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heya guys! i recently reached 300 followers well now im closer to 350 but w/e, and decided to finally do one of these things haha. i was going to do one at 250 then i forgot  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

SO !! without further adieu here we go. here’s some super rad people. bold means that you’re a special nerd :/ if you’re not included PLS dont be offended, im mainly including people ive talked to/people i consider friends. if i added all my mutuals it would be a shitton of ppl

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When you realize that Ramona Flowers collects the same toys as you do!!! Look at that Edward Mobely squeaky cat on that bookshelf!! I have the same one!! Further proving that Scott Pilgrim is the best movie ever and even more so reminiscent of my life. Fangirling. 💕💕💕


guess who had time to do a follow forever during the superbowl. i did

anyway y’all r hella and if i forgot a mutual it wasnt on purpose i promise

the Gays™

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ai fuckers

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panic fuckers

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u know those blogs that are really cool and vaguely intimidating

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brotp: fuck right off