the signs as glee couples
  • Aries: sam x mercedes
  • Taurus: klaine
  • Gemini: st berry
  • Cancer: finchel
  • Leo: jake x marley
  • Virgo: quick
  • Libra: marley x ryder
  • Scorpio: puckleberry
  • Sagittarius: brittana
  • Capricorn: seblaine
  • Aquarius: artie x brittany
  • Pisces: artina/tartie
  • [ don't know the ship names for some ]

Reincarnation + Soulmates AU:
There’s one thing I know about [him]. Just one thing. If I met [him] again,  I would absolutely know.” - Doctor Who, Hell Bent.

In every life, you are Blaine Anderson and I am Sebastian Smythe.
In every life, you are drawn to the stage.
And in every life, I am drawn to you.
And in every life, I am yours.