Schist Inscribed Reliquary, Donated by King Indravarman

Pakistan (ancient region of Gandhara, Bajaur) - 5–6th Century A.D. 

Inscribed: “In the sixty-third year of the late Great King Aya [Azes], on the sixteenth day of the month Kartia [Kartika]; at this auspicious [?] time, Prince Indravarma [Indravarman], son of the King of Apraca, establishes these bodily relics of Lord Sakyamuni; … he produces brahma-merit together with his mother, Rukhunaka, daughter of Aji… . And these bodily relics, having been brought in procession from the Muryaka cave stupa, were established in a secure [?], safe, deep [?] depository… .”


Waves against metamorphosed rocks, Laguna Beach California


Scott Outdoor Amphitheatre, Swarthmore College, PA. Designed by Thomas Sears and completed in 1942. 

2ft high retaining walls are made from layers of local schist slabs and the randomly spaced trees are Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip Tree) and Quercus alba (White Oak).

I love the idea of a ‘turf proscenium floor’ and it looks like a great place to learn. I can imagine this kind of space would conform to the theories of design laid out in 'A Pattern Language’ by Christopher Alexander…


(Photo source: Swarthmore College - The Cultural Landscape Foundation)

the case for an asian danny rand

first, some quotes:

“Him being white is important to the character.

He’s an outsider to both K’un Lun and NYC, being a white guy raised by a village of Asian people.

Acts like someone from K’un Lun, but doesn’t look like them. Looks like a guy from NYC, doesn’t act like it or knows the culture.” (x).

“If you read Iron Fist, you’d understand Danny’s backstory, that his father was from mystical K'un-Lun, but was cast out, and eventually wanted to return, taking Danny and his mother, but died after he fell off a mountain in Tibet. His mother died as well, but Danny was saved, and was raised there for years, until he was ready to go protect the world as Iron Fist. He may be white but he was raised in an Asian culture, and it became an important part of him.” (x)

And an anon from my inbox:

The main case for Danny Rand as a white guy is that he doesn’t fit in either of his homes - from ages 9-19, he was raised in K’un Lun. He then returned to NYC. He feels out of place in K’un Lun because he’s white, in New York because he was raised for a good chunk of his life in an Asian culture.

You know who else has the same difficulty? Feels out of place in two worlds? In literally the exact same way Danny does?

That’s right.

Asian fucking Americans.

I’m talking second gen, third gen, fourth gen, half asians, mixed asians, those who sometimes do sometimes don’t get recognized on sight as Asian by white people, those who don’t speak the language of our parents (if our parents even speak), those of us who feel like with responsibility to preserve our heritage but can’t or don’t know how. 

I’m talking about all of us that don’t fit in mainstream white culture, can’t ever fit into mainstream culture, because of our appearance or our upbringing or some combination of both. But we don’t fit in with Asian culture, because, you know, most of us were raised and/or born in America. We weren’t raised in enough of the culture or we don’t speak enough of the language or we visit but we don’t “get” the society because it’s not wholly ours. 

On both sides, we get recognized as something “other”, and it’s not the best of both worlds: it just leaves us stranded somewhere in the middle. Just like Danny Rand.

Here, as mentioned above, are the big things about Danny Rand:

  • dead parents
  • one of whom was murdered by his business partner
  • whose mother made him promise to get revenge before she died
  • taken in by K’un Lun, a society where he doesn’t fit in, raised there for the next ten years
  • becomes a really good fighter. really good.
  • returns to get revenge for his father
  • struggles between returning “home” (K’un Lun) and staying in a society he wasn’t raised in

None of the things on this list are things that could only be played by a white character. Making Danny Rand Asian American would give us a lot of things. It would:

  • get rid of the terrible “everything in asia and about asian cultures is exotic and ancient” (K’un Lun is literally described as “mystic” on the marvel website) (this is something also seen in small quantities in agents of shield, and in really epic quantities in arrow)
  • combat the whole “yellow peril” stuff going on in daredevil, where both the asian characters are antagonists with the exact same personality and are long running media stereotypes (i won’t go into that here, but this is a good article that has everything)
  • provide us with an asian american protagonist and superhero (lord knows we need it) 
  • get rid of the whole “white guy goes to asians, trains with asians in secret mountain in tibechinastan with asian mentor (played by white actor with a British accent), becomes better than all the asians at martial art”

In conclusion: casting Danny Rand as an Asian American makes perfect story sense and would get rid of all the anti asian racism in his storyline and help combat general anti asian racism in media.

frazel is one of the cutest but also one of the most powerful couples in the hoo series? like tall son of mars and smol daughter of pluto smiling at each other as they walk hand in hand over a beach cluttered with the remains of giants and other assorted monsters??? yes please


Panorama over the Great Falls of the Potomac River, Virginia