Into the Dark (7/?)

Title: Into the Dark

Pairing: Hardy x Hannah

Rating: Adult

Warnings: Stalking, Sexy times

Summary: Alec swore off women after his marriage ended, and Hannah is in no rush to date again after breaking Ben’s heart, but sparks fly when they meet. The only problem is that someone else wants Hannah all to himself. Will Hardy be able to protect her? Will Hannah let him?

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Broadchurch S1 AU

Her room at the Trader’s is just under his. It’s a peculiar kind of intimacy. She knows he wakes up at an ungodly hour even on weekends, that he gets a lot of calls that make him leave in a hurry, and that he falls asleep with the TV on but always wakes up in the middle of the night. She catches glimpses of him in the lobby and on the beach (the 3rd time he actually smiles back). When she hears a loud bang coming from his room, she knows something’s wrong. And when she decides to ride in the ambulance with him, their fates become intertwined.

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fadewithfury replied to your post: fadewithfury replied to your post “really…

I felt the same with sdoacg. I worried it would squick me or make me uncomfortable, but it turned out fine for the most part. Also it was on TV vs don juan being right live, that might be what is making me feel uncomfortable more.

Yeah, SDoaCG was absolutely fine for me, but that’s the issue I have- I don’t want to not see Don Juan and then find out I would have been fine with it, but on the flip side if I don’t like it I can’t just leave (and tickets are quite a bit)… I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!

gardeninglifegoals  asked:

I love your yoi fics, especially the boyfriend experience and submerge. So i've never seen the show the girlfriend experience. How much does the story mirror you're own? Is it worth watching? Lastly, I know you can't answer spoilers but do you ever see Yuuri returning to skating (asks in a sad voice)? Thank you and good luck with your thesis.

Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you like them! xx

The Girlfriend Experience was really more of an abstract inspiration. Along with Secret Diary of a Call Girl and other related media to escorting and sex work. My story is not really a merge of the plotline of any of those stories, it’s more just taking the concept and applying it to YOI.

Tbh, I feel like the main thing I took from TGE was the mood. I liked the underlying tension the series masters so well- especially the tonal dissonance and the moral ambiguity of the main character. (Notice I don’t say protagonist). SDOACG is much more upbeat- cheap, cheerful but offers interesting perspective given the source material. (Which I’ve read as well, and also served as inspiration for this story). 

I would absolutely recommend TGE, you shouldn’t be spoiled for anything in The Boyfriend Experience. Some similar tropes, because most escort media will have them, but I like to think The Boyfriend Experience is it’s own story.

As much as fanfic can be, anyway! xD 

And as for Yuuri’s skating- that would definitely be spoilers! ;) Yuuri’s love of skating is still very present, but he’s not in the place where he could return to it. Not just career-wise, but in emotionally as well. Skating represents literal heartbreak for Yuuri. It was the thing he loved most in the world and he felt he let it down, let himself down. That’s something he may never recover from. (Not without help). 

Thank you so much for the interesting question! I hope my answer was okay! x