I’m listening to “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons and omg this song makes me so happy that I wanna cry

So upbeat and glorious someone hold me

I need to make an HTTYD fanart for this holy schist

  • other people’s tennis noise:
  • *grunts, groans, and random shrieks*
  • my tennis noise:
  • *We swear never to separate ourselves from the National Assembly, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the realm is drawn up and fixed upon solid foundations*

Imagine the 7 having a barbecue and Leo grilling and then curses and says “Dammit I burnt the Frank-” and then Hazel just screams a little and looks at him in pure horror like he burnt Frank’s lifeline stick. Then Frank just walks by eating a hamburger and Hazel is so relieved and everyone starts laughing.


headcanon that when Sarada asked Sakura about her kissing Sasuke she remembered her first kiss with Sasuke which turn out to be v awkward with nose bumping head on bc Sakura would just not keep waiting for Sasuke to make a move so she decided to make the first move herself by grabbing his poncho and roughly pushing their faces together. but worry not, after the initial shock subsided Sauce decided to kiss her properly <3

(excuse the messiness im sorry)

*shakes head in disapproval* Jurassic World was unrealistic- i mean who could outrun a T-Rex, run through a tropical jungle scape in 2 inch heels (through the whole movie) WITHOUT twisting an ankle?

like come on guys, you’re better than that

anonymous asked:

When you do your run on hard and you use no items, does that count for in between the elite four battles? Or are you allowed to use a potion per pokemon in the rest times between each elite member's fight?

1) Yes.

2) I did not use any healing items even at the E4

As I said in the rules, I used Pokemon centers and the healing npcs only


So I finally made a “me” pony. Her name’s Garnet Schist, just Schist for short. She is NOT a crystal pony, I just wanted to see if I could pull off the effect. I’d give my attempt a solid “so-so” haha. 

Anyway, she got her cutie mark rather late in life compared to most ponies, and felt stupid for not realizing her special talent earlier. She has a passion for art despite her talent being in geology and mineralogy - in much the same way that Pinkie Pie has a passion for baking or Rarity has a passion for making dresses despite their talents being making ponies smile and finding gems, respectively. 

so apparently ppl are getting upset over the idea that carmilla karnstein could be bisexual

I haven’t watched the recent episode but I guess it mentioned she had past relationships with men??? I’m not too sure

but I don’t really care whether she is bi or not

my fucking issue is that fact that the very idea that carmilla is bi is somehow ruining this show or her character or whatever

I’m barely in the fandom I dont follow more than a few blogs for carmilla but just a little bit of time on my dash and I’ve already seen so many ppl bashing on this

“so is carmilla like bi now????”

“it’s bad writing”

like??? not one character has actually told us what their sexuality is. honestly if you’re upset over the fact that she might be bi, whether she is or not, maybe take a fucking look at why it does and get over your biphobia

the show was written with queer women viewers in mind as a whole so idk maybe pull your gold star lesbian superiority out of your ass

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What’s your name: Kim

Nicknames: … Kim

Where are you from: Arizona, land of too many damned republicans

What is your favorite color: blue

Write something in all caps: LOLZOR

Favorite artist/band: Probably Pentatonix (choir nerd alert) or FOB

Reasons to smile: most all forms of art

Number: I like 2357 (I’m synesthetic, and it’s colored like a sunset)

Favorite drink: Pepsi or horchata

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