Bruce Loves You is going to be a part of SDCC this year! Well, kind of ;)

SupernaturalWiki approached me to create a design for their party at SDCC this year. The brief was to incorporate the words “10 Years of SPN” somewhere in there. I wanted to use several symbols which represented a variety of seasons in this design. Hence Ruby’s knife, the mark of Cain and the anti-possession symbol making up the number 10.

If you’re going to Comic-Con or live near SoCal and love Supernatural, you don’t want to miss this event! You don’t even need a SDCC ticket to attend. And even if you’re not going to be there - for $10 they’ll send you a postcard from San Diego!



I’ve fallen irredeemably in love with the 2015 Raven Queen comic con exclusive but I have no idea about going about getting her. All the ebay pre-sales look so dodgy and it really does seem to be a scalpers dream out there. Is there anyone out there who knows of a reputable seller or is going themselves? Those of you who own mattel sdcc dolls, how did you go about getting them? 

(Also: anyone who wants candy carts/miniature furniture/any items in my shop or art tag/art trade/doll trade in exchange for said dolly is welcome to message me too.)


sdcc is having a supernatural cocktail event and the lowest ticket you can get is called tractor angel and i just cant stop picturing tractor angel getting drunk and emotional about his tractor 

sarah shahi??? oh my god she’s so amazing look- [removes her jacket and hundreds of photos of sarah shahi spill out] this is me and sarah during sdcc 2013 and this [points to another photo] is us on set shooting the season 3 finale and oh did you know we kissed??? ? yeah we did- [thousands more pictures of sarah shahi scatter across the floor] i wanna be her when i grow up [giggles]

i like how in 2011 sdcc mattel had a voting contest for which character they should make next for the fans, the two highest voted dolls got a limited release of their basic/main/default outfits at a one time event that barred most if not all of those who voted for those characters from ever getting that specific release 

yet the one with the lowest votes got a mass produced release with toys r us