*second hand motion*

  • yall: language, setting, wardrobe, and props are all crucial to storytelling and foreshadowing. nothing is ever a coincidence!!
  • us: riley is repeatedly referred to as dorothy in girl meets true maya, especially in reference to her relationship with maya. the term 'dorothy' has a special history in the queer community. not to mention that much of the episode takes place in Christopher Park, the park across the street from Stonewall Inn, the birthplace of the queer rights movement. it is impossible that this was merely an accident or coincidence given how blatant these references are.
  • yall: okay.. but riley and maya are just friends. not everything has to be gay :/
“You shouldn’t make a big deal out of being autistic.”

To the anon in November who said that to me: Bite me, I do what I want!

[A white woman wearing a red shirt that says “I can’t keep calm I’m autistic” in white lettering. In the first photo she is holding a shiny blue Tangle, and in the second one her hands are motion-blurred because she is flapping them to show she is happy.]

And if that anon come back to my inbox saying autism isn’t cute selfies with stim toys and flapping, well they can eat my entire ass until they choke.

I choose not to see all my autism issues as pure suffering and tragedy. I choose to be proud of what shapes who I am and how I experience the world. 

If you, rude anon, want to see it like that, fine. Go ahead and do that. But don’t you dare tell me how to feel about myself or tear down others who dare to see something besides deficits and difficulties.

I got this shirt as a giant middle finger to anyone who tells me how to feel about my own neurology.