*sarcasm voice* beautiful

The frat party imagine ;
A/N: I got REALLY carried away with this one so if your not one for a lot of smut I suggest you don’t read this. This is for the anon that wanted a brad smut that hasn’t been done before, so I tried (:
You were in your first year of university and you haven’t really seen much of the party scene, it was mainly work, school & maybe a few concerts here and there with your friends. You’ve never really thought about going to parties because it just wasn’t your thing, it never really had been. It wasn’t really a problem until today, your friend was invited to a huge frat party and wanted you to go really badly. “Come on, I’ll be with you it’ll be fun” she urged. “I don’t know” you said hesitantly. “Live a little come on, we don’t have class until Monday you’ll be fine!” She pushed. Finally you just decided to give in “fine I’ll go” causing her to cheer in excitement.

It was an hour before the party and you had finally figured out a dress you could wear. It was a shortened dress in a shade of dark blue that was tight at the bust and was more loose as it got to where your thighs were. You lightly curled your hair and put on red lipstick with your eyes covered with wing eyeliner and mascara. “You look so good, I’ve never seen you so dressed up” your friend said excitedly. “Okay are you ready then?” You asked just wanting to get there. When you finally got to the party you got many looks
From others seeing as you were new to frat parties and your friend had been to a few. You started talking to a few people who didn’t shy away from offering you all kinds of alcohol, which you decided you’d drink. By the time you had three shots in you, it started to really hit you. But by that time you were already by yourself, with people you just met. “Come on play some beer pong with us!” Someone shouted to you. You went along with it drinking at least 5 more cups before you started to feel sick and you ran to the trash as they started to laugh. You walked out onto the porch that was outside when you felt a hand on your shoulder. “Are you alright?” He asked looking directly into your eyes. You whipped off yourself seeing as you got your dress all dirty. “To be honest no, this is the first party I’ve ever been too and I drank way too much, I just feel like an idiot” you said in a frustrated tone. “Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. Happens to the best of us” he chuckled. “Thanks, sorry I didn’t get your name” you inquired. “I’m brad” he smiled
“Y/N”. “Why don’t you come upstairs with me, and I’ll help you get cleaned up” he said with a genuine smile. “How do I know your not gonna just try to have sex with me” you said with sarcasm in your voice. “as beautiful as you are, no. I’m not an asshole like the rest of them now come on” he said putting out his hand which you took.

He lead you upstairs to a room where you awkwardly sat on the bed. “Do you want a change of clothes, you look quite uncomfortable there” he said looking at the stains on your dress. “You don’t have to..” You said not wanting to cross any boundaries. “No, I insist. Please take these and you can wash up and whatnot in the bathroom right over there” he said directing you to his bathroom. You took a washcloth and ran it over some water wiping your face in attempts to wash up. You put on the blue arctic monkeys shirt he tossed you and a pair of sweatpants. You also quickly brushed your fingers through your hair and put it in a bun. You walked out to see brad sitting on the bed with a plate with pizza and a bottle of water. “Here I got you some water, and pizza if your hungry” he said passing you the water. “Why are you being so nice to me?” You said in confusion. “Because I think it’s a bloody shame that people who where there to get such a beautiful girl so drunk that you were sick did nothing but laugh” you blushed when he called you beautiful, now you were more alert and you could tell he wasn’t American. “You’re not from here are you?” You said sitting next to him. “No I’m not, I’m from the UK” he said confessing. “That’s why you’re not a douche!” You exclaimed jokingly. “Oh why thank you” he said laughing. “I mean I should probably leave, you probably wanna get back to the party” you said in a sad tone. “No, please don’t go” he said grabbing your hand. “Just stay, we could watch movies. I like spending time with you. Is that weird, that sounded creepy didn’t it ?!” He said panicking at the end of his sentence. “Oh shut up, I’ll stay” you giggled. He had an expression of relief shown across his face. “Your a really nice guy brad” you said taking a bite out of the pizza. “Oh stop, it’s not a big deal. Plus I have a really pretty girl wearing my clothes and sitting in my bed” he smirked. “Stopp” you blushed. “What? Are you blushing because I called you prettyyyy?” He teased squeezing your face.

“Hey y/n, would it make me a douche right now if I kissed you” he said inches away from your face. “Only if you don’t would I consider you a douche” you said with a laugh. He softly leaned in to kiss your lips softly and slowly getting deeper into the kiss. His hands found your waist as well as your jaw, as he was now on top of your body. Before you knew it you were making out and his hands slid just under the hem of his shirt on you. He pulled away, “we don’t have to go any further if you don’t want it baby girl”. The nickname made your spine tingle. “Brad trust me, I want to, I REALLY want to” you said playing with the back of his hair. “Your sure” he said questioning you again holding onto your hips. “I’m positive.” You said now you leaning in to kiss him. “Well if you insist” he smirked kissing down your jaw to your neck. Holy shit he really knew what he was doing, but you didn’t wanna know where the experience came from. He licked and sucked at your neck, making you run your fingers up his back in pleasure. “Now as hot as you look in my clothes, that shirt needs to come off” he said lifting it off your body and putting it on the floor. Your hands rushed to cover where you were most insecure; your stomach. “Sh baby don’t hide from me, your so fucking beautiful. He said softly taking your hands into his. He ran his fingers up your back making your spine tingle in the process of unclipping your bra. He squeezed your breasts in appreciation as you let your fingers slide under his shirt before he took it off joining the other items of clothing on the floor. He began kissing down above the waistline of the sweatpants you had on whilst looking at you for approval. You intertwined your hands with his, hopefully showing him that you approved. He peeled your sweatpants off, or actually his sweatpants as well as his skinny jeans leaving him in his boxers. What a sight to see, he was a beautiful human being. "Like what you see baby” he teased. “What if I do” you challenged. “Then I’ll have to show you a good time” he said climbing back on top of you grinding into your underwear. “Shit, just do something brad” you said in desperation. “We’ll get there, be patient” he said slowly but surely making his way near my core. You were pretty sure he was going to eat you out right now. He took your underwear right off your body bringing his lips everywhere but where you wanted, on your thighs, your hips. “Bradley this isn’t the time to mess with me” he chuckled. “But it gets you to say things like ‘bradley’ and that’s hot as fuck” he said running his hands over your legs. “Brad, please” you said almost coming out as a whine. “JESUS Christ the things you do to me” he mumbled finally licking up your slit making you moan. The longer it went on the more into it he got, by this time you had your hands gripped on the bed sheets moaning at the pleasure. He then added a finger bringing you to your climax losing your breath. “That’s right baby, come all over my face” he growled into your core bringing you to your orgasm him licking you one last time.

He took off his boxers and he already had a semi erection making you want him even more. He pulled out a condom and you grabbed his hand “let me do it” and with that he gave you a smirk handing it to you. You pumped his length a few times before slowly putting the condom on him. “That was really hot” he said pulling you in to kiss you again. He positioned himself at your entrance, slowly easing his way inside you. Once he started thrusting the pleasure was almost too much to handle. You could tell he was getting close and so were you. “Brad, holy shit. I’m so close” you moaned out in your pleasures state. “Me too baby, me too” he said rubbing circles into your clit bringing you to your second orgasm of the night. “Oh my god, fuck brad right there” you moaned as he hit your g spot over and over again. Before you knew it you both released all over eachother. He stopped thrusting and laid on top of your body burying his head in your neck. “That was incredible babe” he said kissing on your shoulder, Rolling over to put boxers on. “Oh I guess I should, just, um go.” You said realizing that this probably didn’t mean much to him. “What? No don’t leave” he said taking your hand. “I mean I don’t know, was this just like a one night stand, I’m confused on what’s just happened”. He shook his head and pulled you close so you were standing in between his legs. “We probably shouldn’t have had sex tonight, because that’s a shitty way to start with someone. But I would love to take you out tomorrow night if you’d let me. “Of course Brad” you said in a change of attitude. “Come on let’s watch a movie together” he said kissing you on the lips lightly. “Oh alright, but only because you asked so nicely” you said kissing him on the lips again.