Relax and Bath [Wonho smut]

Waking up late was definitely not the way I wanted to start my morning. From not having my alarm go off,my car not starting up, missing the bus and having to walk 7 blocks to the next stop, and not having my boyfriend awake to give me a ride, the stains of spilled coffee on my skirt was the least of my worries as I finally arrived into work looking like a complete mess. 

Avoiding the stares and whispers coming from my fellow coworkers, I was able to make it through the rest of the day with barely an ounce left of caffeine, coffee stained clothing, and the thoughts of desperately wanting to get back home and just collapse into sleep. 

Finally unlocking the heavy door to the apartment, I drop face down on our shared bed and let out my much needed scream into the mattress. 

“Babe, where have you been? I woke up and you weren’t there.” I slowly look up to a dripping wet Wonho with his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth and a fluffy blue towel hanging dangerously low on his hips.

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unconditional - two (h.e.s)

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a/n: this took a long time, but i hope anyone who was waiting for it won’t be too disappointed. as always, let me know if you like it (or if you don’t), it gives me huge motivation to keep going. <3

(part one here)

summary: your first outing with harry is strange, but fitting - you’re enjoying his company until a strange revelation makes you think again.

Is it appropriate to text a man you’d met when incredibly drunk and in immediate danger?

The question has been stewing in your head since you discovered Harry’s note, written in a beautiful hand on equally beautiful paper. You’d spent at least quarter of an hour on your couch, running your fingers over the thick texture of it, trying to make some modicum of sense of everything that had happened; no amount of attempts had solved anything for you, though. Everything had moved in a hardly discernible blur, intertwined with your standard day-to-day life. It’s like a dream. If it is, why haven’t you woken up yet?

It plagues you wherever you go. Work, class, shopping – Harry sits in the back of your mind with his spectacular smile. It should be unnerving, considering you’ve only met briefly and he was entirely baffled by your very existence by the looks of it, but it feels natural. What sort of nonsense is that? You have to laugh at yourself under your breath in the lecture hall, tapping your pen idly against the desk. Love at first sight has always appeared to you as fairytale nonsense sold to the naïve. Wait, why are you even contemplating love in the first place? Your lecturer peers at you curiously, probably picking up on your interesting array of facial expressions, and you offer a wry smile in apology. This is all ridiculous. You need to stop fussing so much.

The note is forgotten under a heap of books for a blissful hour while you’re studying, but is rediscovered all too soon, peeping out just enough to torment you. What to do? There was no reason for you to spurn him and throw it away without giving it a second glance. It was perfectly logical that he knew where you lived, since he was the one who walked you home. It is just a bit too ideal, a bit too blissful, to stumble across a handsome man who is interested in you too, after he saved you from impending doom.

Your phone is heavy in your hand. You manage to punch in his number nonetheless.

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One of my friends (he isn’t on tumblr so I can show this without him seeing) is commissioning me for a coffee-themed Koffing and this is one of the sketches I am going to show him for consideration. The other idea involves Koffing hovering and wearing a coffee house apron. Regardless of the one he chooses I will probably line and color both.