please, i’m begging you
please stop saying “but you look like a girl”
please stop asking “if you’re not a girl then why do you look like that?”
please fucking stop
i get it
i get that you think i look like a girl
but i live in this body, i live in this temple, and i do not need to answer intrusive questions about it just because you’re “curious” or you “disagree.”
please stop challenging it
please stop questioning it
please stop insisting that your opinion of me is more important or more “correct” than my own opinion of me
i don’t care if you think it’s wrong
please understand that i do not have to explain myself to you
and asking about my genitals and “what happened to make me like this” is rude, hurtful, and intrusive
please stop

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Izuna... *heavy breathing*... 😘, 😉, 😏,💍,❤,✍,📐 and...🐉 (I feel guilty I couldn't ask this for Tobirama!! I lost a once in a life time opportunity, I won't lose another one!) Thank you so much! ♡

Thank you ty ty sooo much for your patience!!! I hope you like these~

😘 - how do they flirt?

DUDE Izuna is suuuuch a good flirt. He’s so charismatic when he wants to be, and he’s sweet and kind to someone he’s trying to come on to. He will definitely use body language to his advantage and give them his full attention, make sly, witty comments about how cute they are, flick their hair out of their face. If the other person is flirting back with him, he’ll wink and at them and leave them with a smirk

😉 - what makes them attracted to someone?

In terms of just physical attraction, Izuna likes dark hair and dark eyes, pretty typical of the Uchiha clan. But he’s not really the type of person to be attracted to someone’s personality very quickly, so over time if he grew to know someone and they got along well, shared common hobbies, had the same appreciation for sarcastic humor that he does, then he’d be attracted to them. Emotional attraction happens slowly for him.

😏 - turn ons + turn offs

Ohh okay turn ons: lip biting, dirty talk, tugging at his belt/shirt collar. If his lover slips the tips of their fingers into the top of his pants he’s going to loose it my dude. 

Turn offs: being overly clingy, wanting to argue a lot, being messy, wanting to be proven right even if they’re wrong

💍 - what do they think of marriage? Would they ever get married?

Izuna thinks that marriage, when done right, can be a good thing. He isn’t keen on arranged marriages at all, even though he does see the politic gains as something that can be necessary at times. He was really young when his mother died, so he never saw how his own parents interacted with each other in their marriage so he’s not got a lot to go off of. Izuna really wants to see marriage as a collaborative partnership, where both people want to be there and put effort into it, but he has doubts that he’d ever find someone he woudl actually want to marry. Izuna is more insecure this way, always afraid that he isn’t going to be enough for someone, which makes him possessive at times and he doesn’t want to scare someone off. If he met someone he felt that strongly for though, Izuna would do it. 

❤ : What are your muse’s thoughts on love? If they are not in a relationship, do they believe that they will ever find a perfect someone for them?

Izuna in his younger years freely let himself catch feelings for others, but never really fell in love until he was older and understood the weight of saying “I love you” to another person romantically. Izuna doubts that he will ever find someone “perfect” for him, although the thought of it is appealing to him. He just doesn’t believe that a perfect counter part to himself exists, at least romantically. 

✍ : What is your muse’s handwriting like? Is it neat? Sloppy? Fancy?

His handwriting is flawless, perfect and neat. Almost like scripture really, he’s kinda anal about it.

📐 : Is your muse good at math? Do they like it, or do they hate it?

Izuna is really good at math, not that he would really choose to do math problems for fun in his spare time. He’d much rather read.

🐉 - did they name their…dick? Lol `

AHAHA you know what I think he wanted to when he was younger, but couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t stupid or cheesey and eventually gave up, and then later was embarrassed that he ever wanted to. Not a single soul knows this.

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Are there any au's that really interest you? Anything that you really want to do? Any interest in a half hyuuga?

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// Hi! Yes! I love AUS so much. I’m pretty much down for any AU, but I really like modern, college, KPD commissioner!Madara, space, superhero, and such. I really want to do an modern AU of any kind really, or one where Madara and Hashirama work together instead of just one person being the sole identity of Konoha. 

And I’m interested in anything, half Hyuuga included! I know I put selective in the blog description, but I’m really not lol 

Learning lessons is a little like reaching maturity. You’re not suddenly more happy, wealthy, or powerful - but you understand the world around you better, and you’re at peace with yourself. Learning life’s lessons is not about making your life perfect, but about seeing life as it was meant to be.
—  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross