Mr. Silver - Part 2

Krioff x Reader

You stood in the hallway with Hiyori excitedly chattering about the field trip you were going on this weekend. “Did I hear you right? You’re going on a weekend trip with all those hotties?” She asked, incredulous. “Who are you going to hook up with? Leon? Scorpio?“ She punched you lightly in the arm. “Lucky girl!” You just shook your head and smiled. "There she is,” a sexy voice said behind you. Teorus and Ichthys were walking your way…and Mr. Silver, who followed behind them.

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1K Comeback: Results!

After a solid few weeks of voting, I have counted all of the votes up and I can finally announce the winning fan-fictions that will be returning to my new blog, @the-girl-who-lives-in-her-head!

There was an influx of votes in the last two days, so here is the final list of fics making their comebacks!

1. Soryu Oh - Too Shy to Scream (12 Votes)
2. Joshua Lieben - Soft Creaking of the Bed (10 Votes)
3. Eisuke Ichinomiya - Intoxication (9 Votes)
4. Mamoru Kishi - Make Some Babies (7 Votes)
5.  Takuto Hirukawa - Internet Diagnosis (5 Votes)

Those are the top voted for fics, but I mentioned in my original comeback post that people giving me reasons for why the liked a fic so much, that reason could persuade me to bring back stories regardless of how many votes they received. And I received many messages and asks including reasons for why they liked a fic, but two really stuck out to me: and so here are the returning fics for those who gave me wonderful and amazing reasons!

Mamoru Kishi - Build It Better (@levisaudrey)
The reason that she gave me… It was truly heartwarming to read, to see how much impact this story had and I simply couldn’t not bring this fic back for her.

And there you have it! Six previous stories of mine that will be returning to my new blog! I will be saving all my other stories to my laptop, and I may choose to return others in the future if I want to.

I’m going to go over the returning stories and proofread them (maybe even tweak a little if I want to), before I re-post them on my new blog but don’t worry - they won’t be drastically different! 

I’ll post them tomorrow (my 18th birthday!) but since it’s my birthday, I probably won’t be too active tomorrow since my family and friends have decided to drag me away from my laptop to go out and drink copious amounts of alcohol with my newfound legality! Hopefully I won’t be hungover on the 23rd so I can start writing a new comeback story for you all!

Thanks for your support, and I’ll see you on my new blog!

PSA - A few of you know my real name, but in the interest of trying to keep my real life separate from my blog life, I’ve opted to go by my childhood nickname ‘Bumble’ when on my blog. I hope you understand the need for my privacy! Thank you.

Headcanon: What the Gods look like in Real Life

ICHTHYS: Heath Ledger (10 Things I Hate About You)

AIGONOROUS: Young Johnny Depp


DUI: Ezra Miller (We Need to Talk about Kevin)

TEORUS: Lucky Blue Smith

PARTHENO: Brian Whittaker

TAUXOLOUVE: Marlon Teixeria

LEON: Christopher Mason

SCORPIO: Francisco Lachowski

KARNO: Reece King

HUEDHAUT: Joshua Brand

KRIOFF: Benjamin Jarvis