Andres is a baby orphan who arrived at Interspecies Equality Sanctuary very ill and sad. Thanks to his caretaker Marisol however, he has been able to recover and regain his happiness and hope for life. Baby goats are very emotionally sensitive and fragile and need to grow under the care and love of their mothers. This is why when separated from their mothers in meat and dairy farms they endure painful heart break. This is what Andres experienced when he was born in a dairy farm and was separated from his mother in just a few days. He was sold at a fair for meat, but was luckily rescued and brought to a farm sanctuary where he will no longer fear for his life.

Don’t support cruelty, choose vegan.

Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola), Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, California, USA

Usually seen floating solo, Mola mola (also known as ocean sunfish) are the largest living bony fish in the sea. This one was spotted in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, but mola molas can be found all over the world.

These gigantic fish feed primarily on jellyfish. A plastic bag can look remarkably like a jelly when it’s floating on the ocean surface and can choke or otherwise harm a mola that mistakes it for a snack.

So help protect mola molas by reducing your use of plastic bags and keeping trash off the streets and out of the ocean!

photo: Sara Heintzelman/NOAA

(via: NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries)

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Hey I love your blog! I really want to get into Cillian's work. What would you recommend to start me off? Any particular movie I should watch first?

Thank you! Because I’m lazy and we’ve done this before, here’s a list of Cillian Must Watch Movies by way of a recent issue of 7 Days. A great mix that intros you to his full range. Halloween coming up so start with 28 Days Later, the one that put him on the map.

Super Cillian Murphy Movies to Watch:

1. 28 DAYS LATER (2002) Danny Boyle’s horror sees Jim (Cillian Murphy) wake up alone in a London hospital. An incurable ‘rage’ virus has spread through Britain, turning the infected into homicidal maniacs. Can Jim and a handful of survivors find sanctuary?

2. BATMAN BEGINS (2005) Cillian plays bad guy Dr Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow in the first film of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. The villainous doctor uses a toxin to induce fear in his victims’ minds which drives them insane.

3. RED EYE (2005) Wes Craven thriller where would-be assassin Jackson Rippner (Cillian) needs the help of a hotel manager (Rachel McAdams) - who he’s conveniently seated next to on a routine fight - to kil lthe head of Homeland Security.

4. BREAKFAST ON PLUTO (2005) Comeday drama where Cillian Plans Patrick ‘Kitty’ Braden, a young trans woman who leaves her Irish hometown in the 1970s and heads for London. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for his efforts.

5. THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY (2006) Ken Loach-directed drama set against the backdrop of the Irish War of Independence in the 1920s. Cillian plays one of two brothers torn apart while fighting a guerilla war against Britsh forces.

6. SUNSHINE (2007) Cillian and director Danny Boyle team up once again, this time for a sci-fi thriller. In the year 2057, a team of astronauts are sent on a mission to reignite our dying sun with a nuclear device in a last-ditch effort to save the Earth.

7. INCEPTION (2010) Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending sci-fi adventure sees Cillian as a CEO whose dreams are infiltrated by a gang of thieves. They’re not there to steal though, rather to plant an idea in his subconscious to help a rival businessman.

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Carol's face on the no sanctuary hug though, i know we always talk about Daryl's face but tell me that's not the most loved Carol ever felt in her life, even her eyes are smiling (sobs) it's like she's still sad inside but her face just responds of its own accord, idk I think I will actually die when they reunite again

It’s like Melissa said,she felt a lot of love on that moment ❤️



Seaside Donkeys

The first is in stained glass at Trinity Hospice Day Unit in Blackpool, to remind patients of the golden age of Blackpool resort, happy, carefree, days spent in childhood, many remember the donkeys fondly.

The second, Molly (white) and Dolly (chocolate) donkeys on Blackpool beach.

Phil inspected the welfare of the donkeys. They are in good condition but some were bit overweight, he suspected from tourists feeding things that they’re not supposed to eat.

Donkeys hold a special place for young children and many people’s life long love of donkeys are cemented through an encounter with these placid, loving, serene beauties.

We generally discourage animal tourism because it’s exploitative, particularly abroad, the animals often carry loads excessive to the animal’s build, cruel, painful through ill fitting tack which can cause sores, exhausting with few times to rest or refuel/water in crippling heat, but also causes long term injury (overweight people) and where welfare standards for working animals aren’t monitored by the RSPCA, or regulated by law. (I’d include boycotting horse drawn carriage work in Dublin ! and Europe).

I don’t think the use of a bit is needed here when the donkeys are led. Giving children in general, who have no knowledge of a bit, the reigns can cause the animal unnecessary mouth pain and injury. A ‘bit’ for gentle walking donkeys needs little pressure to steer. Children don’t necessarily have the capacity to understand this and can potentially injure the animal, by playing “giddy up” by pulling on or jostling the reins fervently.

Personally, we will not permit anyone to ride our donkeys. A donkey should not carry more than 1/3rd of his body weight, which for an average standard donkey is 7-8 stones. And yes, for donkeys’ welfare children should be weighed. A donkey’s welfare should be paramount over the spoilt feelings of an entitled parent.



Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary’s url, as linked from their facebook page, is http://www.ofsds.org/index.html

NOT oldfriendsseniordogs.com

The dot com site is a CLONE of ofsds.org (and a bad one at that)

DO NOT DONATE THROUGH oldfriendsseniordogs.com


I’ve found the post referenced above on the OFSDS official facebook (facebook’s timeline shuffling is the devil) and it does reference the .com

That’s the only reference I can find on their facebook page however. I’ve reached out to OFSDS on facebook directly but given their popularity I’m not really expecting a quick reply.

For now, ofsds.org is still the official url listed in their facebook sidebar:

Be safe kids.

UPDATE UPDATE - have heard back from ofsds themselves

Yes, Old Dogs Actually Do Need Our Help

I’m re-posting this because of that shit-show post that got wrecked due to mis-information and because I care deeply about Senior Dogs, who have far fewer chances out there and deserve any visibility they can get without being labeled a red-ex scam.

This is legitimate. 

Both URLs you have seen belong to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary. 

If you’re uncomfortable with the URLs, you can donate via the link on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OldFriendsSeniorDogSanctuary/

Or their website, as stated, both URLs work:

Here is the link to the post below on their Facebook

For reference:

It is NOT uncommon for Non-Profs. (or any company) to own more than one domain name (abbreviated and non) and redirect all to one place or clone their sites in order to serve as catch-alls and attempt to grab more traffic (often people just assume a full name is their url or an abbreviation is their url, sometimes only one is available at the time of purchase and they grab the other one later on). Regardless, the more traffic/visibility, the more chance of donation, which is how they survive.