February 9th, 2016

Dear diary,

Because I’m almost completely on the mend again, I went to work today – as I had promised. Of course I would have loved to stay home a little longer and spend as much time as possible with Lee, because I already knew those hours that I’d be away and shooting would feel like hell to me. I missed him terribly.

At least I was so distracted and busy with shooting and remembering my lines that I didn’t have too much time to dwell on the subject of missing Lee. Today was especially long because I had to catch up on some scenes (they weren’t able to shoot them during my time off, but at least they managed to film all the nature scenes and “flying over the city” shots and extra scenes and what have you).

That’s why I wasn’t home until 11pm and I was bloody exhausted. Tired like hell. But that is a term that doesn’t exist in Lee’s vocabulary, he’s always up and about (except maybe in the mornings when he has to crawl out of bed.)

When I opened the door to our flat, loud music reached my ears and then Lee exited the kitchen, all dancing and swaying hips and a huge grin plastered to his face, shoving a spoon full of a very tasty bit of chili con carne into my mouth. (I love it when he cooks.)

I was looking rather forward to having a bite to eat, but Lee seemed to have different plans. So I only managed to take off my jacket when Lee grabbed my hips all of a sudden and swirled me through the hall into the kitchen. (Well. If that isn’t a way of waking someone up again; mainly because they have to take care not to stumble over their own feet and break a toe.)

We were dancing toward the stove where the chili was still cooking and Lee fed me another bite, and I couldn’t help but melt into his arms after this draining day in the cold weather. (warm temperatures, but a horrible wind. Brrr. Lee has to warm me up again!) 

Lee dandled me in his arms, swaying me to the music, while he was cooking with one hand. He asked me how my day was. I clung to him like a wet rag (can rags cling? I don’t care), and simply closed my eyes, enjoying the moment.
After we had had dinner, I had regained a little of my energy – and Lee still was full of effusive power. As always. While he did the dishes, he was jumping around, and I had a wonderful time watching him and admiring his movements. And laughing, once. When he stubbed his knee by running into the stove at full force.

When he wants to, he really knows how to move and I imagined the flow and slide of his muscles under his shirt while he kept dancing rhythmically and with elegant movements. I must have looked rather dreamy because Lee beamed at me and then pulled me up to stand. We danced together, swirling through the flat, each of us trying to take the lead (it ended up being a competition, I won more times), and dipping the other low. Lee had a little advantage because of his height so I was the one who was dipped more often, but I managed to dip him as well once, very elegantly, because I have daily muscle and movement training at the set. However, after swooping down, it’s not exactly easy to pull a giant to his feet again.

Then he pulled me up to the bed and started jumping on it and I followed him (though I had no clue what was going on), and Lee sang “I believe I could fly” and with every “I believe I can touch the sky”, he jumped as high as he could and touched the ceiling. 

It was 2am when we fell into bed, and I had to get up 4 hours later – but it was worth it! :D


Georgia students occupy universities to protest racist Supreme Court decision                                 

Atlanta, GA - 14 student activists were arrested for occupying classrooms at three different universities in Georgia, the evening of Feb. 1 and early morning Feb. 2. They were part of an action of more than 90 students from more than ten different universities who were protesting the Georgia Supreme Court’s ruling banning undocumented students from suing the Board of Regents to gain in-state tuition. The court ruling effectively upholds the state’s policy that bans undocumented students from Georgia’s top five public colleges and universities.

The rest of the article here:

“I have been writing music and composing for many years, but I never did anything with it – I’d wanted to be a musician when I was younger, but I wasn’t a good student as a kid, so I just dabbled around and wrote this piece, "And the Waltz Goes On”, in 1964. I was watching one of André Rieu’s concerts on TV, years later, and said to my wife, “I’d love to have that waltz played in Vienna.” Some time later I got a call from André and he said, “I got your waltz.” I said, “What?” He said, “I’ve just performed it with my orchestra in rehearsal.” I didn’t know it, but my wife had sent him the score.“ - Anthony Hopkins

"It ended up kind of being our story. We’re together. There’s nothing about meeting each other; we’ve known each other a while.” - Scott

“Truthfully, it’s just two people who enjoy each other and are in love.” - Tessa

anonymous asked:

just a quick question, does a service dog need to be PA trained to be considered a service dog? you mentioned that in a post, and I'm kinda confused. aren't there in-home service dogs (not esa's)? from what i've read (and correct me if i'm wrong) the only requirements of a service dog are that they're task trained and for someone with an ADA disability?

If the dog has any obvious behavioral issues then they will likely be denied public access. For me, that would mean the dog ‘washed out,’ if that makes sense. I’m going to need his help in public as well as in the home.

I’m not an expert on this yet, but from what I’ve read, a SD should go everywhere with their handler. So if they can’t be trusted in public, wherever their handler might need them, then they can’t perform their tasks. 

There are undoubtedly home-bound handlers, though! And in that case public access wouldn’t be an issue. Even so, you’d still want your SD not to show any aggression to people coming over and whatnot. I think that technically the dog could still be considered a SD but in my experience trainers do not continue to work with dogs with behavioral issues like that.

An Ode to Mana Archive

((This one’s for you, @talec-arashi

Ten years ago, Mana Archive, a fan-website dedicated to Superior Defender Gundam Force, was created by Talec-Arashi.

Today, it is still here.

SD Gundam Force has always been the “Scrappy” of the Gundam Franchise. It’s among the lowest rated anime series and the second season was never aired in the USA.

Most people would have shut down any website that had anything to do with SD Gundam Force with a year after it went off the air…

But Mana Archive lives on.

Despite the poor rep SD Gundam Force has, Mana Archive still exists. Any update or notices only occur once a year nowadays, if we’re lucky. And yet, Mana Archive stubbornly lives on. This website is a true testament to the unwavering devotion the SD Gundam Force fandom has to the series.

A toast. To Mana Archive))