Female Appreciation Post - #3

Fandom #7 - NCIS

Ziva David

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Ziva was such a strong and fiercely independent woman.  She was tough as nails and knew how to handle herself in any situation.  She also had strong principles and values which was refreshing to see in a woman trying to fit into the US customs and traditions.

Abby Scuito

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I can’t imagine anyone not loving Abby!  She may not have the physical prowess of the other women on the show, but she has proven time and again that she can handle herself when the chips are down.  

Extremely intelligent, outgoing and energetic, Abby embodies the essence of feminism.  And her quirky personality shows that you can’t judge any book by it’s cover.

Ellie Bishop

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As a newcomer to the show, I have to say I was a bit apprehensive about how she would fit into the team dynamic.  But I was pleasantly surprised and found myself falling in love with her character. 

It’s almost like she was a strange fusion of all the characters before her, taking the best traits from Abby, Ziva, Cate and Jenny Shepard and rolled them all into one. 

Jenny Shepard

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Jenny was a wonderful leader.  She was poised and graceful, knew how to be diplomatic when it counted and never took crap from anyone!  Again, she had the great traits of being a total bad ass, beautiful, intelligent, and a great leader.  I miss her greatly.

and finally….

Caitlin Todd

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I can’t tell you how much I miss Kate.  She was a jewel.  I loved her dearly.  I was so shocked when they killed her off.  Plot device aside, she was a great character that was sacrificed at the expense of a story line.


‘I’ll be there in 5 minutes,’ Penelope says,” you mumbled out. “‘This movie is totally worth the wait.’

“Oh, cut her some slack, Y/N!” Abby replied. “She has to drive all the way from Virginia…”

With a snort, you pulled out your phone, opting to scroll through some social media than stare at the walls. “Well, we have a sleepover once a month. You’d think an FBI federal agent would be more prepared for traffic.”

Abby gave a playful frown, opening her mouth to rebuke your statement, but the doorbell stopped the words from coming out. The scientist chirped with excitement and jumped off the couch, running towards the door. You followed with a small smile. Despite your complaining, this monthly sleepover was usually a lot of fun, especially with Abby and Penelope.

The door opened, and the technical analyst stood in the doorway, holding bags of snacks and little games and a few movies. But Abby forced her way into hug. You were kind enough to wait until Penelope had laid her bags down before hugging her.

“Let’s get this party started!”

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Abby sighed as her computer frenched fried once again.  Something was hinky about this.  She was good with computers as much as Mcgee was. But she liked seeing Timmy once awhile coming down here and just being in her lab.  She didn’t trust anyone else but Gibbs MCRT team to help her in the lab once in a great while.  She called upstairs “Mcgee can you come down to my extraordinary lab,  I may need your help on something,” she said 

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are your cats named after anything because ive never heard a name like donozzo

McGee, DiNozzo, and Abby are all characters from a show called NCIS! It’s a show that I’ve been watching for more than a decade, one of my favorites, and my fiancé loves it to. Tim McGee, Tony DiNozzo, and Abby Scuito are the characters our cats are named after!


“Abby, this is Penelope; computer genius. Penelope, this is Abby; forensic genius.” You introduced with a grin, eyes flickering back and forth between them.

Penelope gave a smile while tilting her head, holding out her hand to shake Abby’s. “It’s very nice to you!” She purred out, then leaned forward a bit. “I’ve heard very good things about you.”

A smile spread across Abby’s lips and she shrugged. “I’ve heard good things about you, too. I admire your hacking skills, like, beyond a lot.”

You watched the two women start talking about things you didn’t really understand, but you didn’t mind. You had a hunch that they would get along very well, and you were right. Now, it was only a matter of time before they went off and made mischief together.

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Imagine being a new member of the NCIS team and having trouble with your apartment so you have to stay the night in Abby’s lab where she gives you Bert to keep you company 

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“Are you sure this is okay, Abby? I can just get a hotel room for the night…”

“A hotel room?!” The scientist echoed in dismay, then shook her head fiercely. “No; hotel rooms are filthy. My lab is actually a lot cleaner. You’ll be comfy here.”

Abby turned away, not giving you a chance to reply. You followed her to the back room with a sigh, and realized she already had a sleeping bag set out for you. The sentiment made you smile. “Thanks, Abby. This mean a lo-”

The scientist shoved a gray stuffed animal into your arms. As it made contact with your chest, the stuffed toy let out a loud farting noise, making you jump in surprise. Your eyes widened and you looked up to meet Abby’s amused gaze. “It was the hippo.” She affirmed, then patted your shoulder. “Now, get to sleep! You need your rest for this case.”


You and Jethro really did try to keep it a secret; what with Rule 12 and all. But when Abby suspected something, she will go to the ends of the Earth to find out what it was. Especially if it involved Gibbs. Maybe it was just a scientist thing.

Abby stood in front of Gibbs, her eyes narrowed and arms crossed over her chest. Gibbs stared back down at Abby, and for once, he couldn’t really meet her gaze as she questioned him about you. This is the only indicator Abby needed. Over the years, the scientist had learned the little indicators that Gibbs gave off.

“I knew it! I knew it!” Abby called, jumping up and down. Gibbs repeatedly tried to quiet her down, looking side to side as people began to stare.

It was at that moment that the elevator opened, and you came walking through. Abby bolted past Gibbs, a grin planted on her face. You stopped in your tracks, steadying yourself as Abby ran up to you and tackled you in a hug. “I wanna be a bride’s maid!” She demanded.

You peeked over Abby’s shoulder to Jethro, who was smiling and shrugging his shoulders.