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i cant belive that they made us watch the mv 5 minutes earlier than what we planned like umm excuse me did you boys think i was prepared for that because i was not you took years off my life but its okay because the mv then added more but wow i cant believe they just blatantly attacked us like that bye

🖍️hand-written urls ✏️

ive just reached 500 followers so i felt like doing something i used to do often on my main blog ! ive also just finished my first summer course and have a week until my second so i need something to do <3

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wow the rich kids at whittaker academy have really ugly uniforms and whoever has defaced my baby’s school photo is gonna pay >:(

charles i’m coming 4 ur slimy butt u petty lil bitch

edit: they both look so fckn weird with baby faces and no scars and chase has no stubble it’s so wrong whta is happening


hello happy munday ??? sorry I’ve been a mess for the past week or so, but I got my hair done last week !!! and I’m really happy with it !!! so here. ( this is me also rly saying hello I’m back cause wow I have a severe reply backlog to work through rip me )

  • me: oh boy oh boy im ready for a new day of learning at school today :)
  • brain: but before you do that
  • me: wait
  • brain: you gotta b
  • me: oh god please
  • brain: you gotta Bounce the Leg
  • me: but! i have to focus on my important school work!!
  • my left leg: bounce bounce,

After some epic lunch ideas to bring to school/uni/work?! Check out this video for 3 different lunch box recipes with a main + 2 snacks! Planning to make another one of these soon so stay tuned <3

can I just say that, as a muslim, you guys really don’t need to tag food pics with “#nsfr”!! I mean I really appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but we’re supposed to be fasting and getting on with our daily lives, only of course spending more time this month praying and focusing on our spirituality. we see food everywhere: on the internet and tv; we see people at school/work/outside eating all the time, and even at home if we have children or youngjae siblings or family members who can’t fast because of medical conditions. seeing food/water doesn’t break our fasts, nor does it make us mad with envy. we don’t need special treatment! this is a test for us, for us to control our base desires and discipline ourselves so that we can focus on what’s more important, whilst empathising with those less fortunate than us. at the end of the day (pun intended), what’s 19 hours of hunger and thirst, really? nothing to complain about. at least we know for sure that we’ll have food and water to break our fasts with. some people don’t even have that. 

so yeah, it’s really not necessary! if a muslim is that sensitive, then they’ll probably have “#food” blacklisted, or won’t use tumblr at all. if you feel uncomfortable eating in front of a fasting muslim in person, that’s different: probably ask them if it’s ok. most won’t mind, some might, but you can sort that out between yourselves. I don’t know what it’s like for other people, but I don’t personally feel particularly hungry or thirsty even when I fast in summer: the worst I’ll get is a light headache. it’s not the kind of intense hunger you feel before dinner: it’s more of a light drawn out yet cleansing feeling, and the knowledge that you’re doing it for a reason helps too. all in all, don’t worry about us! we’re ok! but thanks for the thought <3


5/100 days of productivity :: woooheeee, have I been absent! im so sorry for the lack of original posts on here, so to make up for it I decided to post these module summary posters I made for my sciences on my graphics tablet; modules B4, C5 & P4! writing posters is a really effective way to revise for me, so i plan to make more of these and hopefully upload them too.