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  • Cube, Yoshiaki Kubotera, Masanori Hikichi, Isao Mizoguchi, Noriyuki Iwadare

Advanced Busterhawk Gleylancer (Mega Drive), 1992
Cube, Yoshiaki Kubotera, Masanori Hikichi, Isao Mizoguchi, Noriyuki Iwadare

Yet another game to suffer from the infamous (?) Mega Drive timing issue plaguing Snatcher, Wolfchild, High Seas Havoc, et al. Listen to the 13th beat. It’s late. Fortunately, because of the game’s cult status among shmup fans, I was able to easily find a hardware recording and finally confirm that this is not a bug introduced by emulators. The only thing these games have in common is they all use custom sound drivers. The problem is unlike slowdown in that the music remains the proper tempo, but a single beat will be late (and slightly too short). I am out of my depth when it comes to things like CPU cycles, so, unfortunately, I cannot offer an explanation. If one of you can, please let me know. However, I suspect this may be an issue with the YM2612 itself, given the issues that other Yamaha synths have with live voice switching (although I can find no commonality between the affected songs on that level, either).

I have previously praised Mr. Kubotera and Mr. Iwadare for their work on the Ys III conversion for Mega Drive. The sound design here is equally clean and bright.

Thanks to sharc for this recommendation.

Who’s the tsundere in the relationship? Both of them

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