Naruto Gaiden Chp 5 Spoilers

- The new akatsuki was created in order to find and take Sasukes rinnegan

- The Akatsuki also found Obito’s hideout containing the dozens of sharingans

- Sasukes mission was to find Kaguya’s reasons for creating the zetsu army (not given by Naruto)

- He went on the mission because he is the only one with the rinnegan

- Sarada asks Sasuke why he was gone for so long, he brushes off the question

- Sarada is wanted by the *new* Akatsuki so they could get to the rinnegan and Sasuke

Sasuke Uchiha: A Timeline of Significant Events.

The moment he was brought into the world:

The moment he met his fated rival for the first time:

The moment he was first introduced to Itachi’s forehead poke:

The moment he finally gained his father’s approval:

The moment his dark path was chosen for him:

The moment his fated rivalry began:

The moment his future wife gave him a negative first impression:

The moment his body just moved on its own for the first time:

The moment he awoke as a true avenger:

The moment he verbally expressed how dear Sakura was to him for the first time:

The moment Itachi forcefully reminded him of his ambitions:

The moment he realized that his first impression of Sakura was very different to the one he now had:

The moment his decision was made to defect from Konoha:

The moment he was thankful of how much Sakura had done and cared for him, but refused to allow her to follow:

The moment he defeated his great rival, yet opted to spare Naruto’s life:

The moment he reunited with Team 7 after such a long time:

The moment he finally defeated Itachi, and attained his revenge:

The moment he learned the harsh truth about Itachi:

The moment he and his new team became a serious threat:

The moment he sunk into true darkness:

The moment he was about to commit the biggest mistake of his life:

The moment he became the 2nd Uchiha in history to awaken the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan:

The moment he and his brother stood side by side once more:

The moment he finally obtained closure with his brother:

The moment he returned to Konoha after so long:

The moment he enlisted Orochimaru’s help:

The moment his decision was made and allegiance was decided… again: 

The moment he was impressed by Sakura’s power:

The moment he stood side by side with his fated rival in order to defeat a common enemy:

The moment he was saved by Sakura:

The moment he revealed his true intentions after Kaguya’s downfall:

The moment he realized that Sakura still loved him:

The moment he was redeemed and finally freed from the shackles of the curse of hatred:

The moment he genuinely apologised for the first time:

The moment he used his late brother’s signature forehead poke to portray his affection to Sakura:

The moment his forehead protector was returned to him:

The moment the SasuSaku fandom realized that Sasuke now has a family:

And they most definitely will get their happy end :)

some interesting age facts:

  • The age gap between Nagato/Konan (age 35) and Kakashi/Obito (age 31) is just by 4 years.
  • Mikoto was 22 when she had Itachi, and 27 when she had Sasuke. She died when she was 35.
  • Fugaku is 5 years older than Mikoto. 
  • Kushina was 24 when she had Naruto.
  • Minato and Kushina were 24 when they died.
  • Itachi was 21 when he died.
  • Naruto got married at the age of 19.
  • Deidara is the youngest Akatsuki member being 19 years old, Kakuzu is the oldest being 92.
  • Temari is 3 years older than Shikamaru.
  • Tenten is older that Neji (by 3 months) and Rock Lee ( by 7 months)
  • Sakura is older than Sasuke (by 3 months) and Naruto (by 6 months).
  • Hashirama is older than Madara by 2 months.
  • Shikamaru and Ino’s birthdays are one day apart.
Possible Naruto Gaiden chp. 5 spoiler


「ひどくね? 自分の娘に刀向けるフツー?」とチョウチョウが責め、ナルトもサスケを睨む。

サスケ曰くサラダが自分の娘と同じ顔であると分かってはいたが、変化の術かもしれないし幻術で操られている かもしれない、味方だと確認できるまでは気を許すわけにはいかないと冷静に言い放つ。




そもそもサスケの任務はカグヤが無限月読で兵隊を作ってた理由、カグヤの敵の調査、そしてカグヤの出生の謎 の調査がメイン。
オビトの死後、ストックしていた写輪眼と白ゼツの残党を元手にシンのような半人工の忍を大量に生み出してる 可能性があるらしい。


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Source: http://onepiece-naruto.com/

- Naruto interrupted Sasuke 

- Sasuke recognized Sarada but thought she’s an illusion made by the enemy. That’s why he was pointing his sword at her.

- Sarada ask Sasuke why he left. He said “it’s none of your business”.

- The army kaguya is actually  shin clones (not sure here)

For more info: check Narutoforum 

Note: These are just possible spoilers. Take it with a grain of salt. 

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