I am going to SDCC this year!

Flights came drastically down in price, and I could now afford it, thanks to inheritance from my grandad my parents gave to me…so basically, my grancha is sending me out to SDCC again. Thank you, Granch.

In the meantime, I will try and come up with the best ways to make the most out of this trip for me, my career and The Pride! (oh, and getting all the most awesome reporting with the other Little Bleeders of Bleeding Cool)

grumpybstrd asked:

Um... Why is magic origins prerelease the same weekend as SDCC?

Because San Diego Comic-Con decided to hold the convention three weeks earlier than normal.

My super-wishlist of MH things that I’d like to exist:

I just had to get all these thoughts out of my head, haha! ^U^

Just a small disclaimer, some of these are ideas I’ve previously seen in the Monster High tag. I’ve tried to leave credit where I can.

  • I Heart Fashion Twyla
  • I Heart Fashion Vandala with fancy extra peg-legs (Someone else had this idea, but I also thought of it when she was revealed at SDCC)
  • More Wydowna
  • Disappearing Club 3-Pack (I NEED THIS)
  • Jackson and Holt 2-Pack (I love this idea from gender-fae, and this idea from blueeyeslikethesea)
  • Cleo and Nefera family 2-Pack
  • Deuce and Viperine family 2-Pack
  • Abbey and Marisol family 2-Pack
  • Maybe more family packs introducing family members we haven’t seen before?

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