My friend @morerawfood made this beautiful healthy life giving colorful raw dinner for us yesterday. I am literally salivating looking at this photo. That pad thai, kelp noodles, tomato salsa and the cherry tomatoes were a match made in heaven. And we had the best company too! It was so nice to see @rawfoodlifestyle again so soon and to share this meal with our boyfriends too. Maria filmed these recipes yesterday so I am pretty stoked for when her youtube channel goes public.More rawfood for the win✨🌿🍓🍓

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I have been in slumber for too long/ As Dracula asleep in a velvet coffin/ Waiting to sink his teeth into oblivion/ To find the one able to awaken my truth/ The primal beast so many yearn for/ Enjoy the books creating the images/ The screenplay acting out the parts/ But know these are mere playthings/ For when I smell the salt of pores I salivate/ With the glint of skin my mind grows mad/ Until my fingertips long to trace your veins/ My lips long to taste your best kept secrets/ Then you will know the extent of pleasure/ How every ounce of your delicate body/ Can feel the euphoria of unadulterated bliss/ My tongue is suited to climbing mountains/ My teeth prepared to explore soft ground/ When you hear the ‘click of black metal/ Then all will be revealed inside of one night/ When you feel the silk drape over your eyes/ Then you will have entered my chambers/ And you will not leave as you came/ You will never forget the awakener/ The one they call Hyde.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a happy vegan since a while now but my mom keeps arguing with me, saying animals actually eat each other so we can eat them too. I absolutely do not agree, I try as hard as I can to refute this, but maybe you have some stronger arguments to convince my mom? Thanks a lot :)

Hey there :-) counter-arguments to that point include: 

  • We are biologically designed as herbivores (flat teeth/blunt canines, no claws, the same jaw type/motion as herbivores, we sleep the same amount as other herbivores and have similar lifespans) (x) (x)
  • We don’t salivate at the sight of blood and don’t see a live animal and instinctively want to eat it, carnivorous animals are excited by the sight of the animals they eat and automatically want to chase/kill them, humans don’t see chickens/cows and feel the same way, it only entices us when it’s prepared to no longer look like an animal
  • Meat is entirely beneficial for carnivorous animals, but humans who eat meat have an increased risk of getting cancer (especially bowel), heart disease, diabetes and are at a higher risk of total mortality. (x) (x) (x) 
  • Animals do not understand that what they are doing is cruel, they do not have an understanding of how their diet causes other animals pain
  • Animals hunt other animals in the wild, they do not contain and systematically breed them by the BILLION for consumption. Humans treat farmed animals as a product, not individuals, and that’s not natural by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Animals also engage in incest, have been known to eat their own young and their own shit, just because an animal does something does that mean it’s okay for us to do it? No, we have an understanding to know better.
  • No other animals drink the breast milk of a different species once they’ve been weaned. If you think about it, drinking milk is just plain weird. 

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Hey Father, My university student parish, senior nun there doesn't wear habit & runs RCIA, taught consubstantiation, how God can be she, all world religions see a side of God & Catholicism only sees 1 side. What they call the "worship space" has no crucifixes or icons, a plain wooden altar in the round, no kneelers, the tabernacle a plain wooden box on a rock in a glass side room. The nun hits an asian ringing bowl before mass etc. When I do go it's for friends, so I go to mass elsewhere; wise?


Wow. You hit the jackpot (sarcasm). This nun does everything New Agey except howl at the stars on a full moon while she wears a dream catcher on her neck. LOL.

I hesitated to publish this because the lib dissenter Catholics and creepy Tumblr syncretists will salivate when they read this and beg to know where you go to school. OMG. You are going to be hit up by “mother earth” worshippers.

Yeah. Run. Run fast!