Friendly reminder that Tom Hiddleston went to a costume shop

and ended up with Jango Fett because they were out of Stormtrooper ones and travelled to SDCC ‘13 in said costume so that no one would recognize him and “Loki” could take the stage in Hall H as a surprise.  Yeah, that happened.  Dork. <3

this is concrete evidence that they weren’t trying to make us forget about caryl.

they could have send morgan on his own and make him get through carol,it could have been tobin or even have ezekiel help her but that didn’t happen.

S7 trailer was considered by many as “non-canon” evidence and that’s fine. even though i disagree it was completely irrelevant since SDCC is a huge deal.

but now that we have confirmation caryl is a on-going history and still very relevant i think that gives more weight to “easter eggs” or moments like jesus mentioning carol or morgan mentioning daryl,the cherokee rose and even melissa saying on interviews they were avoiding each other for a reason etc.

i think what i needed the most was evidence their story wasn’t over. i’m happy.

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Single actors aren't capable of more chemistry. The only thing you can do with "single" actors anon is use them for your fantasies about the actors being secretly in love when they are not. This is not about the actors not being able to do their jobs because they are dating someone. Its about you having a twisted perspective on how actors do their jobs. Also I agree with amuzed about you being a lying liar over anyone having better chemistry then GG and CP.

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Hi! Do you know if there's any way to watch the footage from sdcc from ragnarok,spiderman etc (that you confirmed was not released to public)?? Thank you, i also really love your blog!!

Unfortunately not. We all hoped that someone in the audience would manage to record it and leak it online but it seems nobody did. 

(And thank you!)

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I think Eli Goree will have an appearance in season 4. I just have that feeling. Jaha is probably going to need that motivation that Wells gave him in 2x02 again. And we know Jason talked to him at SDCC… That’s where they met Roan last year…

i keep thinking about the fact that i’m gonna get to go to a panel with peter, pearl, and moffat and see a bit of the christmas special and (maybe???) s10 and just. oh gosh. finally.

now if they can do a super cool meetup like they do for sdcc i’d be all set yes ok good

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In the BTS pic we got during SDCC Dom isn't standing on something, I remember Kat being in flats that day and Dom was wearing heels.

Dom: We’re doing that photoshoot today.

Kat: Wear some heels so I wouldn’t feel too tall. (x)


Steven Universe - Extended Theme Song Live from SDCC 2016

Here’s the SU extended theme song live from SDCC in HD!


Check out a 360 virtual reality video of the Steven Universe cast singing at the San Diego Comic-Con panel!