Brooklyn Nine Nine “Johnny and Dora” (2x23) Press Release


Kyra Sedgwick (“The Closer”) and Nick Cannon (“America’s Got Talent”) Guest-Star

Jake and Amy go undercover to catch Brooklyn’s most notorious identity thief, and the case brings them closer together – very close. Meanwhile, the entire precinct is caught off-guard when one of their own says goodbye to the Nine-Nine in the all-new “Johnny and Dora” Season Finale episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Sunday, May 17 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (BRK-223) (TV-14; D, L, S, V) CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1

Cast: Andy Samberg as Det. Jake Peralta; Andre Braugher as Capt. Ray Holt; Terry Crews as Sgt. Terry Jeffords; Melissa Fumero as Det. Amy Santiago; Joe Lo Truglio as Det. Charles Boyle; Stephanie Beatriz as Det. Rosa Diaz; Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti, Dirk Blocker as Det. Hitchcock, Joel McKinnon Miller as Det. Scully

Guest Cast: Kyra Sedgwick as Madeline Wuntch; Nick Cannon as Marcus; Ray Abruzzo as Michael Augustine; Ilana Guralnik as Lexi; Kevin Brown as Greg Gerg; Billy Merritt as Wayne Tercelle.


anonymous asked:

Nalu, mermaid setting

I’m not including the song lyrics as sentences! I might continue this in the future, because I really liked this concept! So this is kind of a preview :)

Anon, thank you for this one! I love you right now!

Give me a pairing and setting and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic.

My heart is pierced by cupid
I disdain all glittering gold
There’s nothing can console me

Natsu holds his breath, heart lurching into his throat as the word “mermaid falls from his lips–it’s a mermaid before him and she’s singing and he can’t even remember his own name, he’s too lost in her hypnotizing, deep brown eyes, her wet hair sticking to her face and lips, running in trails down her bare chest and sliding against the glittering scales adorning her lower half.

He leans further over the edge of the boat as she rises out of the water, arms circling  his neck and fingers tangling in his hair, making him shiver as her lips barely brush against his–ever so softly–as she slips back into the water–seducing him.

She sinks down until only her face is above the water, her hand fisting in his collar–he can’t breathe as he feels her breath against his skin–her lips touch his again and he hears her, “But my jolly sailor bold–”

Her free hand moves to his cheek, caressing his skin with a feather light touch–and then she drags him into the dark water.

anonymous asked:

Flo, I'm disappointed that you reblogged that post about men comparing their problems to womens'. I'm disappointed that you actually believe the feminist bullshit that men don't have any problems when I'm sure you've helped or gotten helpers that are male and have had serious issues in the past. I'm disappointed that you believe trans and homosexual men can't have problems when they face daily harassment daily. I'm sorry, but this is goodbye. One follower lost won't matter, but still.

I assume you’re referring to this

Feminism: Woman = Person, Man = Person, Non-binary = Person

Misandry = Prejudice against men 

I am a feminist, not a misandrist

I know that other people have issues and that it’s not just women who matter. Thinking that women are the queens of the universe for whom the universe revolves around is complete bullshit. I didn’t view that post as an insinuation that trans and homosexual men can’t have problems. I know that they face daily harassment and I know that it’s not fair. Rather, that a lot of men (and I’ll specify, not all) will think themselves superior to women, and that this is an ongoing issue.

One example is that women are constantly harassed on dating websites. A study showed that “Feminine usernames incurred an average of 100 sexually explicit or threatening messages a day. Masculine names received 3.7,” [source (tw harassment)] yet there will still be men arguing that, on behalf of their gender as a whole, that men receive just as much harassment as women and that the women who are receiving said harassment must have been ‘asking for it,’ and later ‘played the victim.’ 

Another example is the Elliot Rodgers shooting [source (tw violence), where if you just scroll through the comments section, you’ll read people defending his actions (He’s not a bad looking guy. Why wouldn’t chicks go out with him? If they had been nicer to him, this wouldn’t have happened. ) and others missing the point altogether (”Is this real? What a dumb-ass. Now you died a virgin. You tried to hard. Women can smell desperation and they avoid it.”). I understand that this doesn’t account for a lot of people, but these individuals are still a significant part of our population.

Women face problems that men don’t. Of course not all women, and of course not all men - but the statistic is still monumental. That’s all. The tumblr user who commented on that post was making satire of the fact.

Assuming you were my follower, you’ve seen the posts I’ve made. I’d like to think that you understood what kind of person I am. If you honestly mistake me for a misandrist, I’m sorry, but I promise you that that’s not the reality.