SCANDAL; Interview on ROCKIN'ON JAPAN Aug 2015 (Part 1)

SCANDAL has returned (to Japan) facing a new wall of challenges right?

  • RINA: We talked about becoming one with music, but these have been nothing besides words. We have really decided on it to be more than just talk. But what made me think about how good this band is is that our songs are really good. Up till now, when the Japanese side wants to know why we think ‘Our songs are so well-received abroad’, we only talk about things like Anisong, or things regarding our outlooks. But I really do think that our music is cool. In Los Angeles, we had interviewers from CNN come for us. That time, when the camera wasn’t rolling, the interviewer told us frankly that it’s been a while since she did a intervew with a rock band, and that’s when I realised of such people in America (who know of the band’s presence). When questioned about why we were accepted overseas, we weren’t embarassed to state of our appearances as the reason, but I think we could’ve had more confidence in our songs.

That is true. Speaking about accepting new hurdles, surely your music will again change, and I think new light has been shed on your consciousness towards making songs. How is that?

  • TOMOMI: While I was going about the tour, to be honest, I was really troubled. It was during production period, where I experienced a huge slump. However, when we did lives, I was encouraged by our own songs. Looking back now, at the older songs that we’ve always been giving lives of, there were a lot of positive things in them. We’ve been continuing to perform all these forward-looking tunes even up till now, and I think from now on, we can still continue singing them. That’s why if in future, during the times when I’m down again, it is a must to continue writing songs that hold power and that will be encouraging for ourselves. That is what I’ve come to realise.
  • RINA: During the Japan tour, she also came over to my room. We ordered room service and just the two of us, while eating, I heard her go, 'It’s a first that I’m this unable to think of anything’.
  • TOMOMI: I had no idea how to get over it. I didn’t know it was this scary not to have any ideas at all, not even a tiny bit, and I only remember thinking that this was my limit.
  • RINA: But I told her, 'When one of us can’t do it anymore, we’re a 3-man strong band that can still write. So now’s the period to lean on the others right?’ And with that, the first song we wrote after the tour was a happy one. I think we’ll still be able to do it differently again from now on.

Despite being insecure, you guys managed to work it and scrap pass with 51% of positivity. In the end, as humans, there is value in being a musician.

  • TOMOMI: This now is the time of imparting (laughs). Going on the tour, we saw many things, saw even world heritage sites, although the marijuana stank (laughs); But many things have been imparted to us. That’s why I feel that I’ll be able to make something new again.

I think for SCANDAL, it is a given that you all set hurdles and cross them one by one isn’t it?

  • MAMI: I decide for myself not to say it, and then I won’t. That’s why even for new hurdles, rather than say it’s a hurdle for all 4 of us, it’s firstly a hurdle for each of us individually, and we won’t say whether we’ll like to go pass it or not. Even for demos, if it’s not perfect, then we won’t show it. All of this is taken together and it is firstly about organising ourselves on the inside. There’s forever the thought of first absorbing, then producing. No matter what it may concern.

There are certainly such absolutes.

  • RINA: I’ll probably be angry if anyone speaks of being 'tired’ (laughs). I mean, such things aren’t relevant to the audience. And no one will be happy seeing someone in such a way. It might be a trend now in Japan to showcase a bit of weakness and think it’s cool, but I don’t think it’s something that’ll quite work.

It seems to be thought of as amazing (laughs).

  • TOMOMI: It’s not amazing (laughs).
  • HARUNA: It’s simply stubborness (laughs).

Photos & translations by fyscandalband. I’ll also do a part 2 that’s regarding mostly about 'Stamp!’.


If scandalabc was just going to use an Olitz mash-up video for their first promo, this is the one they should have used (and paid the creator handsomely for because it would guarantee more viewers.).

I really shouldn’t be laughing so hard at this

But I can’t stop watching it. It’s like that time we were in a bookstore in Toronto and they had this kiosk showing clips from one of those “animals do the darndest things” blooper videos, and there was one with a cat rolling off the top of a TV set, and it was so funny that I just kept pushing the button to see it again and again. (And felt terrible about it afterwards. And still do. And still laugh at how funny that clip was.)

I mean, here he is, an actor playing a character who’s the very image of elegant grace and dash, pretty much. And then you get this.

@Sherlockspam OUTTAKE COMEDY. #sherlockcomedy day pic.twitter.com/E690VzCzod

— lichtblickpink (@lichtblickpink)

July 29, 2015

Truly I should be ashamed. Truly.


SCANDAL’s appearance in J-MELO (26th July)

The girls were quests to promote the new J-MELO’s project which consist in asking you four different questions to SCANDAL. If you still didn’t send your questions, please do it by clicking here!


SCANDAL; “Shooting” blogpost by RINA☆

Plunged into photoshoots and interviews for our new song,「Sisters」, which will soon also release on 9th September! Today was a fashion magazine’s photoshoot. It was a really fun, refreshing day.

Yes, yes. The artwork for「Sisters」will be created through a collaboration with「NYLON JAPAN」! Since it’s my favourite (fashion magazine), I’m happyー…

In this month’s issue, a page introducing MAMI’s personal item is being serialisedー!

Extra information regarding SCANDAL's「Sisters」x NYLON Japan collaboration had also been revealed earlier today! For the latest, please check out the ‘Sisters’ page HERE!


SCANDAL’s first week rankings and sales for their newest single, “Stamp!” is #5, with 20,752 units sold. Congratulations!

This is an increase from their previous single that is “Image”, which sold over 12,000 copies and charted at #14 on the weekly charts.

In other news → SCANDAL’s main agenda for today (29th Jul) are photoshoots.

Official Oricon charts HERE.