!\(^o^)/

There were lots of wonderful photos taken today as well,

I also talked plenty☆

まだ、詳細が明かされないニューアルバム「THE LOVE」
There are still, details about the album “THE LOVE” that haven’t been revealed yet


Please wait and look forward to it(>_<)☆


I wanted to try something like the “You can use this when you post ‘On a date with my boyfriend nao’” with this pic too.
You can use it for “With Onoda-shi and Yuuto nao”

See here for backstory 😂


HD screencaps from Granrodeo no Odorodeo 2 Part 2.

2nd part is still about Kishow. They ate the local udon, signed a couple of bowls and aprons as presents and then it was time for Kiiyan to go back to his middle school. There, he met his old schoolmates and faced the beauty of his old school works, that embarassed him to the death LOL (So damn cute here!). Apparently, at that time Kiiyan and his two friends were part of a cover band, named FujiTani Uears; they got asked to perform again, so they played a cover of Unicorn’s Sugar Boy, joined by E-zuka on guitar. At the end, there was a letter for Kiiyan from his number one Rodeo Girl, his mama, Sumiko. She said that she is so proud of him, and even if she got a bit worried when he decided to be a seiyuu, she backed him up ever since. She also begged E-zuka to keep watching over him too XD

Have a nice week! (^_^)/