Stop Tumblr Culture

I’ve been on this hellsite for six whole years. Lemme tell you some things you should know, and things I’ve learned to ignore over the years.

  • Don’t let tumblr dot fuck make staying inside 24/7 and not talking to anyone seem cool. This bullshit has been around for a VERY long time on the website. When I was 13-14, I thought I was doing something wrong by not wanting to stay in my room all day, and attempting to be social. That is WRONG. Introvert or not, staying alone in your room, slumped over and mindlessly scrolling, or watching videos until your eyes hurt is NOT the kind of behavior that should be encouraged.
  • Don’t be a snarky asshole. You see this bullshit all the time; someone trying to be positive, and some edgelord dragging them down. Don’t be that person.
  • Factcheck. I see people making posts (mostly political) about some crazy bullshit that never even happened. It takes .5 seconds to google something to see if it’s fake or not.
  • Don’t cling onto anyone who labels themselves a ‘fandom mom/dad/parent’ They will manipulate you to do their bidding like some stupid minions. On this note; do not let yourself be recruited by ANYONE. Make your own decisions. 
  • If you like something, you like something. Cringe culture is everywhere, but as long as you mind your own business, don’t hurt anyone, and don’t try to force your interests on others, you’re golden.
  • Fiction does NOT equal reality. A lot of people on here are trying to convince people that fiction affects reality. This is just…fucking stupid on a lot of levels. 
  • Try to better yourself. Too many people on here make ‘relatable’ posts about depression, BPD, etc. Just because you have bad habits, doesn’t mean you should keep them. If you are able to, see a professional, get help, go on meds–whatever you can do.
  • Don’t tell people to kill themselves. I can’t believe this made it onto the list, but yeah. These phrases are just SOME of the many. Don’t be a fucking asshole. “Pee your pants” “Run in front of a bus” “Choke” “Delete yourself”
  • Not everything is black and white. This has become a very big issue on here as of lately. Either you’re one extreme, or the other. This person is either good, or bad. This is not how things work. Amazingly enough, not all republicans are racist trump supporters, and not all democrats are bernie bros. There are assholes everywhere, and your side isn’t inherently good or bad just because of the examples the extremists bring up. A lot of the time, the minorities of sides are the ones with the biggest mouths.

Psychedelic Salt Mine, Russia

I promise this blog is hate/discourse free.. However, this has been bothering me for awhile and idc if I get shit for this, but it really sucks seeing such beautiful Sheith fanart only to see antis reblogging and commenting on said fanart “I don’t like Sheith but…” or “you’re like a brother to me..” on every Sheith post. Like, how rude can you be?? I’ve never once even thought about saying something like that to an artist. Ever. Sure, I’ve seen art from pairings I can’t stand, but you know what I do? I keep it to myself. I don’t spend my time nor energy bashing their work. Appreciate the artwork and move on, no need to add your 2 cents, babes ☕️

witch culture is
  • buying too much crystals
  • emoji spells
  • wanting to do cool witchcraft on full moons but forgetting when they are or being too lazy to actually do something
  • same but with sabbaths
  • pringles
  • The Craft (1996)
  • ‘im a curse positive witch let me say fuck’
  • yelling
  • throwing some herbs at boiling water and calling it a potion
  • either you have 473092033 tarot decks or you do your readings in uno cards there is no in between

So in light of all the crazy shit that happened to Akechi cosplayers at AWA this past weekend, I think it’s about time we all sit down as a fandom and have a serious talk. I’m not here to preach at you or tell you why bullying cosplayers is wrong. This is shit you should already know. What I would like to do is just sort of… raise awareness, I guess; remind everyone that if you see an Akechi cosplayer being harassed, you’re not powerless. You can help. All it takes is one person coming to somebody’s aid to change the outcome of these types of scenarios. Tell the asshole in question to fuck off or, if assault in involved, call the police. Because yes, we’ve gotten to that point in fandom now where legal action can (and should) be taken. Personal feelings about Akechi aside, we’re all human beings and we all love the same thing. This shouldn’t be guerilla-fucking-warfare. It’s a videogame. Goro Akechi’s a fictional character.

Spread this shit like wildfire, guys. Because this isn’t exclusive to this fandom, either. It’s becoming a serious problem.


isometrica_minerals Halite with Tolbachite with natural Fibonacci spiral growth habit from the Sieroszowice Mine, Lubin, Legnica, lower Silesia, Poland. This remarkable piece was the only one from this pieces I saw from this production with this unusual spiral characteristic. Definitely drew awe from me.