I definitely think self-confidence is a quality people find attractive. Has it helped me? Maybe? There have been some roles I’ve lost out on because I was too confident, or too strong. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to believe you’re good. But again, I also believe you should never stop learning. The day I am the smartest person in the room, is the day I stop growing.


In Shaw’s Mind |  When Root Is The 1st (& Only) Thing She Cares About

- at every waking moment, the first thing Shaw does is call out or look for Root

- Shaw’s innermost feelings (the truest because it comes from the subconscious level) about Root is laid bare in this episode

July 2016 Newsletter Highlights


So, the new deal was for 3 new ACOTAR novels, set to be published after the trilogy wraps up next year (ACOTAR 3 will release May 2017, so these will begin publishing in 2018).

No, I can’t tell you if they’re a continuation or spinoffs or prequels. Believe me, I’m DYING to, but it’d spoil some major things for Book 3 (like…who survives, ha.). But I can tell you this: the first book that will release after Book 3 (let’s call it #4?), is a project that I started writing for fun.

Bloomsbury offered to publish those 3 new ACOTAR books, along with 2 ACOTAR novellas. And a few other things. Like an ACOTAR coloring book.


At that dinner, I’d also talked to my editor about a Throne of Glass novella I really, really, really wanted to write: one about Chaol. You’ll find out why after Empire of Storms releases, but this is a story that is very close to my heart, and one I seriously cannot wait to begin writing—and to later share with you guys. 

There are several special/fancy editions of Empire of Storms available on September 6th! Three retailers will have editions that feature exclusive content (different for each store): Target, Barnes & Noble, and Waterstones.

Final breakdown of all the new books is this:

  • 3 new novels set in the ACOTAR world (so, six books total in this series/world)
  • 2 ACOTAR novellas
  • 1 TOG novella (with Chaol!)
  • The TOG compendium

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