CineQuest have announced their first round of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives

There will be a 1:64 die-cast variant of the Impala as it appeared on the Rainbow Motors lot, where it was purchased by John Winchester. The car features Rainbow Motors dealer plates, the price as marked on the windshield in white grease pen, and all the dust it has gathered while sitting on the used car lot.

There is also a t-shirt based on last years WB SDCC bag design - the boys in salt! 

If you’re not going to Comic Con you can pre-order them here.

salesassociatesteve asked:

Do you think they're gonna kill Charlie? I just ugh I don't trust her being written by the Deadly Duo and I'm totally worried.

Oh boy.  You should know… ever since 9x18 both me and justanotheridijiton have been searching high and low for interviews where TPTB made comments about Charlie not being killed off ever.  The quotes by Jim Michaels are easy to find, but I could have SWORE there was a Singer vid after SDCC 2013 where he stated there was a note in the writers room about how they are not allowed to kill her off.  I remember laughing about it when 9x04 aired because they did kill her, but only temporarily.  We can not find this vid anywhere.  I’m mentioning all this because this extradiegetic information is the only thing that makes me hesitate to entertain this.  This was also Michaels talking two years ago…

I’m going to be real with you tho.  I think you have a right to be worried and I’m going to tell you why.  9x18 had Charlie say “Merry Christmas” when she woke up in the cabin.  This is a call back to 9x04, when she died and was revived and said the same thing.  This dialogue links us to Charlie’s textual death. Also, Sam talks to Charlie about how dead doesn’t mean goodbye.  This could be non-meta, but I doubt it.  It feels like Robbie explaining to us that Charlie dying would not mean it is the last time we see her.  I thought all this coincidence, mind you, when 9x18 aired… but then I saw the 10x21 promo and heard the storyline around WHY Charlie is in 10x21.  

The codex is in code.  

Narratively…. there’s really no reason to do that.  NONE.  You simply have Rowena take a few episodes to crack it.  But no… the show decides to bring Charlie back in for code breaking and they put her doing this in front of rubble that says “Brothers”.  It’s not hard to see the symbolism there.  Basically, the code breaking looks like a weak excuse to have her in the episode if you ask me.  The show has also spent a great deal of effort this season making Charlie and Sam closer, and also coding Charlie as “family” more than ever.  In SPN, the latter is a death sentence, just ask Kevin Tran, another code breaker that was “family” killed by Winchester desperation and lies.  

Basically… I see a whole lot of what we saw around Kevin mid-season 9 going on around Charlie right now, with bonus narrative highlights that point out how “caught in the crossfire” killed strangers don’t really mean anything to the Winchesters if it means saving the other.  The next step up from that is people in Kevin’s and now Charlie’s position.  That’s actually good news for Charlie, because the show has already shown how killed chosen family doesn’t really stop them either (since this was done by Sam’s own hands, but yet he still seeks the cure in the Book of the Damned even after being warned of its consequences).  The show could either kill Charlie to revisit this pain, or it could skip it and go straight to whatever they deem is worse than killing strangers and adopted family in order to finally push the Winchesters into some kind of “I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t do that!” position.  

If not for Michaels’ comment, I’d be leaning strongly on calling Charlie’s death. The “natural skip” to “worse situation” (Charlie calling the bunker the Death Star could qualify for this, blowing up the bunker) is also a strong contender tho, not to mention the fact that PR isn’t really teasing Charlie being in danger (or Cas or Crowley to be fair…), unless you count the teaser promo of Dean saying “Charlie has the damn Book of the Damned?!” and them cutting to a shot of one of the Steins knocking down Charlie’s motel room door (them trying to make it *look* like it could be Dean coming after her because he is angry she has the book).  Which… Eh.  If you squint it *could* count as a Charlie death tease, but their heart really just doesn’t look in it.  

Basically… I’m torn. I’ve spent this whole ask saying “maybe, maybe not”. Looking at the whole, Michaels’ comments aside and the glaring red flag of how they had to create a reason for her to be in the episode, I’m leaning towards yes, unfortunately.  Being a redhead for the 21st episode doesn’t bode well, especially when it’s a Buckleming episode.  Just ask Abaddon…

All this said.  I really fucking hope they don’t kill her.  They thought the wank out of 9x03 was bad?  This is gonna be worse, so very much worse.  The show has been steadily bleeding its demo gain out of season 9 this year and killing off Charlie would be such a bad move at this point.  :/

anonymous asked:

Love your blog i was wondering what is your biggest proof that convinced you Hobrien was real :)

Hey, sweet! Thank you, I’m glad you like coming here! :)

The biggest proof, wow. There are just so many, I don’t know if the one’s I’ll choose are convincing enough to you. But, I’ll try to pick some:

1º - SDCC 2013 and their body language, aka THE GREATEST CON EVER. That was when I started noticing everything. The body language, sneaking touches, the soft looks, being comfy around each other, the fondness towards each other… Please, you need to watch the videos ( x , x , AND THIS ONE AT 4′39′’ ) , because TOO MANY MOMENTS, and TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.

2º - The mirroring. It’s on ANOTHER LEVEL. Usually only people who have a lot of intimacy and spend a lot of time together reach this level of mirroring.

3º The beards, I mean, the girlfriends. Both Brittany, both blondes, with similar physical characteristics. Both don’t look even remotely interested when around them. In Tyler’s case sometimes he looks positively annoyed. In resume, PR relationships to promote filmes and MTV stuff.


Compared to this….

4º I don’t even have words anymore…

THE POPCANDIES VIDEOS OF SDCC 2014 OMGGGGGGG (watch 1, 2 and 3) that night they all went out with the beard.

I’m gonna post some more stuff but you got me rolling. I decided I might start a HObrien reblogging spree. 

none of the gifs are mine

demiurgeprincess asked:

Pardon if this information can be found elsewhere and I just haven't looked hard enough, but do you have a con schedule up anywhere?

I don’t, alas. I should do one, actually, as two have been announced.


Denver this month.
SDCC (Though probably not actually doing much at the show)
Probably NYCC (But not 100%)

UK Cons


I may end up showing my nose at the MCM later in the year, but that’s always random.

Look at how organised I am. I am Mr Organised.