little saf soundtrack things
  • mary kate wiles’ voice is perf
  • curt mega nails his character and is super fun
  • “spy again! it’s who i am! doesn’t even matter if i killed my best friend.”
  • joey richter and joe walker in somebody’s gotta do it
  • “you know you’re like a son to me? i’ve felt that way forever. a total deadbeat son who needs to get his shit together…”
  • tessa netting nailing pay attention! and barb’s lament
  • “razer and shaving cream – i know what it is. it’s a gun!” “no, daniel boone, that’s to shave that awful beard. you look homeless.”
  • “what about genocide?” “shut up.”
  • joe walker’s accent, esp in torture tango as well as that part when curt and joe are both singing at the same time and it works beautifully
  • “what’s your damage man????”
  • curt going “owen” after tati saves him :(
  • “ha ha ha ho ho ho”
  • did i mention mkw has a perf voice?? prisoner of my past gives me feels
  • “the very first time we met… three or four days ago…”
  • “when you were a nazi hostage, all i could do is stare.”
  • “how could i resist? i’m a girl.” “i’m a guy.”
  • there’s a song about doing shots with friends!!! but also it’s a pun because they only have “one more shot” to get it right. how great.
  • “this is for… uhhh, i forgot what i was going to say.” i mean same.
  • brian rosenthal just being silly and having fun in not so bad and its reprise
  • “typical curt.” “typical jerk.”
  • s’up sound of music ref

is it just me or do all tin can bros live productions start by introducing a happy squad and immediately killing the most endearing/cute squad member, leaving the protagonist with loads of emotional baggage 5 minutes into the show ????

Anneme Hulk neden yeşil renkli ve nasıl bu kadar güçlü diye sorduğumda 'Çünkü senin yaşındayken çok brokoli ve ıspanak yemiş o yüzden hemen büyümüş çok güçlü ve yeşil olmuş benim sözümü dinlersen sende güçlü olursun' demişti ama ben, kahve içip çok çikolata yiyip esmer olmayı seçtim, karar sizin

Fellas,,,,, is it gay to pretend that you’re dead for four years because you’re mad at your ex lover for letting you die, and then take on a new persona as the Deadliest man alive, then arrange for his capture and plan to kill him but he escapes but you end up shooting him anyway because he was too busy sadly thinking about you, his ex lover whom he thinks is dead but is actually trying to kill him and he doesn’t know it?????