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Guess who’s got a store now 8V 

I’m not sure why Society6 takes //ages// to upload my art but Redbubble does it in the blink of an eye? Either way I’ll find a new store if there are issues but for now, interested in some wrestling swag? :’3
Phone cases, shirts, mugs, tote bags, we got ‘em all~

Also note! The artpiece feat. Sami Zayn is basically for charity ie. the entire markup price will be donated to Syrian aid charities (and I receive no profit from it!). This is permanent and you can request Paypal statements for veracity. 
I’ll be doing hi-def versions of certain pics from the past to be uploaded so if there’s a specific work you want me to put up there, let me know!

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Three Hearts Are Better Than One;

pairing: FinnxReaderxSami
summary: You three have always been close, but that changes on Valentine’s Day. 
warnings: swearing
word count: 2,740
notes: So, first of all, this is the first wrestling fic I’ve written in years, and I’m really excited to get this out in the open. I was inspired by the picture that Finn posted of him and Seth on Valentine’s Day and this is what happened. Got a little out of hand, honestly. There may or may not be a sequel, I’m not sure, but there probably will. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

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Stay A Little Longer~ Sami Zayn Imagine

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You groan as you reach over for your blaring phone by your bed. It was three in the morning, your clock was flashing.Who was calling you this late?  Ring.. Ring..Ring… your phone rings again. You see that it’s Sami, your boyfriend calling you. 

“ Hello?” you answer groggily, still sleepy. 

“ Y/N! My girl!” He slurs through the phone. You sit up on your bed, rubbing your eyes from sleep. 

“ Sami?” you ask, “ How many drinks have you had?” 


“ It’s three in the morning Sami, why aren’t you heading back to the hotel?” 

“ Because……Sami is having soooooooo much fun boo!” He half giggles, half yells. 

“ Babe, you are drunk. Get a cab to the hotel or have someone drive you” you say, annoyed that in the morning you would be in no mood for your interview that you had to go to. 

“ But baby… I wanna love you” 

“ You do love me Sami and I love you too” 

“ where are you?”

“ Somewhere..” 

“ That’s a big help..” 

“ I’m at the bar…” 

“ With who?” 

“ Kevybear, Sethiebear, RoRo and Nevy” you couldn’t help but snicker at the nicknames your boyfriend gave his friends. From Neville to Kevin . He was a mess. 

“ Go find Kevin or Neville” 

“ I can’t..” 

“ Why not?” 

“ I lost them”

“ Go find them…” 

“ I cannot..” 

“ And why not?” 

“ Because of this girl…” This brought your attention as you were more awake sitting up in bed. 

“ She put her hands on me…and I ran away… yelling to her I’m with a stunning angel that came from heaven..” You couldn’t help it but smile, “  I love you babe.” 

“ I love you too boo” Sami says, still slurring and hiccuping. 

“ Have you tried calling Kevin?” you ask him. 

“Yep and nothing. He doesn’t like me right now” 

“ Maybe you should go look for him?” you ask. You didn’t want him to go back knowing that this girl he was talking about might throw herself back at him while he’s still drunk.

“ I don’t wanna!” He pouts on the other end of of the phone. 

“Alright. Alright, just wait till someone finds you then…” you say, laying back on the bed knowing it was going to be a long time. He was such entertainment while he wasn’t sober. 

Sami suddenly sings the Batman theme making you burst in laughter at his yelling half singing. 

“ Sami?” you stop him from singing.

“ Yes boo?” 

“Your so cute” 

“ why thank you” 

“I love you Sami” 

“I love you too boo” 

“I wanna cuddle with you boo” 

“ Me too love” 

“ I want you here” 

“ Soon” 

Sami and you kept talking until it was Kevin who found him telling you he was taking Sami back and he was safe. You went back to sleep knowing how much Sami did love you. The next day Sami apologize for calling you waking you up and calling you “ boo” which he never does. You laughed it off telling him he should call you more often when he’s drunk. 

  • Mick: Where are you going? You got a match tonight
  • Mick: You got a match against Sami Zayn
  • Kevin: *smiles* I thought you liked Sami
  • Mick: I do
  • Kevin: No you don't, you fucking threw him to Braun and now me, what the fuck is wrong with you Mick... I'm not complaining tho
Festival of friendship!
  • Roman: hey...... How come jericho gets to celebrate his friendship and not me.... What the hell!!
  • Dean: oh..... I see for whom?
  • Roman: what do you mean? Isn't it obvious....
  • Dean: yeah ofcourse you and Seth were teaming up lately..... But now you are tagging with Sami so I just asked!
  • Roman: Well..... I was not planning to do this to you... But for what you said right now I'm gonna give you 5 spears!! Jealous freak!!!
  • Dean: Ahh.... I love you man!
  • Roman: shut up ambrose!