Fragment of the ‘Libyan Tribute Palette’, from Abydos.
Naqada III, ca. 3200-3000 BC. Schist, 19 x 22 cms.
Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 27434.

“On the reverse side of the palette we see the square shapes of seven fortresses. Above each is a symbol of a god or goddess, such as a hawk, lioness, and scorpion; all are symbols of power and kingship, and each holds a hoe, performing the foundation ceremony for the town or fortress.”

Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass


Kyanite, Quartz, and Phosphorus Garnet found in formations of ultra-high pressure Amphibole Quartz Garnet Gneiss, and Garnet Schist.

Damon Pond (Chesterfield, MA)


“Statue of Osiris discovered in a deep pit in the tomb of Psamtik at Saqqara. Osiris is shown seated, wrapped tightly, and holding the crook and flail - symbols of kingship in his hands, crossed at his torso. He wears the atef-crown and a uraeus, as well as a false beard. The base is inscribed with a conventional offering formula. CG 38358 , schist; H. 89.5 cm. 26th Dynasty, Late Period, Saqqara. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Ground Floor, Room 24.”

Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass


Metamorphic rocks at Pemaquid Point, Maine - smashed in-between island arcs and the rest of North America a few hundred million years ago.

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Could you write 53 with Chris please? 😊

i was hoping someone would request this one lmao


53. “take off your shirt”

It was a Saturday and surprisingly you had decided to not attempt any parties. You hadn’t been feeling well and had left school with a massive headache and stomach pain. So you told the girls you were going to stay in tonight and so here you were sitting on your bedroom floor trying to find any movie to keep you company that night.

You suddenly heard the window open startling you as you jumped up letting out high pitched squeal in process. But you calmed down as soon as you saw the familiar penetrator hoodie and blonde fluffy hair falling down onto your bed.

“jesus Chris you scared the hell out of me” you chuckled sitting down next to him, he didn’t say anything instead he turned over letting out a groan in the process, and you gasped as you saw the bloody mess that laid before you.

you slowly lifted his head onto your lap, examining his injures. There was a huge gash along his cheeks which at been the source of most of the blood covering your white sheets.

You quickly helped him up leading him to the bathroom were you sat him down on the toilet seat, turning on the faucet you bent down in front of Chris feeling your eyes tear up at the sight in front of you. It pained you so much seeing your boyfriend like this, the one person you loved more then anything in this world looking so broken.

you shook your head turning the faucet in the bathtub on “take your shirt off” you commanded while you took his shoes and pants off. He did so wincing as the soft material of his hoodie ran over the bruise on his stomach 

you helped him get into the tub reaching for the shower tap you, turned it to medium heat letting it explore every inch of his body as you carefully let your hand explore his soft skin looking for any scrapes or cuts but to your satisfaction you found none.

You leaned your forehead against his letting out a sigh as you kissed his forehead, he looked down ashamed that he had to come to you for help. He would usually go to William’s but since he was in London you were the only one he had left

“Chris..” you said sweetly, cupping his face with your hands making him face you “it’s okay” you mumbled pressing your lips to his in a sweet loving kiss 

as you pulled back you helped him get out of the tub grabbing your pink towel that had your name engraved on it you ran the soft material over his chest being careful as to not hurt him

when he was completely dry you ushered him into your bedroom where you quickly changed the sheets so he could lay down and as soon as he did, he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in

“Thank you” he strangled out, his voice full of pain, regret and sorrow. you smiled at him lovingly laying down next to him pulling him close to you so his face was pressed up against your chest and his arms lazily wrapped around your waist

“it’s okay, i’m right here” you would say pressing a kiss to his forehead before you would both fall asleep in each others arms.