*screams from the cute*

How Pink's Death REALLY went down
  • Yellow Diamond: I fucking hate Pink... She's getting all in that Blue booty and not me...
  • White Diamond: Yeah, well she annoys the shit outta me... If she shows me ONE MORE screaming human and shrieks from it's "cuteness" I'm gonna cut a bitch...
  • Yellow Diamond: .......
  • White Diamond: .......
  • Yellow and White: Wanna shatter her?
  • Yellow Diamond: I was JUST gonna say that!!
  • White Diamond: Should we tell Blue?
  • Yellow Diamond: NO
  • White Diamond: Okay well, I'M not gonna do it.
  • Yellow Diamond: Not me either. That'll look HORRIBLE for our image, and Blue might try to shatter the both of us.
  • White Diamond: True... Hey, remember that 'lil shit Rose Quartz that keeps writing- "Fuck Da Diamonds" on our walls?
  • Yellow Diamond: Yeah?
  • White Diamond: What if we trick Pink's crew to leave the Palanquin to stay on Homeworld or something, and as soon as Pink's alone and unarmed looking at birds and shit, Rose will for sure step in and STAB that bitch!
  • Yellow Diamond: Holy fuck-comets, that's GENIUS!!
  • White Diamond: I KNOW RIGHT? Rose will take the blame, Pink's gone, we'll be in the clear, and you can get finally get up on Blue's booty
  • Yellow Diamond: FUCK YES!!
  • White Diamond: But, let's play it like we didn't know~
  • Yellow Diamond: Well duh, no shit.
  • White Diamond: So it's settled?
  • Yellow Diamond: Yup.
  • White and Yellow: *shake hands firmly*

April second twenty seventeen
Breakfast outside ft my neighbors’ cat. Please let April continue like this ☀️

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