meeting of the uncorrupted black dragons
  • ebyssian: yall why can't we just... work this out... man...
  • sabellian: why am i here, can i go back home, i fucking hate everyone here


  • Formerly Deathwing’s lieutenant and his real son
  • Friends with Rexxar, a strong and independent half orc who don’t need no clan
  • Hangs out in Blades’ Edge Mountains just wanting to chill and get revenge on Gruul for their dragon genocide
  • Tanks Goc for you in the final battle so you don’t have to work too hard
  • Stays in his lane and doesn’t summon intergalactic demons from outer space
  • No weird daddy issues


  • Can’t even make up his mind as to whether Deathwing is his dad or granddad 
  • Brought the Burning Legion to Azeroth
  • Caused WoD
  • Thinks he can protect Azeroth better than the person that killed his dad
  • Needs to be babysitted by his guards
  • Didn’t help you stop Cordana Felsong

Sabellian confirmed for superior black dragon and son.