WOY thoughts

I’m just thinking about Jeff/Major Threat’s lesson to Hater in “The Good Bad Guy”. After Hater “defeats” him and saves his Watchdog army Jeff says “You not only helped your friends here but you also saved yourself, man. You’ll thank me later. It’s like Tumbleweed always said, Never hurts to help”.. And now after seeing how ruthless Dominator can be in “The Bot” with what happened to poor Beep Boop… and the crew hinting at some drama coming up. I have to wonder if there’s some foreshadowing there. Is Hater going to have to come to his senses about his crush and realise that Dominator is actually a huge threat in order to save not only himself but those around him? 

At the end of the SDCC trailer it says “This time it’s gonna hurt to help” ..Is it going to hurt Hater? because he HAS to help? HAS to push his feelings for Dominator aside? Because Dom is going to hurt someone? Some other reason? …Who knows. Except for the WOY crew.


While doing the ‪#‎MisonFix‬ posts during the hiatus, I realized that a couple of videos were no longer available on line, and I hadn’t grabbed them when they were. Luckily, @kaysaint514 came through and found both of them.

This is the 2nd one (the first is the Q&A from the floor of SDCC 2013 with Nicole and Orlando) – it’s a sweet interview with Tom from the set of the show, with a very special appearance by Ken Olin towards the end.