Billie Piper - Mornings interview for Ozcomic-Con 2015 (4-5 minute video) This was taped ahead of time in March prior to Billie going to Australia. Thank you to YouTube user Mike Devery who posted this today.

She says the question that she gets asked most is what did David Tennant whisper in her ear at the end of that episode, but she says she can’t say…

The Get to Know Me Tag

So I got tagged by mentally-insane-fangirl and I somehow only found out today, sorry! 

Name: Eileen

Nickname: don’t really have one :/

Birthday: 24th January, 1996

Star sign: Aquarius 

Gender: Female

Height: 6ft

Sexual/Romantic orientation: Straight (probably, but who knows)

Favourite colour: the kind of green that happens when the sun shines through leaves

Average hours of sleep: 6-7

Lucky number: 24

Last thing I googled:  how to write aquarius (don’t judge me, it’s easier in german)

One thing that makes me happy: fan fiction

How many pillows do I sleep with: 1, but there are about 8 all around me

Favourite fictional character: Rose Tyler (bc she’s Bad Wolf and that’s awesome)

Favourite famous person: Taylor Swift

Favourite book: Harry Potter (for the story), or Ruby Red

Favourite shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Friends, SDOACG, 

Favourite musician/band: Taylor Swift, Nina Nesbitt, Ed Sheeran, Bastille

Last book I read: The Seven Sisters

Celeb Crush: Tom Hiddleston

First thing that comes to mind: my mouth hurst from removing wisdom teeth :(

Last movie I saw in theaters: Hobbit 3 (I think - oh God, I haven’t been in ages, I just realised)

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Harry’s so shitty because he keeps going after knowing she’s in a relationship and she’s said no multiple times and he’s attempting to manipulate her by telling her her whole life is a lie; that she’s not “that kind of a girl” as if her being a call girl means she wouldn’t like nice things and a big home to go rest in at the end of the day and a great boyfriend who genuinely cares for her and knows the real her.