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“Art Lovers” Alien Grand Admiral to add Imperial Academy reject terrorist to his latest art collection?

The two caught canoodling between the paints aboard a Star Destroyer during interrogation…

“Suspicious paint stains on uniform,” confirm two Imperial Loyalty Officers.  “Those colors aren’t regulation!”

Neither was that position!

Does this incident spell the end for the Grand Admiral and all aliens that serve the Empire?

“All our human officers are held to a high standard. That holoimage appears to be fabricated by the Rebels to taint a good man’s name.”  holocommunique send from Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin’s office.

“I knew Sabine Wren at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore, and I remember when she was expelled. I always wondered who her patron was. Now I know. He is a good man. Maybe all of this a misunderstanding and he is trying to reclaim our lost members?” confirms Baron Valen Rudor, support of the marriage species equality act.

Maybe it is a misguided effort, but we need to understand how Thrawn’s alien culture may view this precarious situation and determine what the best course of action to take toward a wayward, misbehaving Mandalorian girl.

More news at 6. 

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You know what I need more of?

Chunky Marinette.

Like, let’s be real.  Tom is chunky (also probably 900 kilos of pure cuddly muscle).  Sabine is chunky (and while she isn’t 900 kilos of pure cuddly muscle given the Chinese mums I’ve known she’s probably several dozen kilos of pure badass).  Marinette should be chunky too, instead of rail-thin like her model is in the show.

In addition to that she probably helped around the bakery when she was a kid, which opens up the possibility of a bunch of heavy lifting, which tends to build big muscles rather than the whipcord endurance build that she appears to have in the show.

I just really, really need chunky Marinette (as in she’s chunkier than Adrien) that could deadlift Kim with one hand (and looks like it, mind) and I’m willing to rationalize any explanation to reach that conclusion, reason be damned.

Addendum: I also need beefy Marinette, stocky Marinette, fat Marinette, Marinette that isn’t so thin she could probably fit between the bars on one of those grille drains, Marinette that looks like a powerlifter, Marinette that looks capable of crushing a watermelon between her thighs, Marinette Marinette chunky Marinette.

riyo-chuchi  asked:

Headcanon time: Sabine is Force-sensitive. Not enough to be able to consciously control, not enough to become a Jedi. But just enough to get her that extra distance on jumps and that extra accuracy with a blaster. Kanan probably knows, but he's never told anyone because Sabine would be upset if she thought her achievements didn't come from her own hard work. Which they obviously did; this just gives her a slight edge. (Sorry it's not necessarily a happy headcanon but it's all I've got)

I love the idea of variation in Force ability. :3 Some are powerhouses like the Skywalkers, and others just know enough to get into trouble (Ensign Temple from swtor, ilu)… even if they don’t know they know. 

On Rebels and the character of Garazeb Orrelios

(sent to me by an anonymous friend)

In these past few weeks I’ve noticed myself asking these questions “What is the point of Zeb?” and you know something? I still don’t have an answer…

Does this mean that I absolutely hate Zeb? No, in fact he was and still is my favourite character in the Rebels series, but lately I feel disappointed and let down by the lack of respect he seems to get. As of late he’s been ignored in favour of Kanan/Hera/Ezra/Sabine who seem to be getting their long anticipated character arcs for Season 3. I don’t feel he’s an equal (or as equally important) in comparison to the other Ghost Crew members.

I want to learn more about his past, his struggles, what his life was like before the massacre, what Lasan and the Lasat species were like, how did he manage before joining the Ghost Crew. These are questions that I’m asking and I know full well I won’t be getting any answers. I feel the only (small) insights into his character I got came from the SWR Magazine and the graphic novels.

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