*screams* because this movie

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IMAGINE IT *∗˵╰༼✪ᗜ✪༽╯˵∗*

@ all of y'all saying fiction doesn’t affect reality

Did you ever loose sleep or screamed because of a jumpscare in a horror movie or horror game?

Fiction affecting reality

When you were a toddler learning stuff from educational cartoons?

Fiction affecting reality

Fucking COMIC CON??????


So fiction does affect reality end of story

The original scream movie franchise was so successful because they constantly bought back the same cast and characters (those who lived anyway). It’s what made those films so good because you got invested. If MTV thinks they can reboot Scream without giving us answers or a good ending for our Lakewood kids and still think people will watch it, are so wrong. They’ve already tarnished the Scream name now by rebooting it and not giving the characters endings or full storylines, which was something really key in the original series. The only reason I watched MTV Scream in the first place was because it seemed to stay true to the original and now they’ve fucked it up.

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OMG what about RFA & V & Saeran reacting to MC literally being scared to anything but a butterfly? (Like I relate to this so hard, I can watch millions of horror movies and go to tons of haunted houses but nothing can get me more freaked out than a freaking butterfly??? XD)

So first off, what you are describing sounds a lot more like a phobia than fear. I would try some methods that help against phobia depending on how much this effects your life. Anyway, there isn’t much to say as to how the guys would react to this and I’m also trying out new styles so, so this one will be a little short I still hope you enjoy :)



♬ he’s confused like ¯\_(゚⌓゚)_/¯ ??

♬ at first he thinks you’re pulling some kind of prank

♬ cause just last night you laughed your ass off when he’d screamed because of a horror movie

♬ but no, you’re legitimately running away from a butterfly

♬ he tells you to go to the bedroom and wait there

♬ Zen then proceeds to catch the butterfly and let it free outside

♬ then he shuts the windows and joins you in the bedroom

♬ he pulls you into a hug and calms you by brushing through your hair

♬ from that moment on he plays knight in shining armour

♬  protecting you from those nightmares dressed like daydreams


★ he found out in the worst way possibly

★ like legit the worst, no kidding

★ you know how at weddings they sometimes let white doves fly?

★ he’d felt uncomfortable about birds but thought that hey, butterflies are cute, right?

★ yeah…no bueno

★ the only good thing was that it happened after the ceremony

★ you’d run out like you’d seen the devil only to barricade yourself in the bathroom

★ it took an hour of gentle talking, hugging and rocking to calm you down

★ needless to say your wedding make-up and hair were ruined

★ well, at least he knew what to avoid from now on


♨ she’s the type of person that doesn’t find out by chance but by asking

♨ mainly because you two always watch horror movies but you never react

♨ she’s shivering and hiding behind pillows while you eat popcorn comfortably

♨ it made her wonder what you were scared off, so she asked

♨ luckily you’d been honest with her

♨ which made her realizing that you were actually suffering from a phobia

♨ you both found a little over the top to go to a therapist so she read up on the manner

♨ she made a list of methods and went through them

♨ some worked better than others, obviously, but you still tried them all

♨ it was a long process, but at the end of it you could actually touch a butterfly


♛ it starts as a mild annoyance

♛ you’d been enjoying a nice walk through his beloved gardens

♛ and suddenly you were running of screaming like a lunatic

♛ he’d instantly put all the guards on high alert 

♛ only to find out it was a butterfly that caused it

♛ still he tries to be understanding about it until it happens again

♛ you were enjoying a picnic in the park when suddenly poof

♛ ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=₍₍ ᕕ(´ʘ⌓ʘ)ᕗ⁾⁾

♛ once the bodyguard manage to catch you Jumin decided to take measures

♛ he sends you to therapy so not another date shall be ruined by a butterfly ever again


☼ he blamed not knowing on the fact that phobias weren’t in any medical files

☼ otherwise he totally would have known about your phobia, okay?!

☼ now the thing is, he totally wanted to help you

☼ he did the research and stuff like that, no questions asked

☼ however, in Saeyoungs life a lot of things only happened on the screen

☼ and things were much easier said and read than done

☼ so when he attempted to cure phobia by sending Saeran to get some butterflies…

☼ well let’s say you weren’t the only one afraid of them

☼ he’d seen his brother play with one in photos, but never one in real life

☼ at least neither of you had to scream and cry alone when Saeran threw them at you


☀ he laughs a lot

☀ like he has legit tears in his eyes as he watches you run around the table like a maniac

☀ just so a fucking butterfly wouldn’t land on you

☀ he actually hast to hunch over and lean against the table not to sink to the floor from laughter

☀ he is also an asshole about it

☀ I’m talking 24/7 teasing

“Who he fuck is even afraid of a butterfly?!”

☀ he is also the type of person to catch some to chase you with one or multiple in hand

☀ not to mention that one time he filled the entire bathroom with them for you to find…

☀ your reaction promptly ended on YouTube with quite a few hits


📷 after you’d finally convinced him to get his eyes fixed he’d taken up photography again

📷 in fact, he saw it as a second chance and really gave it his fullest

📷 he even went as far as to rebuild his home studio and work there daily

📷 usually you loved to watch but this time was different

📷 when you came home your face fell and you started to scream and cry

📷 V didn’t understand what was going on

📷 he’d merely been photographing a butterfly on a flower?!

📷 then you asked him to kill it, kill it, kill it and he somehow got the drill

📷 from that moment on he made it a habit to work outside a little more

📷 …he was a little pale anyway…


Three days ago, I loathed you. I used to dream about you getting hit by a cab. Then we had our little adventure up in Alaska and things started to change. Things changed when we kissed. And when you told me about your tattoo. Even when you checked me out when we were naked. But I didn’t realize any of this, until I was standing alone… in a barn… wifeless. Now, you could imagine my disappointment when it suddenly dawned on me that the woman I love is about to be kicked out of the country. So Margaret, marry me, because I’d like to date you.

The proposal (2009)

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“Like you went ten rounds with the Green and White Rangers by yourself.” Jason says quietly, a knot forming deep in his stomach as he thinks about the possibility. They’ve all been ragged since the evil rangers showed up, Jason’s nightmares about the night Billy died spiking in frequency. Except now it wasn’t just Billy who died, but his whole team. And the worst of them was when he lost Zack. He crossed the room, moving so he was standing just to the other boys right. He yearned to wrap his arm around the slightly taller boys waist and force him to lay down next to the Red Ranger. “You probably shouldn’t be on your feet Zack.” he says gently.

The three main characters in The Blair Witch Project get more obnoxious every time I watch the film. 

BTS: SMUT: Jimin: First time.

You were finally alone with your boyfriend Jimin. He’d been busy with dancing. The other boys were out clubbing, when Jimin decided to stay in for the night, spending it with you. You guys were lying in his bed watching a horror movie. You were hugging a pillow to death, you hated horror movies. All of the sudden you screamed because of the ghost from the movie. “Y/N, I thought you said you liked horror movies?” Jimin giggled at you. “I hate them!” You screamed into his pillow. “Why did you lie to me?” He laughed. You didn’t answer him, you were embarrassed that you couldn’t even watch a ghost movie. “Yah, answer me, or else..” He warned you. *No response*. He tickled you, and you screamed in laughter. He knew exactly where and how to tickle you. “Please don’t Jimin, omg!” You laughed. To hold you down he had to sit on top of you. He held one of your wrists above your head. He stopped his movements when he noticed your bare shoulder. You shivered by the way he looked at you. He let your wrists go and placed his hand onto your cheek, caressing it. You felt fuzzy, you felt like your world stopped as soon he kissed your shoulder. You didn’t even know your shirt had fallen a bit. “You’re not wearing anything under this shirt, are you?” He asked, even though he already knew the answer. Your heart started racing. He shifted to your neck, probably giving you blue and purple marks tomorrow. Your hands out of pure pleasure grabbed Jimin’s hair. You suddenly moaned, loud. “I’ll take that as a no” He whispered. You pushed him roughly off of you. You both sat there, looking hungrily into each other’s eyes filled with lust and dirty thoughts. You moved yourself closer to him, looking at his plump lips. You wanted to feel them so bad. You kissed him slowly to start off with, but it soon became more animalistic. You caught him off guard. You’ve had episodes like this before, but you felt like he didn’t want to take your virginity because he wasn’t a virgin. He always stopped himself. You were still kissing roughly. You could feel his hands started to move to your shoulder, you know that it was his stop sign. You weren’t having any more of that. You pushed his hands quickly off your shoulders and pinned him down. “Jimin, please don’t stop” You begged innocently. He smiled and he pulled your shirt off. “Tell me when to stop, okay?” You nodded in response. You kissed back and forth, taking your time. You pulled each other’s clothes off. Your lips were wet, red and swollen from the abuse.  He took the blanket behind him and rapped you in it and lifted you bridal style. “Jimin!” You laughed.  He just smiled and kissed your forehead while walking with you in his arms. He then walked backwards with you, using his elbow to open the door. He threw you on the couch. “Let’s begin” He whispered and winked at you. He hovered over you, intertwined your hands, using his free hand to spread your legs. Your face turned a few shades more red. He looked into your eyes with a hint of sadness. You hand immediately caressed his cheek. “Jimin, what’s wrong?” He just smiled lightly. “You don’t have to do this jagi, I understand if you want to do this with someone who hasn’t done this before either” You kissed him. “I don’t care Jimin. I want you to be my first, not anyone else”. He just nodded and his smile turned to lust. He rubbed his shaft through your folds. Making you a moaning mess. He couldn’t wait any longer, he had to have you. He pushed himself a little further into you. He could see by the look on your face that it hurt, a lot. You dragged your legs around his waist signaling that he could go further into you. “Jimin, it feels so good” You whispered with a shaking voice. He fastened the pace and you soon followed. You moved your hips to his rhythm, making your skin meet each other and echo in the room. You felt your insides started to clench around him. “y/n, you’re so tight!” He growled into your neck and ear. That was it, hearing his harsh voice pushed you over the edge. You felt your juices run down your inner thighs. He followed soon after, inside of you. You laid there, on the couch all sweaty and in love. “I’m glad I was your first jagi” He kissed your hand. “Me too Jimin”.


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*rolls in* just to tell you that ur blog is stunning & i'm like STILL REALLY screaming about beauty & the beast (because it was already like my favorite movie ever & i've already seen the new one twice lmao) ANYWHO ur beast looks amazing & i just!! wanted to gush @ you for a sec <3 i'm working on a disney muse sideblog that'll be attached to this blog (i'm trying to get over the icon hurdle atm) buT yeah! bless u talented angels and the beast b/c i love him so so so much <333 have a great day!

oh  my  goodness,  this  is  so  kind  ???  i  would  never  pass  up  an  opportunity  to  listen  to  someone  gush  about  how  much  they  loved  the  new  movie.  (;  truth  be  told,  i’m  still  incredibly  happy  that  everyone  is  enjoying  it  so  much.  i  made  this  before  the  movie  was  out,  and  i  was  so  nervous  no  one  would  interact  with  me,  and  now                 LOOK  AT  THIS  !  getting  asks  like  this  invigorate  me.  and  i  am  so  happy  that  you  enjoyed  the  movie,  too  !!!  i  would  totally  love  to  write  with  your  sideblog,  as  well  as  this  blog (  i  love  the  breakfast  club  as  much  as  the  next  person  alsjdfasdf  )  :  just  everywhere,  please.  i  want  to  write  with  everyone.  we  english  writing  majors  thrive  on  stuff  like  this,  after  all.  but  thank  you  thank  you  thank  you  for  this  !  and  you  have  a  wonderful  week,  and  month,  and  year,  you  precious  human,  you.  xox  and  thank  you  dearly  for  the  compliment.

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For all you lovers out there - and the singles like myself, have I got something for you to kill some time with this Valentine’s Day. One of my all-time favorite love stories BUFFALO ‘66 from 1998. 

This is one of the most heartbreaking movies I’ve ever watched. The story centers around a deeply troubled man named Billy Brown (Vincent Gallo), who has never come to grips with his unhappy childhood. When he is released from prison, he kidnaps a young girl from a tap dance studio (Christina Ricci), dressed like “Barbie as a hooker,” and forces her to pretend to be his wife while he goes to visit his parents.

And that is where the movie really gets good. Because instead of screaming and trying to get away, our girl Layla actually takes it all in stride, and plays along in good spirits. “Why does her character go along with the kidnapping? Why does she throw herself into the role of 'wife’ with such zeal–and invention? Well, it’s more interesting than if she was merely frightened and trying to escape. That would be the conventional approach. There’s not a thing conventional about this movie."  - Roger Ebert

At first Billy just appears to be a high-strung asshole jerk. But as we learn more about his childhood through a series of flashbacks, we see that he’s actually just a scared little boy who never learned how to grow up. Gallo shot these scenes in his childhood home in Buffalo, and has said the parents are based on his own. His memories are like an open wound.

It really becomes quite sad as his story unfolds, and you begin to understand the psychology behind the mad man. His parents show no concern towards him as they obsess over old Buffalo Bills football game tapes; his mother regrets the day of his birth, because that was the only game she had ever missed; and the family photo album contains mainly pictures of OJ Simpson and Jack Kemp, clearly illustrating their indifference toward their only son. But Layla shows so much warmth and compassion for him that it brightens everything right back up, never leaving us in a pit of despair, which is clearly where Billy Brown resides.

Still holding on to the dark side however, Billy is set on getting his revenge on the person he believes to be the reason for his going to prison in the first place:  The Buffalo Bills field goal kicker who lost the Superbowl. In the end will he give in to his anger and self loathing? Or does he accept this new love? Either way it’s an entertaining, introspective study on depression and self-worth, and in the end, real-true compassion and empathy.

What I love most about this movie is the innocence and angst with which it approaches the affair between Gallo and Ricci. It almost feels like a teen dream. It is completely pure and not based on anything superficial. Ricci’s character Layla sees through to Billy’s pain and loves him anyway. It’s real and it’s deep and it’s not about sex. I always feel something when I watch this movie. And I like to have feels.

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tythan hcs for e//than being a bit down and ty tickling and kissing him to make him feel better?

I’ve done something similar to this (and I’m on mobile so I don’t think I can link it) but you can find it by searching tythan on my blog. But I’ll add some more sap for you.
-ty/ler and Etha/n watching a scary movie together, and Eth/an screams because he’s scared™ so ty/ler let’s Eth/an hold his hand to squeeze when he’s scared.
-the two of them going on a late late night food search, but they end up at some obscure dinner with like one waitress and one cook. And they each order a burger with fries. They stay for a couple hours, laughing at everything and generally just enjoying being in each other’s company.
-the waitress can tell they’re in love.
-tyl/er reassuring eth/an when he reads a mean comment on one of his videos. He usually doesn’t let hate get to him, but this one comment just.. struck him hard.
-the two of them just being so cuddly and in love and happy with each other

my roommate and some of his friends are watching bollywood movies and i guess this is the funniest movie anyones ever seen because theyre all screaming with laughter