Jealous Boyfriend Scenario
  • Jealous Boyfriend Scenario
  • Umehara Yuichiro
  • Apollon/Tokyo FM (2015.06.30)

A translation of the scenario from Ume-chan’s appearance on Apollon/Tokyo FM. Listen to the full audio here: [x] (Credit to the original uploader)

You: Ah - sorry, I should get going.

Friend: Alright, see ya.

You: Bye-bye!

Ume-chan: Sorry I’m late.

You: That’s okay.

Ume-chan: Hey…who was that just now?

You: Oh…he’s someone I used to know way back when. We ran into each other just now so we had a chat.

Ume-chan: I see…you guys looked like you were having a lot of fun talking. Don’t speak to other guys like that in front of me…

You: …sorry.

Ume-chan: I-I’m sorry too…I didn’t think I’d ever get jealous like that.

Keep being the closest person to me, okay?

Here; an earphone…let’s listen to this together*.

*Similar to Ai Ai Gasa or Love Love Umbrella. Literally, what he says I think is Love Love Ear(?) so walking together with one earphone each…

The Signs as Our Seiyuus!!^_^

PART #1 ^_____^ 

(I always see on tumblr how people doesn’t like their signs, lets see NOW if you don’t like your sign after watching all our gorgeous seiyuus!!<3)


Taurus: Ono Daisuke

Gemini: Miyano Mamoru

Cancer: Ono Yuuki

Leo: Taniyama Koishou

Virgo: Kaji Yuki

Libra: Ono Kensho

Scorpio: Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Sagittarius: Fukuyama Jun

Capricorn: Kakihara Tetsuya

Aquarius: Kamiya Hiroshi

Pisces: Hatano Wataru